Thank God I’m Southern Fried

Thank God I’m Southern Fried. What does that mean? Being Southern Fried means learning at an early age some very serious life lessons. The first is respect of older people and realizing they know more than you cause they have lived longer. The next is doing well in school, even if your not going to be a college proffessor still learn enough so you can still add, subtract multiply and divide without the use of an electronic device even a computer. Next, learn at least enough to be able to write, and read American English and if you want and should Southern Confederate American English, although most of that is mostly Irish and Scottish. 70% Of true southeners come from Irish or Scottish ancestory. The next and this means a lot, learn how and really put forth effort to do something, its called Work, that’s right, WORK, in sweaty, manual labor. Even if its just a little bit, if you have a health condition, if you can’t dig a whole ditch, at least dig a small path for water to flow through a garden. Next respect for and love of country, that includes our Southern ancestors and the war of Northern invasion. Last but really this should be first, love your family, and especially Love God, and his Son Jesus Christ, for all things are possible through him and everything happens to us because of him. Read the Bible, Book of Mormon, and other texts, be open minded to other faiths and beliefs, filter out the chaff for the good grain, but at least look at everything. 

That’s what it means to be Southern Fried. 


It’s time for us to seriously Kick some Ass!

lets kick ass1Ok the bullstuff stops. for nearly what now? 9 months we have had our streaming radio operation off the air. If we can’t get what we need here, maybe its time to look elsewhere and sniff a few new places. In short it’s time for us to kick some ass. I talked to my associate Big C at A1, yesterday, and he agreed to shorten my on tow duty time there, so I could devote more time in erecting this super station. I have spent most of my day, today talking to support teams that aid us Webcasters and I think we are seeing that light at the end of a long tunnel. Now, then, T.J. Moved out, don’t know if she dumped the dude she was with, or what, but her not being here has me concerned. There is of course Alex Alexwho said she’s fully on board, then there is Wynette who is committed to our gig, so if T.J. don’t want the gig so be it. I’m not going to beg. I’m not chasing a wife to be or a romantic thing, I have my PoohBear PoohBear my PoohBear, may not win too many beauty prizes, but she loves me very deeply and I too love her. I want to build this thing. Get our gig generating serious cash, and considering the blockades we have been experiencing, maybe a change of venue is on the menu. Any flyte, I’ve had it for the nyte so I’m 10-10 on the side.


When your in pursuit of one so grand, but you look like you’ve been trashed, can you succeed? Or bleed?

She blew in from a star from beyond. Ice Queenice queen 3 with her beauty, captivated my mind. Yet I never conceived the idea that IQ could belong to such another beauty. With two other residences, and all, I couldn’t understand(still can’t) why the hell she’s living here. But how I figure can I pursue on both a vocational occupational level combined with an MC Sisterhood level one that looks like this >tilisha2  when you wake up and look like this>bhd4< can you gain your objective? What I really groove on with TJ is that she is so unjudgemental. More accepting of alien beings both of Earth as well as in the night , gives me a bit of confidence that says, according to astronomical thearists , who say. Yes it is possible. Last night, I knew that she was in trouble, and although I really want to jump in and explain to her male pal, that TJ is now a Sister of The Knytes-of-Dixie, and that means giving TJ respect and honor. Yet it might be too much too soon.


sO I hadn’t heard from PoohBear overnight, but considering my nerve condition, and the radio mission, when I climbed on my bed, to just catch zz’s until 20:00 hours then go fetch moo-juice and such to go with my Wolf stew, I flat died until 07:30 hours this morning. I don’t know if its the state of peace that TJ puts me under, or if its that I can see albeit a big mariagee , but a light at the end of this gloomy tunnel. Since I relocated back here to Western Idaho, without doing more research first, but ever since, its been one more bad corrupt thing go wrong. The problem I run into is, as long as I make a deal or obligation on my own and its just me, the price is nominal. If and it happens often, the who I make the deal with finds out that I’m acting on behalf of a 1% OutLaw MC that is worth over a quarter of a billion bucks. The price of what ever it is, goes up. Considering that our MC, has 6 subsidiaries of which the WolfPack THEE WOLFPACK Logoof which I am the Exec Officer of, we bring in $11,million bucks a year , more when the radio op is running, considering, $12,000.00 a day, that’s just a tad over $4,million a year, and then folks wonder why I want this radio op back up and in service. Yet, few take it seriously, at least outside the Club. What started humbly as a mini station just outside of West-Point/Hazzard Idaho in 1974, has rizen to a powerhouse heard online, on satellite and over the air, around the world. 

