Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


The Soap Drama continues .

eow temp It’s Sunday morning. Tried to go to bed, but the mind and body were fighting in that too much flowing through the brain, and without any way to drain my brain, I woke up. Experts say that if you can’t sleep , don’t fight it, wake up, get out of bed and wait until your body’s clock says go to sleep. Which for me is about 03:00 except those nights that Alex is working out at Denny’s here then it’s 05:30 AM. Of all the many people that’s younger than 30, of any gender, Alex has more ambition that is all business no kinky, than any I have ever met. She’s already said yes to the Radio op, so now its on my back to get into getting our studio set and gear recovered. I had every intention, of rolling over to Tweaker Flatts, Saturday, but PoohBear just had to wake me up at 04:00 with her tantraum, over pure bull stuff, and after a few minutes I attempted to hit the rack, but hunger crept in, so out to Denny’s I went. At which, Alex had this sour apple liquid lip gloss stuff that looked groovy, and with my chapped lips she spread some on me once I got done scarfing down my 55+Starter breakfast. Which did not mix well with Skoal Wintergreen Original Smokeless tobacco. Skoal Girlthen myself and Alex’s guy talked gears, and the Camaro he just bought. So then came home. Then all day it was text, after text, after text. With the implication that I was violating relationship boundries. Really? This is always it with PoohBear, and while I love her to death, its starting to wear on me. I’ll be expanding this on another newslog , but fact is , it makes a long day, and mucho stress. She says stress is her problem, it sure is. She loves making mountains out of ant hills. What is unimportant, or a simple observation. Becomes a major event. PoohBear’s thing comes from a very bad bunch of past relationships, plus a very poor self esteem. Even when I compliment her, PoohBear has to argue with me about it. Is it a train wreck about to happen? Time will only tell. 

Chat with ya’ll in a bit. It’s Alex Alex time.


I am going to kill Mother Nature for giving women PMS.


There ought to be a book written(perhaps I will) for how men have to deal with your lady’s PMS session of the month. Women get so damn moody and crabby you have no idea what to do , what to say, without it becoming a frigging battle zone. Nearly as bad as when she’s giving birth to a child, all of a sudden every damn thing you have ever done, thought , fantizized about in the past or that you may do in the future you interegated to the point you feel you relived the Spanish inqusition. Don’t bring up any sweetee you saw at lunch, at the store, or preytell at work. No do not do it, its like stepping on a field mine. It’s enough to drive you batty. 

PoohBear texts me saying she’s piss’d(what else is new?) and that she’s going to go to bed crying. When I asked why she wouldn’t say. PoohBear gets this way every month, during PMS time, and its usually making a mountain out of a ant hill. No substance, no real crisis, and most of the time no basis. I was going to the movie to see the new reworked Lion King, but decided to save the money, for the retrieval of my radio gear in Twin Falls. Meaning ate at home, and watched the new thing from William Shatner aka Capt. Kirk, Which I will say this about that; maxresdefault

Now then; got a ping from a fb group that requested that I change my profile photo, because it may insult or make people uncomfortable. Really? If my Flag of Dixie images2 makes you feel uncomfortable or might insult you, then you make me uncomfortable and insulted, to which I say hqdefault (2)schitte on you. I will not back down, ignore or forget my southern heritage and ancestors for nobody. If some damn Yankee wants to have their shorts in a bind over it, tough. Nobody ever said Yankees ever had any brains anyway. My banner will always be AYRESIG2 and I will never apologize for it, as I’m proud of it. 

Recently, President Trump, being who he is and saying that which few dare, told 4 Congresswomen to go back where they came from. I have an idea, why don’t us Confederates, tell all these Yankee’s to go back home where they came from? 

