Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


It was a Sunday, after the party

Good Monday Morning, looks like great trucking weather today. And a great day to get on your bike and see the country. 

It was a Sunday recovering day, after a huge party, after a MC Summit. Met new members of other MC’s and welcomed new members into ours. The Knytes Knytes of Dixie 2are growing, from all areas. I’m proud of this organization, and the tenacity of the Club. So I was recovering(still am) from one hellashish party. I started with beer, but ended with concocshuns I can’t even attatch a name to. So at around 5pm(17:00) I cruized over to Church, and ran into Nurse GoodBody. At that of course PoohBear was texting, and getting into one of her moods. Saw sister Smith and gave a great sendaway to a ward Missionary. So Sister Erin, invites me over to dinner, spent time doing the GranPappy thing. And then when I fingered that the Fuzz had got into their hives, I rode home. 

Our member and my dearest friend in Wyoming where LexiBelle>Lexi2is sleeping is getting impatient on a bill of sale, for Gabrella , the Subaru. Problem is I’ve never constructed on paper a bill of sale. Reason? I have never sold a car before. Bought plenty, but never sold one. So I’m going to a dealer friend of mine to get a blank Bill-of-Sale, so I can make one out for Rick. 

Have you ever noticed, that while Natalie Moralas hosts old episodes of DateLine, yet never narrated a episode? Makes one wonder why, don’t it? 

pappy's journal

The gig of radio I’m trying to fix and get back on the air, even if that air is cyber casting. If there is anyone that can rejuvinate and help me to rebuild HazzardAyre and all that is part of that, including KTOW FM, its Nurse GoodBody. Its been near a month, since I inquired to my former Bishop, and friend as well as my attorney told be to write a brief, to recover our equipment from Twin Falls, yet I can’t wrap my mind around that. Reasons? Don’t have a solid place to put it, two: outside of Alex, 

58719858_1223597064469241_8022441722820689920_nI don’t have anyone here in Burley to help work it I can’t do it all myself. Now to add insult to injury, PoohBear shuts down every Lady friend, I recruit, to help enhance KTOW. It’s one of those things that is on a very sandy foundation. 

It’s that time, more this afternoon.

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Who named those things what they did?


So me and a couple of the WolfPack were here at the Wolf’s Den guzzling a few barley pops, and trying to find something on TV to Watch. It’s pretty bad when the best things on are The World According to the Chrisley’s and Andi Mack on the Disney Channel. So caught the middle of some night talk show on BBC America, First off why does Madonna have a patch over one eye? Did she get into a accident of some sort? Then came this one seatcover , that openly showed one of her female parts. Guess British TV is a bit more open minded than American TV. So Doug says, ” Why did they name that what they did? ” Is there an origin to the word Vagina? According to sources, the word Vagina is the word originally used to describe a sheath for a knife or sword. Aerola , who used that first, and what would you call it otherwise. Words are strange beings. Lets take a word that describes rather crudley a person who is activly involved physically with the same gender. The Word FAG, in the USA defines that kind of a people. However, in the UK, the word FAG, means a cigarette. In our nation we say we are going to have sex, in the UK, they just say , We’re going to shag. Many words like that , like Hooker. In one case it means a street walker, in CB talk, it means tow truck. In fact and its what we based all this foot toe thing on, the word TOW means ; to pull behind. The word toe, means part of a human foot, yet while spelled different, meaning something different, sounds the same. Which is why one of my best lady friends, Emme Kaylor put the two words together as toew, and so that’s how that started. Or the word crepe, which I pronounced Creepy, as in my opinion, should be spelled crayp. Not crepe or creepy. 