final approachOn the final approach here. I don’t want ya’ll to think that I scrubbed PoohBear for TJ, or anything like that. She’s got her male corpuscle, I have my femininazi, in PoohBear, yet to Make the civilian version of AFRN aka AyreWolf Radio / WolfPackFM, to work, is it needs more than just a few volunteers. It needs experts and talent that can see being around and working with an OutLaw MC as well as a bunch of jarhead aviators. We drive and ride hard, we fly hard and we live well, yet it seems we have never gotten at least here in the mini Cassia area of Idaho, as well as the rest of the Tragic Valley of Idaho. Some, no SHIT, the big distruption is recruiting honeys for money to enhance our aircraft and rides, in film, video and print. If I recruit them, its like and might be Big Wolf, ready to devour Little Red Ridding Hood. On the other runway, if TJ is involved watch that project reverse itself. I remember the same thing in Tooele Utah several years ago. Before I was seen having a main squeeze, in Eva. I couldn’t get a model or pinup model to save my breath. However once, Eva, was involved we had at least 7 sweethearts coming into the house a night. There were days, we didn’t stop recruiting and interviewing until 04:00. But in time I had a female crew, not just models working 13 hour days, and Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio the predecessor to HazzardAyre was on air. I had 3 writing copy, two out selling ad time, I had 3 on airs and another 3 that were both co-anchors and production assistants and all I had to do was crawl into the cockpit of the makeshift studio and do my shows. I have a video tap vhs of that somewhere. But suffice to say, I want to assemble that kind of operation again. It worked flawlessly. Yet financial circumstance for my own company took a twist and we had to shut down, although even today, I can rebuild that as all those sweethearts are ready and willing at the drop of a phone call. Most however will not move here. Conclusion build up both. Train TJ to be boss here, and me be AlphaWolf with PoohBear in Tooele Utah. More details later. However my brain is draining as I need Feed and Sleep.



It don’t help to pout, just do it right the first time.


Have you ever , clicked on a link for audio or a video on say Facebook? 80% of the time, the link don’t work, or the website you are funneled off to has been taken down or expired. My question is why. Here at WolfPackFM, and the rest of our shows on KTOW, can be found easily at: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf , that link works. As well as all of our links to the vast expanse of what is now called the Interweb. Now for a lot of us older timers, finding out how to do something with or online is a brain ache for sure, but just like when they came out with child proof caps for medicines, want it done? Go find a kid, or at least a tween. It’s just a thing that bothered me. Tried earlier to tap a vid on FB and found the blooming thing didn’t work. I’m getting to feel like FB has become the Walmart of the Interweb. Most on there are low income, go there because FB is discount, sociak media. Thing is and I know its bull, but they all say they have no $’s to spend on a cause. The ad rates on FB are way to high, plus you really don’t get a great response. We use Google My Business.com. It very inexpensive, gets you into a directory that can be accessed on smartphones, and gets you stats on how your listing is performing. As far as email? Last week , renewed my Lycos mailbox, and it works near flawlessly. Yahoo does the same, yet there are hiccups on Gmail, as well as my Outlook Mailbox. Now granted it may be to low bandwidth, and all of my Interweb connection, but shouldn’t that be something that those who  creates sites and all think of? Like somebody out in the boonies with limited wifi, and or a older dsl connection? The only reason, that FB doesn’t improve much, is their arrogance of the thought, that FB is the big pepperoni , and no one can match em, or better them. There may be a few high IT geeks out there, but they are few and far between. Gotta go, Melody is coming over in a few to give me a needed back rub. So gotta catch some zz’s. 

