Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


Finally some relief, and wuzz up with this Stink Toew Stuff?Welcome to AyreTymez.

Isn’t it comical , despite a slow speed on the wifi, here, it goes quick? Must be fewer people on it, a a better system. Some day , perhaps the tight wad over at NewLeaf Properties of Twin Falls, might consider a tech upgrade? Any mile, I’m done with that bunch. Secured a new pad in Twin Falls, with all the goodies, and piece by piece getting it moved. Except, that in the turmoil, of flying by the seat of my pants moving from Jerome, last year this time, I forgot my Bed. As such, need to nail one of those down. However at least the radio gear can be moved and rescued as well as well as resurrected. So I’m relaxing some. And I’m back on my schedule. Thanks, to Alicia here at the Tops Motel of Heyburn, Idaho. For allowing me to stay another night, although, not free, at least its better than sleeping on the hardwood floor, at the new place. Here’s some bewitching stuff. Alicia has the same last name as I do.(strange huh?) plus , she’s also a discharged squid. That helps, at least , she’s been where I am, and add to that she’s a member of the Church. Talk about black magic. So the fact that my meds are in a box, buried , my stomach is doing topsy turvy, and my nerves are about fried. And haven’t been eating as good or as often, as I should. Mostly because, been raking out $60.00 a day, since those Taco’s who manage both the Powers as well as the Evergreen, were in such a big gall darn hurry for me to move out. Why couldn’t they have just accepted the fact , my plans had changed and allowed me to remain there, at the Evergreen? It’s not like anybody truly moved in there to my old stall. Chute, its still empty, the one with the small kitchen-ette, is empty, and the Assistant PDA, is moving out this next month. Yep , yup, they shot themselves in the foot, all because I griped about a slow to none working InterWeb WiFi. Talk about Chicken Poop. 

toew tymez2

So what do WE mean by Stinky Toews? Or Stink Toew? Simple really. A stinky Toew, is not some putrid stench from some two legged heifer, nope. A stinky toew or Stink Toew, is one of those disabled vehicle recovery events that is extremely difficult to perform, and one where snow, and Ice has frozen tires to what ever soil substructure, making it to where you feel like your recovering against mother nature. Those tires seem glued, to the mud. That’s a Stinky Toew and/or Stink Toew. And its one of thise things we here at Heavy Rescue Toewing relish. Any old towing service, can snag onto a car or light truck, hoist it onto a rollback and drive away. It takes real, Toew Professionals, who can be out there in 5 foot deep snow at 30 plus below zero fetching a big truck out of a ditch, or as the name implies, recovering a rig back onto its wheels. That’s a Stink, Toew. 

Have a busy one Friday so for me its Lights out.

Once Again all is copecacetic

Once again, everything at the Rode House is copacetic. Bills paid, and have a saw buck left. Now if PoohBear gets things right, should have enough to push through until November when my environment will change. I have up my mind that living in a trash heap dive, and not advancing any of my or the WolfPack’s tasks, and killing myself over nothing, is to state it breefly, putting me in the grave, much earlier than I would like. Having cable TV and something called wifi, included with my rent is okay, but both have severe limits. Guess when your used to a connection that is near fiber optic dedicated service, makes what I have now, is similar to driving a Caddy, then getting stuck behind a Toyota. its just worth $500.00 a month and the severaity that I’m under. My friend near Wendell, Idaho Kathleen, said that for every day, that I am under such stress, that I’m raking off at least 1 to 2 years of my life run. So what do you do?  I hate tossing your hat in the air and simply saying, it was okay, but understanding that dead ends are dead ends, no matter how much you want it to level off. Bro once said, ”  you can lead horses to water, but you can’t make it drink, and if you force its head in the water trough all its going to do is drown.” The gaggle of skeeters that I have had to trip over, is not worth the mere return on the investment, I have put into it, or what the WolfPack, put into it. Idaho, just has not and I think by choice, progressed enough to warrant us to remain on station here. I just can’t go much more. Let me give ya’ll a quik, example. I buy Goody’s Powders for my DVT and blood thinning for my diabetes, and all. When I bought a box of 80 packets, that would do me, for a month and a half. Since I have been here in western Idaho, I am taking two Packets almost every 2 to 3 hours due to the pain in my head over stress. That , many powders, eats at my stomach lining, which is why I had that ulcer bleeding out of the belly into the rest of me. And why 4 times last year I was in the hospital getting my insides mended. I’m taking more pills and medications, than I ever did before, and at that, just barely staying under standards to be able to fly and retain my GA license. Rather than loosr my ability to fly, I’m saying bye-bye to Idaho, hello Wyoming. and base AyreWolf Aviation in Morgan, as well as Bountiful SkyPark, in Utah. The level of my vision is 60% Flying, 40% toewing. Everything else including building bikes and customs is as I can fit it in, besides the radio op. I’m just tired . Speaking of good bye, see ya’ll here this after noon.