Our new recruit didn’t call Friday, might have been busy, so will follow up Monday on that. Thing is I’m not going to beg. Nor am I going to keep spending money at Denny’s here in Burley, and all the rest. The way I look at it, I opened the door, if Alex and/or others walk through fine, if not their loss, I’ll be John Brown , If I’m going to hunt em down or carry them across the doorstep. Bullstuff. The basic need is simple to give our action on a online station some serious adrenilin, traction, we need to add some gas to the fire, in the form of a hot babe in leather, working it around and all LexiBelle. <>Lexi2 To let potential listeners who are into the toew bizz, to tune into the show. Rather than remaining a low rent rondevoo , we want us to be prime time radio real estate. I want one to be as hot in front of the camera, as well as hot behind the mic in OUR studio, for 6 hours , 6 days a week. I need 4 talents, for both. Think we are having any luck? Heck no. When I shoot film, or video of lets say feet and toes in nylon hose. I want the viewer, even though they might not be in the room, yet as they view the pic or video, I want them to smell the sweat, I want them to taste the Pheremones coming from her. Its called serious realism. Now one audition I did a few years ago when we had just barely moved into our studio in Woods Cross Utah, I got on the phone to Vickie who is a darn great looking lady herself. She runs a agency called Talent Management Group in Murry Utah. Any mile set up an audition. Among the talent was a hottie(still is) Michele Wilson. Not only did she show up wearing what I requested, but as she straightened her stockings on her feet I could feel and experience her scent. Of course I wanted a longer casting session, than the simple 10 minutes they gave me to chat with Michele, but she was what I wanted. To summerize that experience, when the price or rate, for Michele was quoted at $2k, The Knytes thought that was too expensive, which I thought was workable. That ad run got burned because Ch4 Utah, thought that the Rebel flag of ours was a bit too intense for Utah viewers. Really? Now with that said, I am going to pitch the idea at Vickie Monday. However, like with Alex. With the video, TV ad, and Print ad, not to mention our aviation/truck pinup Calendar, we are going to need 12 ladies. For each month of the year. My thoughts are, lets find those angels at the truck stops, cafe~s, and such who look great and have that personality, yet are the ladies next door, as well as are the ladies we see everyday when we roll in to grab grub. 6 Pro models/actors, like Michele, 6, local gals. Casting audition session in the middle of July at BJ’s Sports Bar here in Burley. Will put up dates on Facebook and here once confirmed. 

L8R Aviators


The AyreWolvez are getting off the tarmac.

Here’s proof fellow aviators, that $10.00 tips, do help make a connection. Alex is on board now with the WolfPack/A-Team. She has been serving me the $9.00 55 starter breakfast now for near 2 months. Her go get done attitude, and bright demeanor, just brightens my day. What surprized me this morning, was the fact that when I suggested she join the A-Team, she didn’t give me the, ” O I’ll Think About it Shrug” She said absolutely yes. When I asked for her phone number, she instantly gave it to me without reservation. Having her in studio. Means bringing in the late teen and early 20 year old audience. That means getting sponsors like Ross and other youth based retailers on board as advertisers. 

Ok then: I have been asked why the WolfPack, and not as much Knytes. Simple the WolfPack is the only subsidiary, of the Knytes that isn’t so covert and such. The WolfPack is a subsidiary of the Knytes/SAMCRO MC that any one can join, as long as they are into military aviation, and specialty aircraft. As such we are going to do a scheduled meeting regiment, every 2nd Friday at Noon at Denny’s here in Burley. And get some publicity going for the AyreWyng of the Knytes. 

I saw that the Huey at the entrance of the Burley Airport is down on the ground without a tail. I’m going to inquire about rescuing the byrd, and restoring it. On the Burley Airport, I’m leaning towards that for the AyreShow next year, but other locations are being explored.

Be that as it is, here’s Alex, our new recruit. 58719858_1223597064469241_8022441722820689920_n and with that, and the fact I haven’t slept all night, and the other fact that the pain pills I took for the accident I had on a tow overnight grabbling a nail gin and puttin a nail in my hand, I’m going to bed.

L8R Aviators 

47 at dusk

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The need to Network.

Been busy here overnight. 10 toews, no sleep, and a crew of ours up on the Idaho/Montana border near Lost Trail Pass working a over turned bull hauler. Chains advised in that area. 

