Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


Reading is truly Fundamental, trouble is too many can’t read and are still mental.

Good Night Hazzard County unit 2Southern Xposure KnyteCyde3

So regarding what I covered earlier, Have had 5 serious inquiries to our talent searches. 4 out of those 5 have yet to show up or even CALL us on the phone to explore in depth what the gig and gigs are all about, One had no idea what a series narrator was and one had no idea of what a model spokesperson did. Excuse me, why is it that even the youngest of young Disney Channel viewers can figure that out but this middle Millennium aged youth and young adults have no idea. Its like up here at our local Denny’s,(more on that in a few clicks) but night before last went in for grub as I normally do. The wait staff was playing a game where by, they would substitute words in music, that was playing over the YouTube stream that is in the place. I suggested, the old song by the Pharaohs called Wooly Bully. These youth had no idea. It’s like if you bring up the subject of the Dukes-of-Hazzard, most can identify the General, Boss Hogg, Roscoe, Bo & Luke and of course Daisy, ask em who was the balladeer? They have no clue. Some will say Johnny Cash. Oops wrong idea. It’s like that politician the other day that was asked , did she know who Van Halen was? Excuse me how could you miss that. Am I dating myself here? Perhaps, but with technology, Nobody reads. Even if it is on FB or elsewhere. When was the last time ya’ll picked up a book, held it in your hands and absorbed the words, and built the video in your head? Can you imagine this generation, only having strictly the radio to build a drama? Radio drama’s were not only the in thing in the latter 20’s to mid 1930’s even early 1940’s but the only thing.

I can’t number the many times, must be as many times as the grains of sand on the seashore, where I have posted one of our talent searches on FB and most only see how much it pays, but not what it’s all about, or even what to wear even if they do make it to a meet and greet. Of the few, I can think of 5 that have, all were hired and all got paid. That simple. They met with me, dressed as they should so we could read lines and rehearse a scene. How many are urged to go to this or any one of 65 blogs on Blogger, to figure out what they should wear, how to act and what we are attempting to accomplish. They show up, with no knowledge of either the Knytes, or the WolfPack, they find they are ill equipped, and justly so, but wouldn’t be ignorant if they’d just READ the Blooming things that are out there. Then I get this thing of well we can’t find you on a Google Search, really? Have you tried? Do you know how to spell what your looking for regarding us? I can punch up on any PC, Laptop, even FakeBook, us, and instantly find at least 20 groups, and 18 Pages that are directly linked to us. Even Hazzard itself. Of the many terms you’ll punch up for all things Hazzard County you’ll see at least 10 that are directly linked to us, even in photo images. In todays era, there is no reason , one needs to be ignorant or unknowledgeable about a subject, if one will only read and fully read what’s out there. Not just drop in on FB and fart around and worry about their sorrows. Head out1, We do have the power to change our situations, but that takes sacrifices. It’s like I see all the time, the junk on FB and elsewhere how our Confederate monuments and all is being destroyed. I fully agree, and yes the Sons of Confederate Veterans does do a fair job of fighting those misconceptions and attempting to right those wrongs. However, has anyone of those who bark about that, ever, put down their brewski, their cable remote, and taken that money and contributed it to us in the Knytes-of-Dixie, to maintain this radio network of ours? We are the only other network in the nation that’s strongly fighting for the rights and heritage of our southern people, yet I have in the 40 years that the Knytes have been around, have yet to see one, even one penny come from anywhere FakeBook. Yet I have gotten contributions of posts on Lycos, and off of Blogger. Now on to a sweetheart I met up at Denny’s here in Twin Falls. The first time I met her, was when she called on a lockout, call. Yes she dropped her keys in the car. Since then I have grown to really care for this young gal, as a friend and future possible associate. Yes she is Hispanic, but what does that mean? That we shouldn’t love Hispanic’s? The second major commandment of our Savior Jesus Christ is simple, Love your neighbor as he loves us. In essence as much as you love yourself. So just because an applicant speaks with another tongue, or their skin is a bit more tanned than ours should we discard them? I do not think so. In fact, having a few involved may just be good business sense if not ethical sense. You think those LowRiders and Laraza riders look like that by accident? Hispanics spend tons of money on their rides, why not draw that into what we are into? If our era Confederacy wants to combat the illness of racism, that has plagued our ancestors, maybe its time we opened up the Knytes and WolfPack to all ethnic groups and people. That includes Native American’s as well as Hispanic’s. In fact for those of our Church, the location of the majority of the Book of Mormon, is not, repeat NOT, America, its Central America, among the Aztecs, which are directly linkened to Native American’s as well as Hispanics.