L8R Aviators


Having a bad hair day, and its only Tuesday.

cropped-head-shot1.jpgHighways and Coffee Cups

Just shut up, I’m having a bad hair day. Although I don’t have much snow and protein filliments on my head the hair is growing out from both sides. bad hair day 2My dad used to use this stuff > vo 5 It kept his hair in check. No one on Earth that I know of was such a perfectionist when it came to his appearence , dad would comb, brush, snip and clip. May be it’d work for me, as soon as I catch some $’s from Uncle Charlie, I’m going to buy some. I didn’t do much Tuesday. Shortly around 13:00 I got so damn dizzy I couldn’t hardly stand up, or walk much, and my vision, was very blurry. So I downed some peaches from a can and some moo-juice, and I was okay, but as tired as I was in overhauling a Deere-Detroit for a 9800 JD Track Tractor, over the weekend, I came home put my feet up, didn’t care that I was being invaded by house flies, and went to sleep. So visited with Melody this morning, she was being her normal cheery self, but I know she’s hiding some serious pain. I know too if I dive into that , I know where it would lead too, but I’m not messing around on my PoohBear. So , I’m just drifting in orbit, there to help if requested , but not prying into that situation. Hell I’ve got enough problems on my own. 

Problems like, now that I’m Executive Commander aka the Alpha Wolf of the WolfPack, I have a responsibilty to all the 150,000 members of the WolfPack, as well as their affairs and families. It is my duty to them as well as to all Marine and Navy aviators, discharged or still on active duty. If you think that’s an easy duty, I’ll buy you 2 root beers. It’s not just recruiting hot women to pose with vintage military warbird aircraft, or organizing air(ayre) Shows. It’s helping with Government affairs and benefits these guys and gals deserve for tieing on an aircraft and flying into danger in defense of this nation. It means kissing the rings of politicians, to get past VA and DoD backloads, it’s dealing with insurance companies, banks, creditors. Add to that keeping my own situation under control plus finding time to get seat hours in our choice warbird helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. So you want my job? Most could not handle it. 

L8R Aviators.


It ain’t love or romance, its friendship and that too is a relationship.

It’s the middle of my week. It’s really cool to have a real close friendship with a lady, without it involving shacking up. I truly love my little(well not that little) PoohBear, and the big marriage will happen near St.Patrick’s day at the Burley Airport. Hey I’m a pilot as well as a gear grinder. Yet, Melody, reduces my stress level, and is here in case something happens to me. She has a key to my apartment door, and she checks on me on a regular basis. In a way sure I Love Melody, just like a sister, aka or Rick in Wyoming, but not love in a romantic way, or sexual. or any of that. Melody has her male corpuscle, and I have my PoohBear. And that’s that on that. 

The Iron Knytes had a meeting last night, and agreed on the venue for the revised Dixie Diesel Nationals, which will include the Hazzard County Nationals. The event is planned for the Power County Fairgrounds, near American Falls, Idaho. The event is a celebration of all things, Hazzard County aka all things Confederate and southern culture, along with a salute to the American Trucker. A tight Wrangler Jeans contest is on tap, mucho food from crawdad to fried okra. Its over the road big rig iron, and home grown hot rods and customs. Its really a grand event. If you grind gears aka roll 18 wheels, a tow truck(like I do) and love southern belle’s this is your event. Details will be available here mid May 2020. 

Chatted with Marci this morning, on the condition of our radio gear and all. She and Erik, are taking off for a week so, that gives me until the 1st to find a location to set us up, plus gather our crew for the move. So I can relax a bit on that.