Something I learned the hard way in my business dealings is to network. I used to internalize everything. Yet making connections helped to grow my business. The Knytes used to do that as well. We thought, ” Hey we can do it all ourselves,” Yet I discovered there are things I flat don’t know. Others have their gig, and When they offer I accept. Be it linear TV editing to advertising, to news releases . I didn’t and don’t know everything especially building a website, and computer geeky things. So I go to experts. And when others need a radio ad done, or call me for my own company for a toew, I specialize in that. It’s a scratch my butt, I scratch theirs. Yet , still my PoohBear has not caught the flavor of that. Going to and belonging to such things as a Chamber of Commerce or a business organization is a way to connect. Sure there are websites like, LinkedIn, and such, but that doesn’t substitute to feet on the ground, handshaking, and breaking bread with other business people. 

With that, and the fact that I’m holding my eye lids open with power poles as toothpicks are not cutting it, I bid ya’ll a good night/day.

Bar Tenders who can’t make a simple Lynchburg Lemonade are not bar tenders, and the Knytes are growing in strength.

If you go into a bar and ask for a Lynchburg Lemonade and the bar person has no idea of how to make one, its a pretty sure idea that the bar person ain’t been tending bar very long. Its one of the most simplest cocktails on earth, and yet all too many have no clue to it.


introduced to northern America in 1993 the southern culture favorite, is refreshing, and mind easing beverages around. But you can always stump the bar tender with the request. As few will have no clue to what your asking for. Speaking of Bars, seems as though BJ’s here in Heyburn Idaho, and the Knytes are getting together more often. And with intensity. They need more patrons, we needed a place to meet, yet we still are looking for a place to drop anchor for the Reaper. REAPER CLUB LOGO which will be the ultimate biker/gearheads bar. Complete with a southern culture motif Dixie Beers, its the kind of place that only a person who bleeds Confederate grey would love. Stay tuned for that. After 8 Lynchburg Lemonades ago, I’m not feeling no pain, but hey at least they could make a fair grilled cheese sandwich. 

My Ayre Sigkoa wings proper








iS There a better or a anti-establishment, Fight the System , social WebSite?

So there you are on fakebook, cruising along, on your own page or group, and the popup says invite your friends. Okay, so you start to invite friends, and co-workers and supporters, and you get another popup that says you were clicking to fast and now your blocked from inviting friends, co-workers, and supporters. Or you post something that looks a bit kinky, or some other thing, like our Rebel flag 

imagesand again you get blocked. To me its a piss assd way to get people to support your social site. So I thought, is there a social site similar to fakebook, where you can be yourself, post most of what you want, say what you want as long as your not barking about shooting someone or causing harm, and not be flagged for crap that isn’t hurting anyone. So I made a call to the powers that be here in the Knytes and got our tech people busy on it. Don’t quite know what we are going to call it, but the foundation of it will be southern heritage , fight the system, anti establishment, mindset. Want to post a concert, a casting call , or just a good recipe for corn chowder?  That will be what our site. 

Going to be windy today, cooler outside, in fact that’s what it’ll be into the weekend. Bri Eggers of KTVB, says snow is possible at elevations higher than 5000 feet is possible. 

Have a Rebel Day.

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Computers and women, there are certain things you absolutely need to deal with them.

If you have the misfortune to having to work with technology, or women in your career, you absolutely need certain additives to cope. 