Okay so I love tiny little flies, and introducing the Fly Girls Project.

UntitledOkay I’m strange, I’ll admit that. And perhaps its even more strange that I’m into a small mammal they are not insects, but a very tiny mammal just trying to survive, when all odds are against it. Same thing I feel, and am feeling here lately , That’s the other half of the Wolf tag that was placed on me. Waylon Jennings sang a song called, ” Will the Wolf Survive?” I feel my own survival is at a critical point. What both the Knytes were, as well as the WolfPack, we may never truly get back to. However we rather I keep fighting for our organizations as I know what we can do, and what few others can do. It just might take another change in environment to get there. Both ayre as well as going toewing. We did better in Wyoming, than we ever have done here in Idaho. Heck we even had honeys driving to Etown just for auditions. See Etown came to the realization, that what ever we did on breeding health and vitality to ourselves we also lifted up the town and surrounding area. Albeit somewhat covertly. Any mile I like tiny little flies. They don’t really hurt anything, they are smarter than most give them credit for, yes a fly can hear, yes they do speak, aside from the buzzing of their wings as they fly, and yes they can get attached to people, and not just for food. They will tease and be entertainment, if you just let them. Sure I’ve swatted a few, even turned the lights out for some of them when the population increases, but overall, I truly can be of the missing and loss emotion when they are not buzzing around me. Which brings me to Page 2.

Page 2

In the mid to late 1970’s there was a show that appeared on FoX TV called  In Living Color. Produced and created by Jim Carey and the Wayan’s brothers. On there was a trio of lovely ladies that broke into dancing between comedy bits and going to commercial breaks. Such gals as Jennifer Lopez was a what was billed as the Fly Girls. 

Now how does that relate to the WolfPack , you may ask? Nw here’s my creeping crud, on this. As much as I love being in the air flying, I’d rather be in a Helicopter than I would in a fixed wing aircraft. Don’t get me wrong I’m into both, especially military warbirds. However while new to military that started in Korea and is still a vibrant part of military flight, little is written, on Helo’s . Every notation, every AVWeb post and most of both AOPA, and Sporty’s always features fixed wing aircraft , where is the Helicopters?Where is the features on vertical flight? So who better to put together both a set of videos, launch a series on vertal flight, aka Helicopters, and feature the finest restored Military Helo’s with the hottest AyreBabes aka,as, the FlyGirls? So we begin, exploring what ever talent we can conjure up, both from the modeling world, as well as rreal female lady Helicopter pilot. Now Page-3

Page 3 Now the thing is, The WolfPack, while strong and exstatically, groovy, are not as difficult, nor the initiation process not as vigorous as the Knytes. My thought is simple we can grow the Knytes, by growing the WolfPack, and merging membership to both organizations at the same time. That all howled on. IMG_0145 (1)Why not go for the groove of kicking off a membership drive, for and of the WolfPack. Lets us create a WolfPack Magazine. Both in print as well as online? Now my final thoughts. 

