First blog post Looks Like we made it!

cropped-maxo-radio-logo-mini1.jpgThis is our very first post.

Looks like we made it. Despite the forces of evil that tried to thwart our escalation into the altitudes we always felt and feel we can attain.

Maximum Overdrive is nothing new. We started running and producing Maximum Overdrive Radio in 1998 in Buhl Idaho, yes also where KTOW FM was created. Maximum Overdrive both radio and TV, is the evolvement of what Mike Parkhurst first envisioned when he created the only at the time publication Overdrive magazine for independent long haul truckers in 1961. As the secondary version of the Independent Truckers Association as the Iron Knytes Association, and here we are. Our own site, with more parts to be added in months and weeks to come.

Hope you enjoy.

knytewolf cyde

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