And a way out>road-runner-sticker-cartoon-old-fast-car Women respond to things with way too much biological chemistry, and emotion. Us male corpuscles respond with logic and not much if any emotion. I was taught as a young Wolf PuPsleeping-baby-dire-wolf-SWA0023611 to never cry or let your heart get in the way. Sure; Heavenly Father had compassion, I do as well, but its in our male DNA to be the matriarch and master of the home. As well as provider. As such, my world has one thing in it all day every day, money. Making money, using money, but money. What doesn’t make me money or messes with me making money is done away with quite rapidly. As it is, and there is a change in this, in the very near future, I’m responsble for 300,000 plus members of a mother organization which has 4 subsidiaries. As the Vee=Pee I watch over all of them, making sure dues are paid, that the organization is generating money, and that all of their families are cared for. One of my duties in this, is recruiting, training and deploying lady model/acting talent for our various promo projects and TV ads etc. This is not a situation of getting laid, these women are hired to do only one thing , make the organization money and indirectly make me money. This is something PoohBear hasn’t grabbed ahold of the concept. In her eyes I’m being unfaithful. An old saying says, ” Never dip your pen in company ink” In short you don’t make whoopie with your model/acting talent. Yes the toew Smooch and all is there,but that is scripted. Albeit rehearsed. Then there’s finding what you want the talent to wear. That means looking over tons of Pinterest postings amongst others, not to ogle over what’s wearing the threads. Does it look good, will it work on our talent? The list goes on but its all in the mix that’s just Models/Actress’s. When it comes to KTOW FM , putting people on the air is of a greater task. We hire mostly women for this, simply because we pair the ladies with the male, MC members to be in studio on air. Similar to Robin And Howard. It works and has worked for them for years and in most instances has worked for us. Finding that uninhibited talent lady wise, that have a sense of humor. Can be a daunting task. Any males involved in our model/talent projects, is done by our members of the MC, and being territorial, the MC don’t groove on having outside other male corpuscles hanging around. Unless your a patched male member, your not in our studios. 

So overnight last night, PoohBear and I had a serious fight. Now I come from a family that my Mom and Dad very seldom had and kind of fight, at least not as bad as PoohBear and I had last night. The reason, my Mom And Dad were too much into being partners in life and business. They had a common goal between them, a 400 acre farm/ranch slightly north of West-Point Idaho, that I called Hazzard County, although in reality it was in Gooding County. There just was too much hard farm life and work to do, that there was no idle time to fight. Even when we lived in Layton Utah, they didn’t fight. There never was a unfaithful cheating issue brought up because that wasn’t in Mom nor Dad’s DNA, nor is it in mine. But try to get that across to PoohBear is another daunting task. So as it is; there is a time out in place, but PoohBear and I are working it all out, that being said, one more fuss over me stepping out etc, or a misstep in sending me her dues money, then I have to look elsewhere. I’m getting too old and I hate going to the hospital because of stress of it all. 

So in closing, if you deal with Computers, or women in your career, you absolutely need these two things:

 And a way out road-runner-sticker-cartoon-old-fast-car

I’m outta here, Adios Amigo’s

Looks like its finally over, and why put yourself like this?

Well it looks like the nightmare from Florida is finally over. How long that remains, depends on her. Last night we had one of our heated discussions, and it turned into a major knock down. The more I thought about it after calling a lot of my lady friends bein whores, sluts, and some other mentionable terms. I finally said, why am I being so loving and loyal, yet getting accused of everything one can think of, I said, to myself and a real sweetheart that calmed me down, why am I going through this? So I made the decision, that if not breaking up, I’m taking a long and needed time out.

My Church barks barkabout how precious and God like a family is. That when one chooses a mate, that being loyal, and not making whoopie with other women, while being involved with one. Yet, if this much hurt, expense, and constant internal battles, one must be completely insane. No wonder my dear friend and road brother in Wyoming, after he ditched his other half, is staying solo. His companion is Lilly, and I’m going to find me a Lilly. This don’t mean I’m going queer, or anything like that, but after this, who ever female wise, that steps in now, has to win me over. This hurt is about as bad as when Monkee, left me. Yes schitte hit the fan last night, and yes its a bad hit on my wallet, things will take longer, to bare fruit, however that said, the weight off my back, and the freedom to rebuild things is a much relief. As it was once said; You know why divorce and break ups are so expensive? Because they are worth it. 

Since I haven’t had any sleep or been in bed since this fiasco started, I’m hitting the bed.


Things distant are closer than they may appear . And where did that Prayer come from?