Over the next few weeks while we get a few more things organized here and the holidays, I’m taking a few weeks off until the 1st or so of February. Our Talent agency is in charge of the on air and model/acting project. I get to sleep, get Rick the parts to get LexiBelle> my LexiBelleup to par and brought home and get hcc metro1 running. TOW STARR3, ksoa main patch1, and HazzardAyre Radio logowill be on hiatus until then as well.

PoohBear came out of her surgery okay, and is healing. Thanks to your prayers.

Now to finalize this early morning, you all know how much I admire and respect Bri Eggers of CH-7 News as their Weathercaster. I think her delivery and abilities goes way beyond any up there at that station. Well check this out, this is the most darling photo I have ever seen, 78237751_2846357575397361_2293721610777001984_n

Until Mid Day.

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Will you just pull your head out of your butt Twin Falls?

Good Night Wolf PackGoodNight Hazzard County


So get a FB response, some gal says she’s all in. Says she could meet up at the Mall at 17:00 hours. So having to go do tasks outside the Lair, I went. So got there at just under 16:00 Hours. Sat down in a spot where I could be missed and again a no show. Granted it was just a meet and greet, and yes its not the usual interview, but dang if A; she didn’t or doesn’t want the gig, or couldn’t make it, guess what?  There’s this new device called a Cell, phone. Call me, as that is professional courtesy. Oh well her loss, so we cross another off the She don’t care enough just a teaser rather than being a pleaser off our list of applicants. more over from now on, if the need for such hits, it’s a call to Jennifer and she takes care of the rest. I’m done wasting my time. Sheesh, you’d think that substituting a just a job at McDonalds or Walmart, that might get them if their lucky a grand, maybe two a month, to one that pays, right at that and a tad more, for a 8 to 12 hour shoot or production session. More over, its constant work. But hey getting that $10.00 an hour slinging food at Denny’s must be much better. Oh well. Its one of those puzzles I keep trying to figure out. Although I have figured out some of it. A; the toew smooch is probably not the best first thing that should be brought up, as it says, this might get kinky. Of course in that same lane, I’m a guy, they are women, one has a vagina, the other does not. The one that does not must be the evil one so their guy pals SO’s and all say don’t go there. I remember oh about well it was a year ago, when we were looking to move ops from Jerome to Twin Falls. There was one stunning looking gal from some property management outfit in Sun Valley that came down. During the discussions of the details of the place we wanted to lease, this gal in a very hot black outfit, black stockings, I mean the song, If looks could kill applied there. She made no reservation, that if I would have said lets go, well lets say, that negotiation session would have gotten much more steamy. The thing is I wasn’t the one flirting. I wanted to get a place for the radio op, move that to Twin, from Jerome, and those assholes at the end of Filer and Grandview North, wouldn’t have ever met me, let alone the pain in butt that has been. Yet thing is I see promise in what all this honeys enhancing rides is for, to get more of you, to watch our TV show, example: Three Girls Garage MotorTrend TV,  Jessie Combs on Xtreme 4X4, I was really bummed when we lost her last year, but she knew what to do with tools. Do I think we are going to find that kind or level of talent around here? Only one BIG maybe, and don’t push the Maybe, baby. However we are getting in line to doing two major shows, beyond our usual Confederate history/Heritage programming. We are looking to doing a weekly episodic, show, of what it takes to tear down and rebuild Vintage military aircraft, into collectors items, and two a docudrama about the Club, that will be a mini series on FX next fall. All shot, if nothing goes sour, between both Idaho, Utah and parts of Wyoming. We need people now. The Calendar pinup thing is a trial under fire event to see just who can and who can’t do that kind of TV.