MORE L8R ya’ll


Welcome to Hazzard City

Hazzard County Knytes

The mills are busy here in Hazzard City. Stepped out of my baracks and inhailed, Thing is what I ingested was the aroma, of Grain and cattle feed. So watched the two new offerings on USA Cable network. No biggy, more hype than content. Then comes on Law and Order SVU

which I began to think, how old and no real eye candy considering Mariska Hatigay Olivia Bensonnow myself in my opinion, they should have died off Olivia Benson, and promoted Kelli Giddish aka Detective Rollins

Nothing like a hot blonde Georgia Peach to boost ratings. Makes one just want to invite her over and have her park, her heels under my bunk. Let’s face it Law and Order SVU has been running for what now 25 years. I see things outdated on the reruns. Yet I think, who ever makes the decisions on that show needs to re-evaluate casting. Dick…

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Things here are closer than they appear

KTOW Radio Journal 2pappy's journal

Is it just me, or has Facebook started to loose its luster? Any more I go on there, look at MY groups, and MY pages, see if Rick and/or PoohBear is on, and then leave. It’s just not that interesting any more. The second half of this its not the core site suffering, WHatsIT and Instagraghm has become stale as well. Then you run across the groups and or pages, that post a Website. So you click the web-addy, only to discover that, the site has been parked, up for sale or just plain kaput. Fortunately both KTOWFM.COM is still alive, as well as our streaming site, http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf . Our shows our operation still intact and in operation. Which makes me wonder why so many of the budding models etc that’s on FB, doesn’t ever comment or reply back when I post gigs that we are doing. Where else besides a brothel, can a woman or lady talent, make a couple of grand in one day? When its obvious that the Syndicate is very much alive HAZZARD SYNDICATE LOGOand well. Outside of the delay in construction of our facilities, KTOW as well as HazzardAyre Radio/TV is growing. We just contracted today for future construction of station facilities in both Arco, and Roberts Idaho. And yet there is the hesitancy of some many hot ladies, that seldom make a phone call and or send an email. Question is why? Distance? That can be fixed by an airplane ticket. Lodging? Got that covered. So what’s the reluctance? If there is one thing that is us, its that we are very much real, honest and have the tenacity to keep on keeping on. The declining American Economy has not hurt the Syndicate

one bit. We are still generating income and albeit slim, still making a profit. Hazzard Syndicate logo2 But that’s just the way it is.

Even though I know, that my body needs to be asleep right now, still there’s my duty and ultimate dedication to the Knytes. This was much of the case when I lived in Jerome and working for DI, It was the same thing in December when I needed to be in move mode, and yet carving out this news pub, as well as being on air for and by the Knytes, I lost near everything. However I didn’t, I trusted in my Church , God, and the Knytes to pull me through. That’s what it is to be a Knyte, no more no less. 

The Royal End

But I just wanted the soup.

So woke up at 17:00 knew I couldn’t make Tweaker Flatts by 17:30 informed the people no could show until Thursday eve at 19:30. With that went to Denny’s, and just wanted a bowl of soup and iced tea, but got the Senior special instead. Okay met a new Chickadee for video projects for HazzardAyre. So I left Denny’s and thought schitte I’ll just cruise by the old place in Heyburn. What I saw was my tiny house was needing paint, grounds mowed, but was bare as a turkey drumstick on Thanksgiving. Just up the street saw 4 shops one for sale, two for rent. Don’t know about #4. The tiny house has enough room around it for my trucks, me, and yes PoohBear. So I stopped, went into the back yard, and saw that the tiny chair I left there in 2012, was still there. More over as I sat down, the same birds were there and those choke cherries were budding on the trees. Additionally the same next door cat, came right over and laid right beside my chair. Here’s the clincher, for schittes and giggles went over to the mail box, guess what? Most of the mail was addressed to me. So in the morning, its my duty to sniff this out as it would solve a ton of problems. 

Why are brothels not in Idaho? After all in most towns from pioneer and frontier lore, prostitution is still legal in most towns. It’s never been removed from the law books. Now the reason, I bring this up as, much as I love PoohBear, and would never cheat on her , still I have a severe need to breed. It’s been since Monkee left me some 22 years ago, that Herman saw the inside of a honey’s tunnel. The fact that I eyeball everything that looks and smells nice I have done a great job from refraining from any kind of copulation. Bottom line I need some touchy feely. 

Thus if there was a brothel withing reasonable driving distance, I’d go there. Going to a brothel, is not cheating on your spouse. Its like thearapy with benefits. Need your teeth fixed you go to the Dentist, you get sick, you go to the Doctor or Hospital, and if you get the blue nuts and have a need to breed you go to a brothel. In all cases you pay a professional a reasonable fee to cure a bodily malady. 

