Readist thou scriptures of the Book of KnyteWolf host of : Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio.

cropped-maxo-radio-logo-mini1.jpg book of knytewolf

This is scripture of southern Hazzard County style truckin. This is the Book of KnyteWolf.

book of knytewolf Have you ever been on the crapper only to find that your balls have dropped a bit low and are now just mere millimeters from the urine water? Why can’t they make the actual seat a few inches higher than the rim of the toilet? Or for that matter make the seat adjustable like the seat in your truck? That way even Mama is comfortable there. I am working on such a thing.

There is a commandment that must be now brought into these words that I say unto you.

Thou shalt not make an appointment with the Wolf and not show up.

The second commandment here,

Thou shalt not make a business meeting with the KnyteWolf then just excuse yourself to go potty and then skip out, without uttering any words as to why.

This was the scene today the 2nd of January 2018, yes getting the new year started off just right.

There I was after awakening at the unholy hour of 10:30 hours, transversing to Twin Falls Idaho for a interview lunch with a female possible new hire for Maximum-Overdrive/AyreWolfFM Radio. This completely messed up my entire day schedule. With not being able to go back to sleep, I arranged for to fetching my prescriptions from Simerly’s here in Wendell Idaho, and then hustled over to Buhl, Idaho for a meeting with a teen fly boy who wants to try out to be an on air. Reason I’m even considering him? A; he flys, B; he owns a plane, C; he works at an airport, its called politics. Had the Taco Tomato Soup but enroute passing some old fart on ClearLakes Highway, got the tension out of balance on the Alternator for Southern Stallion, yes that’s the name for the Saturn. Left SS, running while I ate, and conducted a brief interview. More concerned with Stallion, than the kid. With any luck that’s all it is, however Justin over at A1’s yard in Buhl, tightened a plug that was loose so if all goes well nothing really major to repair.

Then got to looking at my Facebook cover page, a notice that says, a new applicant for on air, shit another guy. So I quickly edited the add and put in BOLD CAPS, we ain’t hiring no guys, only sweet looking honeys. I damn well don’t want some fugdugly male corpuscle that isn’t a Knyte or member of the WolfPack inside our studio, first because I’m not queer, and second I don’t want to take the chance that prying eyes or ears might get that idea with me and some kid, even if he is a teen pilot.

So with that said I need my sleep, but Tuesday was a serious bitch. Now before I venture out to dream highways, KnyteWolf is the combination, of Iron Knytes and AyreWolf hence KnyteWolf Media, which is the executive production company of HazzardAyre, Highway Hooker, SamcroMC Radio as well as AyreWolfFM and Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio.

Until 09:00 hours.

knytewolf cyde

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