My Final ThoughtsBecause of a fowl up with a bar location in Twin Falls in 213,  the Knytes High Council demoted me from being Exec Officer to Alpha Wolf for the WolfPack. I have not held that up very well. That changes, Until after the elections in late 2020 I will be that AlphaWolf of the WolfPack. that means, I’m doing more and plan on doing more as far as flying, and less time devoted on MC’s.  Until Early Morning,


Nothing big happening, All is Copacetic

phootenote1Nothing big here at The Rode House. Finally at near 07:00 the neighbors got finished mating, and he finally pulled out, sobered up and she went home. However I was too tire and fatigued i rolled over winked at one of my fly pals, and went back to sleep. Where I stayed all day. When it comes to domiciles , I’m better off being in a place where its a stand alone. In essence nobody residing in the same structure. They make noise, I can’t sleep, and I get narly during the day, growling at everybody. Including the few and idiotic unintelligent. Which seems to be at epidemic. . The only place that I truly felt comfortable was at this complex in Etown Wyoming, called the Wentworth. Janet, the lady who ran the place with precision. She worked so hard at most tasks, I remember when that little lady, one of a few people I can call a lady, that I saw her cuticles were bleeding , painting one of the units one evening. Too bad I did not hede to the knowledge revelations from both my Bishop Mark, and counselor Dave. But here I am and from everything I have been through exiting Idaho right now because all too many here have their heads up  their 6’s, that they are licking the backs of their teeth, I’m going to make this work. Just might not be in Burley , could end up in Pocatello, Blackfoot and or Idaho Falls. Maybe even American Falls. Which would give Heavy Rescue and Cooter’s A1 Toewing some operational territory. Worth a look anyway. After all our FCC-CP, is in Aberdeen, Idaho, so again worth sniffing around. That said this dump called the Evergreen here in Burley, needs an entire makeover. That said, The WolfPack and I did some pencil scribing overnight, and thought, hey, maybe we pitch the concept of buying the Evergreen from Waite, and bringing the place up to code, and making it a place for and dedicated to military. In essence Veterans first, everyone else considered after. 

Page 2So I didn’t go to meetings, and because of conference meetings next week or so wont go next week either. Now I want to say this. In reality, I rejoice in going to our Church meetings and fellowshiping. Not just the symbolic shaking hands, which I refrain from, since I have no idea where my brethren have had their hands prior to shaking mine, but the ability to talk about things, and think through problems, both biblical and life. If I feel welcome I go to Church, Over the last 15 years I have found a warm welcome from three Wards. The Jerome 1st Ward Jerome Idaho, The 14th Ward in Twin Falls Idaho, and the Uinta View Ward in Evanston Wyoming. The rest , not so much. Of those 3, the Uinta View Ward, in Wyoming, Mark, or Hutch or Dave and Vern would stop by the house and visit, ask  if things were going well, and be of service to me if it wasn’t. Here in Burley, phooey. Ain’t no Church person, Bishopric or otherwise has ever graced my very humble home. Guess I’m not Churchy enough or something, my thing on that is rather simple. If your going to Judge, me on a few of my part 89 sins, might we take a look inside your closet and see if or how many hidden ghosts you have in there. I remember a scene from the movie Pure Country. Where the old man is explaining things, to George Strait. He said, that tiny white piece sitting on the pile of Chicken stuff, is after all, no matter what brilliance it has, is still Chicken stuff too. We have had two deceased Presidents of the Church, that after they left this dimension, I wondered what new or what things would change. When it comes to saying my Testimony and going to the Temple, I can’t do that honestly. Reason? I can’t truthfully say as I do not believe that President Nelson, is the true President. That entire thing was rushed and the wrong people placed therein. I thought Elder Oaks was a shoe in as I trust him, but not the rest of them. The Church since then has become too self serving, and not reaching too much past or outside of the meeting houses. The crap I had to go through with, Deseret Industries, when I missed wok, so I could be with my dieing daughter, and no compassion there from anyone. DI, may have a plaque outside with our Saviors name on it, but it doesn’t act like it. Too commercial. Bottom line, the Church needs an overhaul, and I’m not going back for awhile until it does right its sins. It’s as far as I understand, the Lord’s place to judge of sins, not mere Church officials, who have no clue. Now Page 3.