Pearson is premiering on USA TV Cable channel, so I’ll go for now .

kNYTE Flyte

Finally I get a chance to slide into this cockpit and fly this byrd. Doing graphics, finding content, and all the rest, means I don’t get any rest. In fact if I get to bed before 03:00 its a miracle. Between dealing with members crisis’s , the business of the Club, and then my business, there is no break and little sleep. Years ago I could go 72 hours easy without hitting the rack, these days I can last about as long as it takes Herman to spit up during mating. About 3 minutes. I need a break and a long snooze. 

Well, the weather is being kind here in Hazzard, few rain drops fell today. As such the handle on the load chain ratchet was wet and slippery. Yep you got it, right in my jaw. So Hallstead runs me into the hospital, where a tooth extraction and some heavy meds, and I was on my home here to Hazzard City from Twin Falls. Which proved to be interesting . Why they put up a speed limit sign of 45 through Murtaugh is beyond me, since none body slows down. So got home, tweaked on the TV and began to consume food. Forget that, my jaw was sore so couldn’t chew very well, add to that as much as I want to eat it don’t stay down. So here at 02:12 hours, I sit hungry on one side, pukey on the other.

bad-smell-girl-closing-her-nose-her-fingers-65260329 (1) It’s beyond belief how Madison Avenue NYC loves to commercialize everything, including giving a half ass’d salute to the Apollo 11 moon landing,

which I’m all for since I was there sitting right at a viewer screen, at Mission Control in Texas. If they left it at that it’d be okay, thing is all too much garbage is on TV trying to lap up the bread crumbs. Yippee skipee. 

With that I’m horizontal. I need sleep.

Yes youngsters there is a major difference between a Online Radio Station and a PodCast.


Every once in awhile I have realign minds. You’d think by now with all the slightly elevated from diapers techies that they’d know the difference. In America there are only two online Radio Stations, One in Cleveland Ohio, and ours. OWow is the one in Ohio, ours of course is HazzardAyre Radio. Along with all our shows. Now a PodCast, is a simple thing, that might be only an hour or two, maybe up to 4 hours, of someone spealing off about some product, or reading a book. An Online Radio Station like ours, plays commercials, runs music, airs newscasts, and does weather . While a Podcast , is not usually playing music or taking the time to monitizing content or their shows. Speaking of Radio. There is a publication, that I’m not reading as much as I used to, mainly because their content has gotten lame. It’s Called RadioInk, which spawned off a thing for us online broadcasters. In both cases, their missing the train. To which our parent media firm, SouthernSteele, is looking to launch a publication, both in print and online, called Rural-Small Market Broadcasting. Reason? Rural stations seldom get the well ink, that the big conglomerates do. I don’t know how many times I have poked the Editor of RadioInk, to do an article on KTOW or HazzardAyre. Yet the call goes unanswered. Our goal as a station, is to maintain, the magic of both Over the Air, as well as online mom and pop, single owner rural radio and/or TV. This big media outfits, remove local programming, and tell some local guy what he or she can air. The only people that should be telling that station owner/manager what to air is the FCC, even that is margianl . Its what I have always said we are, We are Fight The System, Confederate full throttle Radio.



Lets Chat about flapcracks, and how we are so dependent on IT tech.

After 6 whole days and having to view the web through the sites of antiquaited cell phone browser, I got my tiny Laptop back all tuned up and gaining altitude. Had to reload a bunch of my programs, sign in with others but over the period of the 6 days, I have realized how much I’m dependent on my computers. If I need to know something I Google it. Although I wish someone would resurrect AltaVista. That was handier than Google, and allowed a bit more kinky stuff than Google or Yahoo does today. Take my Computers away and Interweb, and I’m screwed. But at least I’m back in service. 