Now add to that , all the events we have on the docket over the next 3 years, will keep a casting agent busy and well oiled financially as well as open doors for local talent. Yet because of the stigma of the Ted Bundy’s and such over the last 20 or so years a guy doing the casting raises an eye brow or two. We need a local gal that is a casting agent, and yes is a foxy woman herself to make it believable. Jennifer has those qualities, but we’ll keep the rest of that under our hats for now.

Saturday need to get busy on two bike projects, one that I am still trying to design the basic look of, and sketch the design of. Still trying to match the skin tone color of women’s nylon hosiery Taupe, as the base that will cover a flat black. With some fish net hose laid over the tank and parts that I can peel off after to make a spiders web.  For me now its dinner time. Chat with you over night.


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Just READ THE BLOOMING thing, Good Day Hazzard County & WolfPack

Great Day Hazzard County1Good Day Wolf Pack

Good Day my Mighty WolfPack. Woke up tweaked on the super machines and saw a ? in front of another one of the raw talent applicants. Really? Don’t these ladies read the dang copy, rather than just look at the pictures? Has technology killed and kind of common sense? Like last night, and yesterday went through this wait to see thing for a talent to show, yet, got the usual, I didn’t understand, thanks for considering me but I’ll pass , thing. Why? In one of her questions she asked is it strictly the toew smooch and or leggy thing? I said yes but our scope is not just limited to that. Sure if your going to do ANYTHING directly related or even indirectly related to things Southern Kountry, Hazzard County, your going to use anything that has legs in nylons to enhance that. But that’s not just it. No mention or questions about biker leather, tight cowgirl, Wrangler Jeans, hey this is important, there are just certain butts that fit hot in a pair of Wrangler Cowgirl jeans. Consider Kountry singer Trace Adkins, Badonka Donk song. As Bro once set the standard, anything more than a handful of cheek on either cheek, is too much. That fanny best be tight, taught, and smooth.  If your going to do old style photos and videos with the older style pinups that graced many of an aircrafts body, it had better be curvy, and sweet. I always get the question, why here? I ask em , why not hear? This valley is full of great eye candy talent of all ages, not just the slightly after teen to early 30’s demo, but even the 50 to 65 demo, heck just look at me. Have you ever saw any better example of the finest UCSMC Combat pilot photo example than I? cooterand I’m sure there are many fine examples of feminine eye candy my age, that have the leggy small toes look just as much as the after teen to early 30’s age bracket.

But we live in a different era. We as a squadron were auditioning talent, back in the late 1970’s early 80’s. Even before our days with Hazzard County. Back then we were hunting the next set of stars to be HeeHaw download6e8d0318028f31d54adcffeba430b2aeHoneys, which as Daisy was, all leggy, network protocol said nylons no bare legged sweethearts. Look its not like I’m indulging a stocking fetish, its networks that say do it this way. But never fear, as we as of the 1st of the year going to be working with a honey out of Sun Valley, and her agency. That means I can dedicate myself to my business, and not be taking time away from that for eye scanning leggy ladies in hopes they will show for a video shoot.

No word on PoohBear, her Aunt sent cash, but still I’m very concerned as to My PoohBear’s condition. Yea, Merry dang Christmas again this year.

L8R Aviators.



Some things are further away than they may appear.

GoodNight Hazzard CountyGood Night Wolf Pack

Ever get the feeling, your doing all the right things, just in the wrong place?

Ever since I plunked back down here in the Tragic Valley, this honey pinup talent search stuff has perplexed me, frustrated me and just plain pissd me off. Out of at least 100 people I have talked to on it, has only two, maybe three took it seriously. One bugged out because of PoohBear, the other cuz she went to prison,(if she’d have just worked for us, that’d never have happened.) and the last one because I had to relocate from Burley back over here to Tweaker Flatts.