Page 3 

Speaking on praying. I am praying for answers on a situation condition, that has befallen on me all month. I’m not saying she’s lying, but I’m quite sure she’s not telling the complete truth. Every lady that becomes part of our organizations, goes through a riggerious evaluation. Its called being a Prospect, short of a prospective member. The Ladies of the Knytes is a very honorable and prestigious organization, there to back every ,male member of the Knytes and/or the WolfPack. No matter the task, with NO questions asked. Part of the evaluation, is the paying of dues. The Ladies-of-the Knytes, pays $600.00 a month. That is figured into the Club(s) budgets. When that doesn’t show up, or isn’t there it messes with plans. To say the least , More on this in the early edition. 


You never can or should you deny what you are.

At the risk of ruining a rep, I had an epiphany earlier this evening. While researching another topic, I decided to do a Google search for lady combat pilots.  Know what? Very little. I want the genuine article, not some made up fare. Just like if I search for the hottest behinds in Wrangler boot cut cowgirl jeans. Nope hardly nothing. Didn’t someone take pics at the rodeo when this fashion was the IN thing? Apparently not. With that said, one of the things our media op does, is scout for hotties that are employed in the vocation of the subject of what ever we are producing at the time. Few years ago when the IKTA was hot, we said lets go out, find the most drop your stick in the mud truck stop waitress’s. Give em an award for doing an outstanding job, and do a photo session. The idea first presented itself in 1980 something, when we all as the WolfPack on a given Friday or Saturday night would be bent over a cup of Jajave at the old RoadRunner/I-80 truck stop in Bliss Idaho. One in there by the name of Cathy Exon, was one of 4 sisters who could melt cheese on a sandwich from a very great distance. Call em the untold under appreciated maidens of kindness to some of old road warriors. We did that for several years after. With that said, and with our new group on fb for and of us who treasure the pleasure, of hot babes, bikes, and booze called the three B’s,  We thought including the 3 other B’s, Babes, Byrds, and brew. Photograph some of the hottest still enlisted Marine and Navy female combat pilots, restored vintage warbyrds, and tour some of the craftiest Breweries in the area. Lets vote for the sweetest bar honey, aka bartender, in the kingdom. That’s what we do, take the spotlight off of the usual, and illuminate the obscure. 

With that said,its time for me to go to Bed, I have a fever of 105, my body aches, and with the crappy weather, I’m sleeping. 

Introducing the 3 B’s

So a few of my rode crew were at the local Loves Choke and Puke scarfing down some 100 weight java, and Big ass Bob says look at this, here’s a FB group called BadAss Babes Bikers. So I took a look. Course had been cruising that group for a spell, but didn’t pay it no mind. So after churning that up along with the 100 wgt sea,  I cruised here to the shack, and conjured something up, that would be as good if not better than Bad Ass’s  Bikers, and a heap more classy. Here’s an example; Here is the photo they put up as their cover header; TheresOkay not too bad, but not something I’d want my wife to find or my daughter to aspire to. So we did our own>ours< , much better don’t you think? Still sexy enough without being trashy, or slutty. You don’t have to have every other photo of a gal with a Harley in a g-string bikini and/or a everything hanging out outfit. Having threads on those blondes and redheads  is much groovier than what is normally seen, on FB and/ or EasyRiders. I don’t want to see women naked. Or near naked. Same reason, that I hate women who don;t wear nylons very much if at all. Nylons and-or pantyhose, covers a heap amount of imperfections. While she still might be great tween the sheets, I can tell you hidding some of those stretch marks, and that bristly whiskers on her legs creates much more heat. 

