Unless you salute the flag of Dixie are American and speak southern English I have no time for you , nor does KnyteWolf Media.

just pat

It would seem as though our byrd went global.

All dang day I’ve been fielding phone calls from them dern Bangledesh style Indians. And I ain’t talking Tonto. Since our web site went public or at least real, seems all too many of them foreigners from the land of Maja Raji, have been wanting me to spend my American dollars on them to build our website. My answer and I put it out on fb as well is simple. Unless you salute the flag of Dixie

c1 and can speak, read and write as well as understand southern English, neither I, nor any part of our company is going to business with you, much less uncover our files for you to build OUR website for KTOWFM, or any of our networks.

Confederate_Eagle_Flag Now this isn’t just a Southern Thang or a hillbilly thing it’s an American Thing. This is our nation. All too many have bled and died defending this nation and protecting it. Let’s as President Trump said it last year when he took office, Let’s put AMERICA first. Let’s put American’s to work first. That’s what ensuring domestic tranquility is and means. Not bringing in African’s from Nigeria, nor turban heads from Muslim nations or hiring them to do what American’s can do and assign and hire someone in this nation, born, raised, here and with any kind of blessing knows what our Dixie Flag really means. 

As I said in my rants on fb and elsewhere, if you ain’t a Confederate American or at least a Veteran, don’t even call or email me, because you will not get hired.

knytewolf cyde

welcome to our hazzard county graphic 1

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