Diabetes is no joking matter

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Welcome to our highway.

If you drive a rig like I do, between doing my radio show for ya’ll you know that good eating is not what one gets on the road. The food at most truck stops if you want to call them that these days they’re more like consumer travel plazas. At any mile, so I ate there at one at exit 77 just off I-84. It was okay food, but had way too much starch, which turns into glucose which if not managed means a diabetic incident, as its called. So they give you some purple junk in a tube, while they stick a needle into your leg and shoot you up with insulin. It’s times like this that I’m looking forward to having Chandra here in case something happens. Today I’m in bed, and told to not undertake any additional stress. 

For me its lights out.

Good numbers to ya’ll.


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