As much as many would like to think that this area and this town has advanced in reality, it still is a medium sized farm town with a ton of bassackward restrictions on forward thinking ideas. Let’s face it, unless your staging, and you better damn well have a woman in charge of it, or fronting it, but unless your interviewing for a rodeo queen , better forget casting anything , for anything here. I know I howled the same thing, in Evanston, except. There at least we got more than a few nibbles, on the hook, that really showed, and tried. Of course and this was a smack in that towns face, when Cody, a radio peep, from Arizona, relocated in whole all the way from Phoenix, all the way to Etown, just to make our gig grow. Should have held onto her. There’s two maybe three more in the holding pattern to interview, but unless one of or any of them produce fruit, I’m done. Just hand it over to TMG and forget it. Just like one from the Burley area that inquired. Where the hell was she when we were casting there in August and September?  It just don’t get better, so why fret? I’m not waiting. In fact I’d be lying if I said as far as our media werx, looking for a home for it in Metro Utah somewhere. There are resources there for this sort of thing. Boise has but only a few and they are not true agencies. Many are either schools or fronts for escort services. Few of them ever really get cast in much of anything.  Of course if you do a Google Search, for agencies in and around my area, you get listings from offices for agencies located in either Salt Lake City or Denver. Magic Valley, the Sun Valley area and even on a limited scale Boise, do not have true modeling/talent agencies, yet the state is full of talent. Seems a shame. As for me I’m nearly done with it.

My sweet honey, PoohBear, named after Winnie the Pooh, Winnie_Poohis in the hospital in St. Petersburg Florida. She is undergoing surgery and treatment of brain clots caused by tumors. Maybe that’s why she’s so bitchy. Any mile here I sit stewing over that, stuck here for many reasons, weather, can’t fly in this weather, two , finances, it takes a lot of av fuel to fly down there. and three between organizing the shop, the radio/TV gig, including this casting crap.

Utah just might be the sunshine I’m looking for.

Stay tuned.


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From beyond and close, Good Night Hazzard County

Southern Xposure Hazzard County Gazzette Header3GoodNight Hazzard County

What’s good is that the Southern Dixie movement is gaining momentum. However it seems that many are jumping on the hype rather than the meaning. The spirits of Dixie are on the rise for sure, but our image is not as expanded as it should be. Every big bang that is seen in the Dixie movement seems to be one image of one flag, although there were 6 that is Confederate. The focus is always on the ground front line soldiers. Not taking away from them as that is honor, still there should be included the rest of the Confederacy militia. Such as the Confederate Navy, and the Confederate Marine Corps. Yet despite all efforts those sections are omitted from many discussions of Confederate conquests and military actions, including the war of Northern invasion and suppression. Even CSA President Jefferson Davis was a graduate of The Confederate States Naval Academy. Yet little is written about that branch of Confederate Military. How do I fit in? Simple, my family on my Dad’s side, settled and aided in the establishment of the territory now a major city of 200,000 and capitol of the state of Alabama, that is Montgomery Alabama. So am I a Confederate Son? You be the judge.

With all that said, there needs to be strict and yet aggressive education, both publicly as well as in schools, of what REALLY was the cause of that conflict in American history, not the hype, or wrong conclusions.

Southern Xposure is not about ripping someone’s clothes off, or a exotic bar in Utah. The real Southern Xposure, is about exposing more about Southern culture, traditions and heritage.

Being reverent to symbols that should not be. Such as making clothes out of our Dixie Battle Flag, BLASPHEME< this is just wrong. Some folks when it comes to politics and such especially a progressive business or enterprise, call themselves disruptors. We’d rather be termed Perverts of Southern Culture. If one looks up the word Pervert, is a dictionary, The word really means anyone who through perversion of change of the natural order of something, in our case fighting a system of government, ideals and wrong observations of our Southern ways. Perversion, or Pervert, has little to nothing to do with sexual anything. Yet it is used to describe such. Being a rebel, short of rebellious or Rebellion of something means to be a pervert of that concept. In this case a Government in Washington DC, not even a State of the USA, just a territory, in reality of the USA. But people who sit under a golden dome, on a hill, making laws and suppressing peoples rights, suppressing peoples spirits. We are no longer as free as it would appear. This needs to be corrected. That too is what we as members of the Knytes-of-Dixie, and the Hazzard County Knytes, are all about at the core. To realistically create Anarchy, to bring order to a society that needs to be diverted to more individual rights and freedoms rather than being forced into things, by a mandated order.