So roll over to fetch my Laptop, now I don’t know if its all the Gatorade that I’m drinking, or the burrito I bought from a sidewalk vendor but once I left Ray’s place I had the serious need of a toilet. So rolled into Smith’s and thankfully no one was in the stall. Once I got done and must’ve been because I did a fast wipe, but I was really scratching my six quite a bit. However Ashley was working today and so was April, hey two treats in one store. With their ultra tight jeans I wondered with those jeans creeping up their flapcracks, do women suffer or fuss over skid stains? Is that the slight wet spot in that region ? If they do, unless they’re some gal who doesn’t care, do the hotties ever scratch their 6’s? For those not in the know , a persons 6 is their rear end or tail, its aviation speak. So does women have this malady? I mean, have you ever seen a woman’s G-string with a brown patch? For most male corpuscles, the hiney, is a destination. Not me of course , my attraction is much further south than that. That all said, do other male corpuscles, consider that their flavor of choice is really sour chocalate? This requires further investigation.

More L8R Aviators. CPD is on. 

hazzard pappys sig1

The Royal End

102 in Hazzard today, Summer finally has arrived.

It was 102 degrees today here in Hazzard Idaho. Guess, Summer has finally arrived. Next went to Walmart, here in Burley, to which I got me some new socks, a new belt to hold up my pants, my old one got trashed when I worked at DI in Twin Falls in September last year. Only problem with the new belt it was too big. So with nail, hammer and pocket knife my britches are secure. Of which they weren’t when I went to Smith’s Foods here. Had to get prescriptions, but my pants fell down. Guess I made a few of the old and young ladies got a thrill. I just laughed it off and gathered my britches up, and krept home.

Spreaker logo1As some of you have heard its a fact, I have been escalated to President of the Knytes. With that as soon as its fully ratified, I’m planning on being more aggressive to the radio op. This means securing a facility, retrieving our radio gear, getting the word out via TV ad’s as to what we do, and why we do it. This includes but not limited to recruiting female model talent, both freelance as well as from agencies including TMG in Utah and another with a similar name. Mini Cassia area needs a serious LIVE radio and eventually TV station. Since no one else has stepped up to the plate, it’s up to the Knytes to do it, and that’s just the kind of thing the Knytes does. So its off to Utah next week, with a swing through Evanston to see Rick and my beloved LexiBelle, my LexiBelleand go to education classes for sustainment of my Presidency. So there wont be as much activity here on the site. In the meantime I’ll be working to find shop space for HCC>hcc logo 1as well as KTOW/HazzardAyre Radio.


Tonight on the Edge of Wetness.

This morning whilest I was laying in my hospital bed, watching yet another repeat version of SVU, this guy and gal was laying besides each other then they woke up, and started doing the tonsil hockey boogie. From my many encounters I can tell you that when you first wake up hers and your breath, and the taste in her mouth is all but inviting. Most women during the invasion of mother nature or if she’s having an imbalance her breath will knock a buzzard off of a manure wagon. Pee-ewe. Then I watched a thing that had his head in her arm pit. And he starts smooching her arm cavity. Trust me after a nights romp in the sack, and heat under the blanket, her pits are not going to be appetising . just stinkyof course , at least in my opinion, the only safe spot on her anatomy first in the morning is her feet and toes. Simply women’s feet and toes do not smell bad. Its a cross of musk, and jello. (m=eaAaGwObaaaa)(mh=eDh5Igo6Ijddfryb)1 So, 13:00 the hot nurse came in , gave me my prescribed Mickey, and off the the Cat House on the Prarie and it was surgery time. What they do is squirt, silicone in your knee area, to aid the healing of the cartilage that was injured. What happened, was in the yard yesterday, loading cars to haul to the crusher, when I slid off and hit the ground, hard right on my knees. My left knee wasn’t hurt , but my right one came out of socket. I snagged my nut sack as well . Makes one wonder why they can’t make a none skid coating on a rollback so you don’t slip on em. J&C 2 So saw on my phone on fb that some talent agency out of I suppose Utah, was interested in our talent find. While I’d rather hire no name, naturally built talent like Alex, Alexstill with all the trouble finding, interviewing and all of no name talent maybe we do need to just contract with one or two agencies and them do the scouting. It’s no secret that its no longer about hiring talent with benefits, after all I have my PoohBear PoohBearbut it comes down to put up something on external media like TV and newsprint, to get more people to tune into us on KTOW/HAZZARDAYRE radio, online. I hear the dinner tray so will catch ya’ll later. Its Raviolee night.