So with that, let me introduce you to: Babes, Bikes, and Booze,>bbb wyngz2

As the name suggests, we’ll be looking over and covering the scene, of sweet classy , not trashy biker honey, the hottest home grown, built bikes, and of course, spotlighting the best biker, and biker friendly , bars, and eating place in the Intermountain West. From St.George Utah,to Boise and all points between. 

Like us and check us out on fb, and for now I’ll put it in the barn, it’s my lights out. Remember, if your not living on the edge, your using up too much space.

Before we embrace Artificial Intelligence, lets get our arms around just some Intelligence.

The Knyte HaulI want ya’ll to know, that its more than the right time, to do a serious mental infrastructure tune up. Our youth are getting more stupid every day. Most of them can’t even do mere simple no computer problem solving. We have this massive movement of Artificial Intelligence. If you think I’m wrong, look at FakeBook, 3fwhat you see on there besides the trolls, and porn stars along with the wanna be porn stars, are people who aren’t making even a minimum wage, have no desire to work or extend their mental muscles, and yet can program a computer faster than Boss Hogg eating a fudge cake. Let me give you a quick example. Signed up a couple of months ago, with Lycos.com. Reason? Our entries and posts here on our online webnews publication, I would send to my Gmail account, then email the posts to you our members. Guess what, few months ago , the blooming thing would send the post, via email. So I rattled WordPress’s tech gurus and wanted to know what’s up with that. So out of frustrationsigned up with Lycos, for I think, $12.00 a month. Even bought a domain name from them. So got a notice via email saying they billed my card for the $12.00, no problem. Except, they were billing me a week in advance, rather than on the due date. Why can’t these outfits in tech, have a real call callumondoin desk? Where you could really talk to the IT jerx, at the company to get a problem fixed. I know, how many people would be calling, which would capsize that small life raft. But hey there’s a job for someone. No body wants to take the blame when something goes kaput. What happens is you get some young hardly dry behind the ears yet, college aged kid, that really has no clue of what to do. The few call in help desks, of tech, work the m call centers. Such as Performance One. Or like here in our area C3. Now unless the problem your having fits in a category, and not on a help board, forget it. And forget 24/7/365 support. That’s a marketing gimmick, not a real thing. And to be kind, its the example our kids see in the world. Consider what now, another time that the Democrats want to give the boot to old Trump, for having his fingers in a cookie jar. Government people covering it up, people who have no clue. This is just a grand attempt, by the Democrats to overturn the manure wagon, before the elections next year. There is more corruption, in Washington DC on the Beltway, than you could possibly imagine. Now our kids see this and think that’s how life should be lived. As for me, I’ll never vote in another election, until the Confederate National Party pulls its ass-n-9, head out of its keester, and fronts a candidate to put in DC. I want to see, Wolf-Eyesthe likes of Jefferson Davis, Robert E, and Bedford Forrest, in that White House. We need to clean up this mess. I want to see Government leaders, take responsibilty for things they do, not wait for some Whistle Blower to bring a situation to the front of the room. Now we have a pink elephant in the room called impeachment. What ? So you give Trump the boot. The trough keeps flowing the sludge. You have a Vice President, then if he muddies the water its that damn Nancy from San Francisco. Yea great examples. Any mile catching me some needed zz’s, and to relate to you a new looky thing I saw on a photo search that I want to put on a model to see what it would look like, 5858f0567d16e25035d23d29-7-largeThese boots are totally rad. Maybe before Ashley gains too much weight, I can get her to do it. Still wondering where and when TJ will re-enter the rodeo of ours. If she wasn’t serious about it why even say she was? Do or don’t, as Yoda said, no in between. More in the afternoon ya’ll.