Many people, combine the words Liberty and Freedom together as equal terms. They are not. And should not be equated as such. I heard a lecture at a SOCV meeting some years back, that described that. It was aired on www.dixiebroadcasting.com on one of their educational series . WE WILL AIR THAT ON HazzardAyre Radio in December. Our goal as in part and one of the cores of HazzardAyre Radio, is to mirror Dixie Broadcasting.com, Only do it with a bit of extra horsepower. With all that is going on, in Government, which includes such concepts as law enforcement agencies, not doing LAW-ENFORCEMENT out of fear of being litigated against. Southern Xposure will be here to cover Confederate News and Views. HazzardAyre Radio will be the continued powerhouse of radical, rebel, and yes even perverted online radio, of southern culture.

Good Night Hazzard County.

L8R Taters,

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I hate doing anything half ass’d, from the What We See Department.

What we See

So I did exactly what I said I’d do. If the hussies on FB and elsewhere don’t want our job openings, fine we’ll go through out of area and out of state agencies. Pee on em. Damn teasing broads anyway. I don’t care any more!!

Even the few that do respond get freaked if ya’ll need to interact with em, in anyway or rehearse some video idea. Nope they think it’s a porn thing, and nothing else. I’m tired of it. Like I repeat every blooming time. If I need to get laid that bad, in good weather, I can haul my buns to Wells, Nevada and get-r-done and have the fun, without all the dang drama.

Us in Towing see things differently I suppose. We are all too real, especially those of us who have Confederate grey blood running in our veins. Little amazes us, as we see the blunt forced trauma, of blood and guts, and people who are completely nuts on a daily if not hourly basis. So when disappointments come its no big thing. I just shrug my shoulders and think, hey its no dew off my butt, and go about life. Maybe its PoohBear that keeps me straight on things, and or The MC, or both and certainly going to Church keeps my head, much less my nose out of some woman’s crotch. Thing is I just don’t care. If we as an organization and my crew if we need models for ads for my company, calls to TMG in Salt Lake City, and Vickie will provide. Trying to recruit visual aids from stop and go stores and/or Denny’s and the like is just a dead end. Look, Twin Falls Idaho, has tons of potential talent. Thing is all too many have heard of Ted Bundy schemes and or are too stuck up, to try such a gig, so they back away. In so doing what happens is we get a bad reputation, and so does the company. Every Body suggests, few go through and throughput is a sever no show, no go deal. So I’m done with that. If potential talent wants on our dream team, then hey they can find one of us, not the other way around.

I gotta share this with ya’ll. Yesterday at Church and its related to the topic, just a bit of a detour to get there. Yesterday at Church, there was of course being the 1st Sunday of the month its Testimony meeting. I nearly got up myself but I gotta feel a little more secure in this Ward first, which is what I’m starting to do. Any mile, My Elders quorum President’s daughter I think she’s about to do the Young women’s thing, of our denomination, she’s about 12 or so. Any mile, she has the strongest female authoritive voice I have ever heard. She got up and spoke and there was no boo whoo, nor that is was straight forward, direct to the point. She is a smart cookie and I’ll tell you this, give her about 5 years or so, and her Dad will have to fend off the boyfriends with a shotgun. Yea she’s going to be that good looking. Besides that her Father is thinking of allowing her to be part of our media werx. Now then; another much older, with a few extra pounds gets up. What that lady and I will call her a lady as she really is one, got up. Again very clear voice, but more over she’s kind. We were in Sunday School class and because that buttwipe threw away my bible(can you imagine that?) So I’m trying to look over shoulders to follow along, and yet here was this lady, she sits next to me, and we shared her bible. It was a sweet moment for sure, so I invited her to become part of our Hazzard County movement on air and TV. She’s into it, at least part time, as she’s a marketing agent for some other local op, here in Twin Falls. Slow but sure, there are others getting into the thrust of what we are building here. The valley truly needs a reliable news and entertainment resource via media. KTOW FM and HazzardAyre Radio, may just be and I think it just may well be, THAT resource. Reason? Being LIVE 24/7/365, which others in both radio don’t do here. Most went Computer or digital or voicetrack from elsewhere. I also know that two out of the three TV stations here essentially do that. While Bri Eggers and all from CH-7 in Boise and CH-6 in Boise video-Track into Twin Falls, all they really have here is sales offices. With no real active newscasters here. We want to change that. While KMVT and such can’t buy us off like they did with two others, and they bumped us out of the way when FoX went up for sale here. We were within a bank and our signature, from that buy. Any mile establishing a new TV station. Now with everything going digital, and streaming TV why not use that platform, as our delivery path? BUT do it LIVE , not recorded or such like many do. As it sits, there is us and one other radio op, that’s strictly online. Which means we are a on demand always on station, except for the past year, we haven’t been online, due to facilities not available and a crooked two landlords(there ought to be some State oversight, agency on landlords in Idaho.) Any mile, we are slowly building back up. But rather than get in a big rush, I’m taking our time. I want all together first from sales to on air, before I switch on anything. The mere $120.00 a month that I pay our hosting outfit, and the $250.00 a year for the Website and all is chicken feed. I’d rather waste that money, and stay operational, rather than go broke trying to force a horse to drink water so-to-speak. Like I said I hate to do anything half a-jackass mule.