The world of us who Tow for a living is a 24/7/365, gig. There are no days off, no holidays and little sleep. I saw a thing on Highway Thru Hell, HighwayThruHell-Landing-DesktopTablet-PrimaryVisualwhere Jamie Davis had a stress stroke, near to a heart attack. His Doctor said slow down reduce stress. One thing he did was sell most of the rigs he was having to make BIG payments on and as we here at Heavy Rescue Rebel RescueToewing decided to do, and run older but still capable paid for vintage equipment. Sure a 100 ton rotator highway-thru-hell-truckis great, but who has a million bucks for a truck? I don’t. So we stick with rigs,

that are paid for and that reduces our financial overhead. And that’s the name of that tune. 

Since I’m not a day person, my biological clock says, its feed and sleep time. So until later , I’m 10-10 on the side.


Welcome Back to: Hazzard County.

The essence of suculent perfume and the tantilizing aroma, of Cinnomon rolls home made can really make one’s brain sit up and notice. Now if the same sugar honey drives a set of hot wheels>ice queen1then that makes even more special, and a very special friendship is churning here, and what could be a very true ASCEO , here at HazzardAyre Radio. HazzardAyre is getting to ramp things up again. Now this has gotta be Murphy’s law,(Murphy just has to be from Hazzard County) But had plans to roll over to Tweaker Flatts to fetch radio gear and all, my crew had issues, plus the General JaXson tore a CV-Joint, so that’s major surgery, so I’m a foot for a day or two, although I’m sure if I really need a taxi, Melody, will haul me around if I needed it. But all in all I had a great day. When Melody isn’t around , I get restless, yet when she returns, or is with me, my internal stress level falls below sea level. I start to relax, so I’m lucky. I have PoohBear, plus now Melody and what she and I came to call : The Ice Queen, ice queen2 which is a great name for the factory hot rod. You ought to see the size of the factory rotors on her brakes. You can tell the Bow tie people>black chevygot serious about building a factory muscle car. With a Velocity meter that hits the 190mph peg, you know this is a serious contender for any race track. Although my own choice would be a new Challenger from Dodge, but hey I’d drive the Ice Queen, which also rolls out as IQ and Melody has a higher than normal level. Add to that she’s telepathic, which is weird. The last intern I had, that was telepathic was Robin , Miss >DIXIE SCRIPT dIESEL

of 1993, so this could be the GreaT Kahless >Kahless_(painting) giving this warrior > IMG_0095 a second chance at the brass ring of success, on this bassackwards planet. 

With that , this gear splitter is headed to bed, I need some sleep.

Pappys Sig

Can Somebody tell me what good is LinkedIn? Or making a connection on LinkedIn is supposed to do for You?

Can someone tell me or show me what real good having an account, or for that matter giving up money to LinkedIN is good for? Last night, I saw a contact invite from some seatcover in Boise somewhere, wanting me to add her to my contacts. My question is why? It ain’t been too long ago that LinkedIn sent me a free trial of their Premium Service. What the hell would I cough up $600.00 a year to LinkedIn for? I have yet to see any of those so called contacts, on LinkedIN logocall me on the phone, or email me wanting to buy ad time on the radio network, or request a bid to fly a field , or even request a tow. My thing is simply; if your really going to contact me on social or business social media, show me the money YOUR going to spend with me, or don’t ask me to add you to my contacts. Its just that plain simple.


Think of it like this:

DDRN MINI LOGO2I’ll get into PoohBear/Melody stuff in a few bars, but I was considering our current political structure in this U.S. of A(ss) States. We buy a statue for Liberty to place in New York harbor, from France. We as American’s never built one serious single bit of it. Yet the few American built monuments of the War of Northern Invasion, (aka-Civil War) are being completely destroyed and trashed by ignorant, and arrogant young people who have no idea about what those monuments mean to 80, million Americans that have their roots in the Confederacy. I was reading with some interest a blog post from Zeb, Bell. The post dealt with a past quasa adversary of Zeb’s, likewise myself as well. I remember Congressman Mike Simpson, a Repubelican from Idaho, in 2008 when there was a big fuss over a nuke power plant that was to be built near Hammett Idaho. Not only was Simpson’s hand shake about as cold as a Elder at a Mormon Church meeting, but nearly as untrustworthy. I never did vote for the guy. If you send him a request for Federal intervention in writing, you get a frigging form letter in return. I got a return phone call and talked to: Mike Lee of Utah, and I didn’t even live in Utah, at least at the time. Like I have always said, and I’ll say it again; I don’t, and neither should you, ever, and I mean ever trust no dang blue coat Yankee. 