This didn’t go to well, but changes are on the H-U-D.


we have balls report1So it was con-ad time on Fx during the Mayan’s which is not really catching stride, like SOA did, it just don’t have , quite really the Juice, that SOA did. So Ronny, and I were dropping some barley pop’s and bein Mr. Show-off cruised to my computer, and hailed Spreaker.com our trusty online version network carrier/hosting service, that for the last 3-1/2 years come rain or shine, $120.00 leaves my bank account for. So there I is, meandering over the episodes, and wanted to download a few so Ronny could take em on, on a CD. Guess what? I could not access one damn episode. None. So out of shits-n-giggles, I used my phone, and got it. So it’s got to be either, my tiny laptop,  or the ultra slow snails strolling Interweb Connection, I have or both. Now that said. There is some changes that are both, short term immediate, and long time infrastructure reconstruction. Both require a relocation, of which , Evanston, Wyoming, is the chosen, rest area. Only because, Etown, is an hour maybe two, from mid town Metro Utah, B; LexiBelle is down there and needs to be recovered, and 3: Etown isn’t as spoiled and thus, not as high priced land value wise, as Burley, and/or Twin-Falls\Boise. Even with the $400.00 I was coughing up in Etown Wyoming, for Interweb/Cable, still it was better, faster, and outside of a blue and I do mean Blue Moon or two, most of the time it ran great, never had a problem , from that end. If I did, one call, to Mindi Broadhead down at AllWest, and it was fixed, pronto. So where would you want to be? Go no where Idaho, or out the front door of Metro Utah, and the backdoor and gate opens to Park City, and of course Sundance. So got in touch with a few of our former associates, and had them looking for new quarters for HazzardAyre. 

KnyteHead GiF1

A few things came up today at the shop, and I thought I’d unload them on ya’ll to see what ya’ll thought.

First my fly affections. I’m sorry , but most anything with wings intrigues me. So these tiny creatures, with legs so delicate, that you wonder how can those tiny sticks not any bigger than a hair, can support a body, of what a gram to a gram and a half. Have you ever just sat and watched the little creatures? In reality, despite the fact they carry filth and can cause airborne and such illness’s, I mean look at what and where they consume food. They have no teeth and nothing really of a mouth. They got this little tube that they Hoover down what ever they are eating, disolve it, puke it out, then re-consume it. Hey it ain’t purtty, but that’s the way our Savior designed them. After awhile with being invaded by em, I just started making friends, and although experts say no, I think they too get attached to me emotionally. Hey so I’m an odd one, byte me Scary-werewolf-Halloween2, so a few of us at lunch got to ratchejawing about days gone by, and Keith, asked , where this bit of feet, nylons, toes and here lately Go-Go boots got started. Now according to our resident expert of human relations, she says that once a person, experiences extreme pleasure and peace, that gets planted on the cpu of ones brain. There are two major pleasure points on the brain, one concerns food, the other physical pleasure. When either of those gets impacted well, then just the slightest smell, feel, or taste can excite those membranes like nothing else. If those things some call fetishes are kept in check, they can expand and enhance the times in the bedroom. Which is most likely why your guy , ladies love nylons more than you will ever know. 

For me it started at about age 6 , if I remember right. There was this older sister of a hottie, that I went to grade school with. They were practicing drill team things one day, near Layton Elementry. There in Layton, Utah. Janet Riggs, her sister wore GO-GO-, boots which was the style for most drill team squads in the area, during the mid 1960’s. ( I’ll get to Purple, bubble top blouses later.) So there they was, 18af76514acb012c77804269b58cc9e9, she took em off and had me hold her batton, while she changed out of her drill outfit after that practice. Don’t know why, but the inside of those boots with that foam lining felt nice, and suprisingly, smelled okay as well. So when The Hollywood Knight’s movie came out and as our TC 