l8r taters

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Why do I get all these friend suggestions on FB?

wolf of Hazzard County 2Cooters Comments long form

Why the heck do I get all these friend suggestions on FB? Don’t anyone who even invites or accepts a friend request read a person’s profile and see that a person is involved (in my case very involved) with someone else? I like being friends with folks of both genders, guys sometimes, women most of the time. The Women, I befriend in hopes of hiring them for the media werx around here. The guys only if they ride, fly or tow. Anyone else, I just wont. Even still does anyone even read anything anymore? Most youth can’t even read. Only if its on their phone, and even then it’s a best guess for most of them? I seldom get a friend invite from Church members, although, I see them on Sunday, (story on that in a few clicks) but during the week you or rather I don’t hear, see, or anything at all from my fellow Church sisters or brethren. The members of the Club except for one, never looks at or has anything to do with facebook. They chat with me and send info, on both Yahoo, and Lycos. Most of our online business comes from Google my Business, not from any facebook ad.  Yea I’m on fb, but since PoohBear canned fb after being abused on there, my involvement except some off handed pages and OUR groups, when it comes to facebook, I’d rather not. Facebook has lost most of its credibility, honesty, and reputation. Facebook has become the Wal-Mart of the Internet or at least social media. Low income, and mostly no brain or underwage people. I do not go there.

Well yesterday, was Testimony meeting. Of all of them, two stood out. The little String, girl in Primary class age, stood up, and her voice was not only clear but projected and her ratchetjawing was intelligent and to the point. Then another gal popped up, and said hers. I’ll eventually do that but I need to feel a bit more comfortable in a Ward first. But that’s not all. In Sunday School, one of the gals who spoke in Testimony meeting, saw that I was struggling trying to read over a shoulder at scripture(yes one of those things swiped by the jerx at that other shop place.) so she sat next to me and didn’t hesitate one second, moved closer and shared. We had a nice conversation, and looks like she might come aboard the Media werx division as we get it better. I even joined the choir here in this Ward. In short, yes this is where I need to be. My question here is this, although there are exceptions, and some in Wendell and surrounding area know who they are, but why is it that folks especially those I befriend on FB can’t be as transparent and honest as the peoples I meet at Church? Or for that matter, the brethren of the Knytes?

There is a heap amount of education that needs to be done concerning the CNP, and our unit of Confederate studies here, in Idaho. How we do that and all on our blog, next entry or two.

L8R Rebels.

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Things many forget, especially that I’m married.

Cooters Kountry Corner1Toew Lyfe Head 1

Every day whilest cruising over social media, and such I see a lot of and befriend many a lady on there. Some thing I’m attempting a otherwise romantic get together. So if I greet someone say a good morning they run off. So lets be frank and clear here. The first big reason I’m not looking for a mating here. In fact if truth be known and it should be and is by many who have read this and all my blog posts for the last 4 years knows, I’m very intently and happily married. I love my Shelly aka PoohBear more than life itself. The only two things I love more is first Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father, the second is my tow truck LexiBelle. Then enters my PoohBear. The only reasons she is still in Florida and not here, is, she’s dealing with a mother who is near death, and until she joins the Church and we get married in the Temple, yes I’m Mormon and happy to be so, and the gospel says we can’t live together until marriage. Which I’m going to do. I have married three other times outside of that gospel teaching and have paid dearly for it. But the fat is I’m with someone, and will not be detoured by or with anyone else. Yes I befriend many a lady on FB, and other social media, mainly looking for candidates for our modeling/talent crews, but outside of that I’m friendly and kind to all women, I see and greet on the street, but not wanting to meet to mate.