So got off the phone with PoohBear, and of course it was another fuss about nothing to fuss about. I chatted with a gal, at Smith’s named April, who is a great friend of Ashley’s. Both of which, I’m trying to convince into doing a photo session with some of our trucks for a TV ad we are working up with SparkLight Cable Advertising. The reason, is ; that come late September The Mayans, will be back on for season two, and getting both HCC as well as the Club, in front of that will do big things for both the club and the shop. Plus we are working on some national ads to back our name sake download (1) as well as :download both for our toew op, as well as KTOW. Having some eye candy would be good, to get the attention of the 80% male demo, that watches these shows. Yet; PoohBear is always thinking that I might be or are about to step out on her. If that was the case I would have done that months even years ago before I got into this nightmare of Idaho. Heck I could have snagged Syd, and stayed right there in Evanston, Wyoming. With controlled rent, my trucks , Rick, hell, if I had stayed in Evanston, LexiBelle would have never got raped. I’d have been making much more money, there than I am here. But Nooo , PoohBear, thought Evanston hated her and didn’t want anything to do with the town, so I moved over here, and now I live in a no bedroom motel room, that has only two advantages, Power, and cable/internet included. Hell I can get that in Evanston, but guess what I have stayed put. Why? Because PoohBear has this terrible self esteem prior experience problem, and any lady with serious eye candy becomes a threat. Not that I haven’t thought about it. I had one who played with my feet that I might have, split with, except, PoohBear chewed her butt so bad that killed that. I could go into many examples, but the thing is; As of yet, PoohBear hasn’t yet contacted the Church to go through the lessons to become a member of the Church, which would open her eyes as to why I will not cheat or step out on her. 

That all said , if your going to do business in the realm that I do business, you have to cultivate contacts. Like today, I was out at BJ’s. I go there to tune in on gossip. Some times it is gossip, but there is occassionally accurate. So there chowing down, and Shauna came up and chatted with me. It’s important because she and her guy pal, still live in the place I rented in Jerome. If I keep Shauna tight, I can gain intel, on what the Cook crooks are doing. I still want that place, since it was one place that this radio op worked, and worked well. I wouldn’t have been evicted from there had it not been for PoohBear. She says it was a goof up with SSI, bullshit, she was jealous of a Laurette and Chandra. What PoohBear did is kill or seriously injured near 25 Years to build. But that goes on, and we see what happens there. 

Now I was curious to find out where the prayer, mostly said by children , that goes: Now I lay me down to sleep. The origin, is still a bit cloudy. More research needs to be done.


You Really have to love this profession

You really have to love this profession. KTOW’s main mission is to inform, educate, and entertain every single towing owner, driver. In North America. With that said. Some radio shows I used to hear years ago, for over the road truckers, was about as phony as could be, only two that I know of really had a CDL, or even knew how to pilot a rig. Even so, had no clue of what it really is like to be out on that open highway. Same goes for us who toew. Putting someone in the drivers seat of a radio studio that has never piloted, much less done a heavy recovery, call was just not going to git-r-done. So it became the duty to the Iron Knytes to be the main pilot in that radio cockpit. Back in the mid 70’s early 80’s if we caught 20 calls a week we were seriously banking. So I had lots of time I could devote to the radio station and the shows on it. Today the picture is much different. We catch 30 calls plus a day, so free time is near none existant. Which brings me to the main focus of this report.

Being a toew jock, is a 24/7/365 profession. There is no such thing as a day of. There is very little time for rest, to potty, or even eat. Most holidays are serious work days. When it snows its all hands on the road toewing. Snagging a rig out of a ditch, or righting a trailer is not work to me , its somewhat of a pleasant challenge. I got into the business right after my Dad passed away. So when such TV shows, as Highway Thru Hell downloador>download (1) is on, you can bet your next tire change, that I’m in front of the TV, at least when I can. When I watch such shows, its not strictly for entertainment. I watch with the intent that I just may learn something, or see how they do a recovery, and figure out if I would do it that way. I love toew trucks and toewing. You can turn my head with a sharp toew truck, than a skimpy blonde in wearing hardly anything else besides her nylons. half a leg sweet looking heavy toew rig

The profession is just that, its more than just a job, its a lifestyle. 

Like I always say we love Toews.

L8R Taters. 

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