(Truck Custom)Club, followed that movie image wise, when we were designing the diorama for the old Gen Lee, for Utah in 81, Those car hops at Tubby’sTubbys that we renamed Hoggsboss hoggHappy Hamburgers,(hey it was mentioned in an episode) with the car hops in Go-Go- boots, Tubby galsHey you try finding those boots in the late 1980’s, after they had went out of style. So with that is the Go-Go boot part. As far as the Nylons and things leggy. That started with three of my grade school/Jr-High school teachers. They felt soft, kinda shimmered in the sun and being real short, was accessable. What poured nitro methane on that fire was when the Dukes-of-Hazzard

and us with our Gen, Lee. Add to that our work under the studio granted handle for the shop, as the original, off TV Hazzard County Garage, hazzard garage signthat now days goes by the handle of: Cooters Garage Long Form and us doing TV ads and such, a Daisy look alike was required. Just so happenes I learned, that Cathy, was ordered to wear pantyhose due to dress codes for CBS. Something to do with showing that much leg bare was just not to be done. My thoughts was simple, here’s a way to satisfy my craving, while working. To day, if I’m near, to, smell any kind of:>

Any good packaged woman comes near me wearing nylons or similar , she has my undivided complete 100% attention. Can’t help it, I might be Crazy but I’m not dumb, and nothing on me is numb. If you don’t like it, you just leave this old bald headed hellbilly alone, know what I mean? wolf fyre1

Getting into flames, as well as older dames. More on that this afternoon. 

Just before Church and Right beyond the moon.

It’s A Sunday, and waiting to truck over to the meeting house for Church. I for some odd reason a old Cowboy tune from Tex Ritter struck, my crainium, called Just Beyond the Moon. The first time I encountered that song, I must have been 6 years old, when I spent every odd year, Summer at my Uncle Dell’s in Thatcher Idaho. The Even numbered year’d Summers I spent just outside of Macon, GA at my Uncle Dereks. Any mile, Uncle Dell had this old, and I mean OLD, player piano that you’d put a paper roll on a feeder drum, then paddle like heck to hear the music. Later they got the album of the song, that you’d play on a turntable. We had that song played at my Uncle Dell’s funeral some years later. I truly miss that old man. My Uncle Dell knew more than any college kid could, about mechanics, animals, horses, and agriculture. While Uncle Dell, couldn’t make water flow up hill, like my Mom could, still he taught me well. My Cousin Claude, is the very same person, that when hauling back a load of loose hay to the barn for milking time, he hit a bump, out came this roll of foil, with some old BeechNut tobacco, in it. Claude, cut off a slice, and thinking it would make me sick, and Claude having a laugh, happened quite the opposite. I liked it. Been putting a pinch behind my lip ever since. So was looking over things, trying to take an inventory, (and this will relate in a few)  but taking in a exam, of current circumstances, and serious lack of income generation, having to rely on PoohBear’s influx of cash to our stash, required an indepth devoted Wolf’s Wolf-Eyes eye on things. I may be of one here, but when you are separated from someone that has been in your life for a lifetime, you begin to consider, ” Hey this could have been me.” I could have been the one on that stretcher and not Charlie. My stress level is where his is, and slightly higher. Considering I have the responsibilty of riding herd, on 300,000 Knytes/WolfPack members World Wide. Out of 7 subsidiaries and 20 Charters. Plus additional sub-charters. And I do that task, not getting a single penny of a pay check, just the brother hood and Sister hood of the Club(s). All of which told me long before I relocated 3 years ago now from Evanston to Wendell, and subsequently here to Burley. Sorry; PoohBear , but I need to light. Find my own burrow so you and I can settled the—- down. Every time I move, I have to start all over again. Absolutely, do I think, that Burley and surrounding area, has its head up its butts so deep they are licking the backs of their teeth. Yes this area, is super clannish, cliquish, and mule-headed, but as my Mom once said when I was just a Teen-Wolf, “When in Rome-do as Roman’s Do” Or, since your in a mostly LDS infested area, kiss the butts of the LDS. There are fluent, and powerful people in Wards here, and it’s amazing what one can find, if one looks. In Evanston, what albeit limited, but the success that I had there came from what I need to do here. Networking. Reaching out to people, and reaching up for our Saviors hand, not expect them or him to just know our maladies. As far as TJ, and the Ice Queen, is concerned. For someone who barks a lot of military, supporting military families, and so on, didn’t she some how realize that I am and will always be a Barking, Howling Marine? Did she not hear my words of the project of which I was(still am ) Recruiting lady eye candy and wanting to do photos of Ice Queen was(is) For a fund raising project to and for the USMC Family Readiness program? And did she have to flat kick me in the groin, like she did? I guess not. But to condemn an entire region, just because of some mindless people, is not being the understanding person, that our Savior created for me to be. For the idiots from, Keystone Realty, Mountain West Realty, That idiotic Dentist, and a very few others it just is simply put> beyond the moon 1

Enuff Said.