Slept really great last night, although the Filet o Fish I had last night didn’t settle very good, disturbed by some guy trying to fix a miss match at McDonalds. apparently due to some homeless woman, trying to find a shack up. I have been near homeless, and only by the Grace and love of our savior I’m not, it got right down to it prior to me finding this oasis here in Twin Falls, and the kindness of the folks who own it, renting to me without a need to see my financial pedigree. So I thought of reaching out to that lady last night saying she could snooze at my place until she could find something elsewhere. But then I thought , PoohBear would have a fit and I’d be violating that trust PoohBear has in me, not to do such things, so I didn’t.

Tried to catch some TV last night as well. Caught a short of Total Custom, on Motor Trend TV, but got bored quickly. That’s when I headed to McDonalds. Was going to have them deliver it, guess what? Could not find the take out number to the McDonalds just down the road apiece.

In any case, to Lissa and all the rest, just know that I befriend you on FB its for business, and business only. I’m happily involved with my PoohBear. Not looking for love or romance anywhere else or with anyone else.

Church time.

Catch ya’ll later.

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The Wolf Howls


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Have you been wondering about WolfPackFM? Don’t wonder no more. We are just getting started. Got a structure over on South Park in Twin Falls that will be turned into the Wolf’s Lair. Aka Crazy Cooter’s Garage. Besides building custom rides the facility allows for the ability, to do inside video shoots and doing IPTV , that is, Internet Protocol Television, in essence streaming video TV. So we are getting there. Should be up and running on Spreaker.com/ayrewolf by mid March. That’s a Wolf Howl Bye For Now.

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There’s always at least one Jackass in every group.

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There’s always at least one Jackass imagesin a group, on Facebook. So many are yapping about how bad life is, or finding fault in too many things. Just slow down and enjoy, why pester someone? Of course its not just anyone, its some buttwipe from Mountain Home. That always seems to creep up and bite my butt. I spent one helluva lot of money in Mountain Home, as well as Goon’s Ferry. I didn’t bother anyone, except some young seatcover on a frigging pogo stick, that’d keep me awake during the day when I tried to sleep in amongst flying ants, two dang dogs that barked all the time upstairs. Oh and that girl? Well talk about being frigging rude. As it was, that same young one, was out bouncing on that damn pogo stick, I was out enjoying the sunset, and planning on helping a badly need of improvement airport. Okay so yea, I snitched on some idiotic city council member who was storing his lawn and garden equipment in a round house, from railroad days, that he wasn’t paying nobody rent for. Then came that fateful day, when between finding a new place to live since the landlord got foreclosed on by the bank for. I had a helluv cold, so was checking out a bottle of cold meds, phone rang on a house in Boise I was looking at, so walked out to use the phone not thinking. Got popped for shoplifting. Me? After spending much money in that store? The lies and such, that’s why I drive right past both going to Boise. I would rather die than ever setting foot again in either Goon’s Ferry or Mountain Home ever. Oh and that $4k, that I gave the city to help upgrade the towns Cable access channel, through the Knytes? Never has been repaid. Then this jerk was yapping about my involvement in towing. Excuse me? Been at it for near 46 years now, in fact Highway Hooker Toewing has been hooking Idaho, for near that long, and is but one of 5 still family single owner same owner towing companies in Idaho. Period. What an idiot. But like I said, there’s always at least one imagesin every group on FB, plus as far as I’m concerned the guy can just; images (1).

Finally got the card problem fixed and refunds to a heap amount of things, still waiting on some software, from some mickey mouse, software company , Going to call em come Monday to get that back. As far as the radio studio, since I didn’t take it apart, some offspring of Kathleen’s did it, so now I’m trying to figure out how the desk went back together. Then its locate everything that was on ole Bessie, and install on the new one. Should be up fully by mid March, in the meanwhile its court on the old equipment still being held as a slave by the jerx that I rented that bad shop from. We’ll get there. Was going over to the new shop, Friday, but when it snows I got to go tow.

Beddy bye time,

L8R Hookers & Haulers.

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