Pappys JournalSo then, last night two things happened, one has me worried, the other just concerned. Melody never made it here to the complex, which I pray she is allright, and two, I flat don’t want to loose her. Just her being around eases my many pains. Then if that tweren’t enuff, PoohBear has to call into 00:00 hours, on her ending her life, and all in crying and all, my question is , WHY? It’s not that she’s loosing me to Melody or anyone else. Although considering the pain and pure manure I have been through for near 3 more years, because PoohBear, just could not get along with people in Evanston Wyoming. What the heck? Sure I had a heck of a time when I first got there , I had a pain in the ass with ETown too. But over time, networking with people and not growling at everybody, I started to become accepted. Thing is; If I were to show the texts of PoohBear, considering suicide, and all that, they’d be putting her in a rubber room. Look at both times I considered it. The fuzz and others made dang sure I was fully examined. PoohBear’s self pity and suicide junk, as well as saying she’s going to kill people, is enough to where if, and not saying would or could, but, if : Melody , Alex, or someone else were to step in , might just be probable cause to examine the current condition. Any mile, need rest today, as come Monday is the big move from Twin Falls to Heyburn. 

Catch ya’ll L8R, 

Overnight long haul trucker style radio. The greats and us who keep the wheels turning so you can be earning.

THIS SITEThe year was 1974, a few kids who grooved on ye ole CB, and had Dad’s rolling on 18 wheels, gathered together and formed an original 4-H Club, Young Truckers organization, called the TeenAge Truckers Association. That organization turned into what you know today as the IKA Wyngz1 one of the big projects of the TTA was the creation of a one of, at least in the Mountain West, over the road truckers radio station. KDSL FM 89.1 went on the air from West-Point Idaho in 1976. We were following in some really large boot womens-militia-bootsprints. From Bill Mack in Texas, to Joc TRucker Radio in New Mexico, the big thing was delivering news, weather, road conditions, and entertainment to those who deliver to and for America, the American Trucker. From The Truckin Bozo, to Charlie Douglas’s RoadGang to eventually Dave Nemo. 50,000 watt clear channel radio stations were all over the nation. Trouble was here in mountanious Idaho, Oregon, etc you couldn’t hear these shows very well, if at all. Plus they were only on air from Midnight to around 05:30. If something happened that the truckers needed to know about here, by the time most of these networks picked it up, their program’s were already over. So our little band of high gear pimple faced young haulers got together, and put together a small 100 watt station. Aimed it to the Interstate and mainly to Bliss Idaho, where most of the truckers stopped. To fill the 24/7 operation with content, we did something wyld, we created the first radio shows aimed at my style of trucking, that being, towing. So I looked up on Google, for Joc Trucker Radio, as usual, it was pre-Interweb, pre Google, so no listing . Same thing usually happens if you look up the Independent Truckers Association which was way before OOIDA, and much more than an insurance company. Then I looked up Bill Mack’s show the Midnight Trucker Network. Again hardly if anything at all. Drivers would call in, do some chattering with the hosts who knew truckers and trucking. Very few of the youth aimed millenials of today remember those days, much of the pride of rolling a rig down the Interstate, for most , it’s a job. For many of the rest of us trucking, and inhailing diesel smoke is a way of life. The sounds of a Jake brake roaring down a hill or slowing coming into town is music to my ears, not just noise. Funny , railroad locomotives can blast that frigging horn for several miles, and no one says nothing, hear a Jake rattle, and Smokey is on somebody’s butt. While the radio gig for me , was cool and all , I never really got serious about it until one damn cold, freezing, snowy night sitting in a Church parking lot the other side of Dubois Idaho, and could not tune into any trucker shows. Truck had blown the diaphram of the injector pump, 85 head of fat Herefords in the trailer, then I heard LDS Conference, on KSL. At the time I thought lets kick this trucker radio thing in the butt. Also at the time was a show based out of Indy, called Interstate Trucker Radio Network, or ITRN for short. As it would happen it was near 1992 or so, I had been hanging around with Tony Pistone, and his son Tommy, who is an active member of the Knytes. So I was out cruising to work off a mad, and heard a tiny station in Price Utah KOAL AM that was running ITRN. The original Dixie Diesel Shop(ours) had just barely opened in Pocatello Idaho, and we were constructing one near Murray Utah. So I thought lets advertise there. Come to find out that ITRN was up for sale, so the Knytes bought the network, and ITRN became the Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio Network, and of course Dixie Diesel Trucker Radio, long haul trucker radio done Hazzard County style. The rest as they say is history. It’s just a shame that no one has cataloged these shows and networks, but dear old KTOW FM/KDXD AM, is keeping it trucking and towing. At least on the radio, both online, as well as over the air. 