It’s not all coffee and maple bars. And me buying leggings to stay warm.


mY what a game. BSU, kicking ass, I mean all over the opponent. It was such a tight game, that even if you wanted to leave it for a few minutes or seconds, you didn’t dare. BSU caught its wind, somewhere in the late 2nd to early 3rd quarter. It was all but counting the chicks. So with that, and being pissed at the whole damn area of Burley, that I hit the bed, closed my eyes and died until just after 07:00 this morning. Its times like this; that two and a half years ago, that I broke up with PoohBear, that the promise was, if she missed paying her dies money to the club, we were done. See if I had stayed put in Evanston, Wyoming, although not a shangrila, but still, my rent was subsidized , I had LexiBelle, Mini , and that Stratus. I had the ultimate internet, and full package cable TV. I was about an hour and a half at worst weather to Salt Lake City and metro Utah, and we were just starting to crown the libia, of the radio gig. But PoohBear just could not get along in Evanston, for some odd, unknown reason. Funny, even with my crap with the wireless internet company and a few others, I still gained ground. But I moved, and been regretting it ever since. I might have turned right around had it not been that mess with Mylinda over in Wendell. In fact there’s only 4, no make that 5 things that has happened since I been here. Kathleen and Family, Priscilla, Atheya , and Chaundra. Past that, ain’t been nothing but one big pain the tookish.  So if ya’ll think the skipping money by PoohBear to the Club, was over considering that in a week, it’ll be one full year since I got evicted from our place in Jerome, was over think again. Shelly says she sent the money via walmart to walmart, from Florida to Idaho. That it got messed up. Truth? Her damn brother, stopped the payment from going through and went out spending it. This mess ups with money due the Club, happens when her Brother Kenny, is home. And He’s off of a job, since he kept, breaking up the truck he was driving. I’ve seen the repair orders and inspection reports. Basically Kenny, ought to have this sign with him 2922729641_a029279039he uses her, and I’d love to have her out here, but every time the money comes up short, I have to spend my money to fix the damage. Thus extending her arrival date. To be honest; If some medium hottie stepped in and said she’d help with both finances as well as emotional, mending, that would be forgotten as fast, as yesterday’s news. It ain’t over yet, but loosing $12,000.00 plus a month, is getting to me.

So Thursday, I’m cruising down Overland here in Burley, when out of my eye saw a pretty snazzy new toew rig sitting there. The joy faded fast. I go in after noticing several draggin wagons there. The first sales-person acted like his time of the month had arrived, and the owner of the place acted the same except he had a double dose. What? Last week in our fair village, did everyone go on the rag, or get rabees? You’d think that the exec VP, of one of the largest owner/operator trucking organizations, seconded only to OOIDA, and we are inching past them in many ways, would command a bit more respect, if not dignity. I mean, I’m a customer. Truck buyers are not that plentiful these days, rather than snap at me, you’d think, a cup of coffee, a spit-n-shake, and a dialog on price of buying all 3 trucks would have been on the menu. Just like Keystone Realty, both ended up as a no sale, and both just lost the commerce, of 300,000 plus members. Disrespect one, you disrespect us all. Budget Truck Sales of Burley, don’t matter if you do, move to Heyburn, none of our people will buy squat from you. Same goes for Keystone Realty. 

Any mile, Church in the mid AM, see ya’ll here then. Oh and for Budget Truck Sales and Keystone Realty of Burley, snubbing us was>1422809._UY630_SR1200,630_

rebel me 2HRT in Fyre 2

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