Book of KnyteWolf ep 2 RodeWolf Toewing

book of knytewolf

In the evolution of wolfy things there was a contention brewing amongst the brethren of the WolfPack. To form a ground force to enable a continuous flow of income. At the time I was called the Wolf in amongst the sheep, by President Gordon B Hinckley of the LDS faith, I was so astounded that once back in my home then in Tooele Utah, that my tow rig was for a short time called the Rode Wolf and had the middle name of LexiBelle. Lexi came from the lady who romantically took the trucks virginity. Belle from Pappy Boyington’s Corsair. 

So the prayer had been answered by the ultimate Kahless that the new formation of a towing service owned entirely by the AyreWolves Military Aviation Association would be set forth. 

That’s why there are two tow services operating from the Wolf’s Lair The Real Wolf's Lair here, Cooter’s Toewingtruck sticker2  is fully owned by me, RodeWolf Toewing rebel card 1 is owned in part by the AyreWolves. Aka the WolfPack.

welcome to our hazzard county graphic 1


knytewolf cyde

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