After Dark 3

Dang it I not only want, but need my Cheerios. Melody , ate the last bowl, in the box before she headed off to work, so now I gotta wait until 07:00 to go fetch some from the store. Melody came into my picture strictly by coincidence. She’s seeing some Taco next door here, yet, when there’s a shoulder to cry on, guess whose she comes to? What is cool about Melody is she likes everything I like. I can talk to her about anything, and not feel strange bringing up topics that would normally would be reserved for a pilots ready room. I can flirt with her and she flirts back. She knows how to drive, ya’ll ought to see her Camaro , she plays the Chello, she sings and is into both journalism, broadcasting and Webcasting. She also is into recording music. Now normally , because of PoohBear number 1, and the fact that Melody is involved also, I would not be playing with that fire, but in this case I can’t help it. This could turn out not too shabby. If nothing else , I’ll get one hot looking co-pilot for this radio gig of mine. 

Did you see Pearson earlier tonight on USA? The show started off good. However its becoming boring as heck without much of a plot line. Then of corse there is the curse of USA-TV network. Miz & Mrs. Is about the dumbest TV show I have ever seen, and that Chrisley Knows best, if you didn’t know any better you’d swear Todd, would divorce the old lady, and their kids file charges for verbal abuse. My big question is, if Hollywood is that starved for creativity, maybe its time we jumped back in the making films thing. Which is why I’m strongly courting Melody. See if I can get her involved , obtaining talent and such wont be that much of a chore. Oh and talking media. Now that Viacom and CBS got back into bed together, do you think, that more local cable systems will put those networks, like MTV, CMT, the Cartoon Network, and such back into their channel line up? 

PoohBear said something earlier tonight that really bothers me, and it makes me scratch my brain. As you know SSGT, of the original VMF/214 passed away Saturday night of none Hodgkins Lympfoma. So our WolfPack has been working on going to the Funeral, it was set for Friday, but rescheduled for Monday. So I asked PoohBear >PoohBear< about the funeral for her Mom who just passed away, PoohBear is taking that all kinda lightly. While as for myself, both 12101345_112978318395when My Dad as well as my Mom passed away, while we partied to celebrate their lives, and not be all tears over OUR loss. Still I cared and we did do a big thing. Anybody who looses someone, like a parent, and doesn’t get a little choked up, in my case is similar to Commander Data star_trek_the_next_generation.lt_commander_datavoid of any feelings. Even Spock shed a tear once in awhile. But not PoohBear. Was her Childhood that bad? Must have been. Like I said there’s a reassessment of the condition. 

Much to do today, so I’m headed for bed. 

L8R Aviators