Another day older same stuff, just a different day, Good show last night despite the intermittent outages of CenturyLink.

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As it was once said in a old Tennessee Ernie Ford Song, Another day older, deeper in debt, Mr. Reaper don’t call I owe my soul to CenturyLink and the WolfPack.

Yesterday, I flat collapsed, hit the rack at 05:00 hours and didn’t see me awakening until 16:00 hours. Although I kept an ear to my phone waiting for my PoohBear Shelly to call, but didn’t hear from her all day. Maybe she’ll call today.

Kayden showed up as a good obeying hang around is supposed to, brought food, which was important for me. Now don’t ya’ll think for one second that I am broke or lazy, but with need to get and stay on air with the stream and CenturyLink having major malfunctions I couldn’t break free to go fetch grub. Which though is what hangarounds do. They do errands , research topics to be aired on the show, and do odds and such, so I can focus on the show itself, kind of like a co-pilot in an aircraft. Then at just a mere 53, minutes from the end of my air shift, off went Internet again. Need to get a backup so I can have an alternate path. More and more as much as this is great for my home and all, having the station itself in Wendell ,Idaho for a long term just isn’t going to cut it. So I’m having Kayden find out who really owns the place I want to house the station in Buhl. That way I can have three service taps, one with CenturyLink, one with Filer Mutual, and one with Cable-One. If one bites the sand, I have a alternate.

Speaking of things IOT, or Internet of Things, seems as though even the processor in your computers,Iphones, Ipads(still sounds like a female hygene product) all of those things, can be exploited by something called meltdown, and spectre. So it might mean the only folks that will hear our shows is the folks near our stations over the air, rather than more online fare.

I did discover that while Kayden is smart as a whip, and able, young folks like him, are a wide age span and mostly unknowing of the external world or at least nation around him. Like; he knew what the Dukes was, but had no knowledge of who Howard Stern is. Really? I thought, but then since the dethroning of good old Howard and his syndicated shows from both cable, and satellite, some folks just have no clue. I myself was lucky that I studied my own surroundings and exposed myself to all things at an early age. If my Mom or Dad, brought up something in music, while not always a big fan of most of their choices, at least I knew who they were talking about.

For my final here. Discovered Kayden also had no idea who President Monson was. Which I suppose not being LDS he might have missed it, but heck 70% of this area, of what we call the mountain west is LDS(Mormon), so how could you not at least have heard about who President Monson was? I can understand that Kayden and so many youths never being exposed to say southern confederate culture and/or history, might not know who Jefferson Davis was, but around here, not knowing who the President of the predom religion is. Did I miss not teaching these youngn’s? As I touch down and taxi in, our world is changing, our nation is imploding in on itself. Our leaders have began to be even more corrupt. Just as Alma in the Book of Mormon said it would. People have swelled up in pride and have became so centered on themselves that they forgot Jesus Christ and our father in Heaven. Just as they did in Alma’s time, all the people, of Zarahemla and surrounding area, until they put down their weapons, and admitted that everything they have, eat and see and hear is given by the Grace of God. We as a species don’t own squat, we just use it, as a lease of life, and God is really the Landlord, because he is the ultimate and his son Jesus Christ is Lord.

On the air at 19:00 tonight, TTYLY until then.

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