Equal Employment , can we legally descriminate in this era?

book of knytewolf

Okay so the fly kid bugged out, way too young and unknowledgeable for our team. Women? Sure hire them, only to get sued if you say the wrong thing or have the wrong calendar hanging in the shop. Get a lady in a 10X10 radio studio? See how well that works for you.

In these days of widely spreading fires of law suits, immaturity , poor education, can you or should we be able to legally discriminate? Can you say not in my shop, office or studio? Can you legally say, not unless your a patched member of our organization? In this era of Harvey Weinstein’s and all that has happened since that New York Times story broke about him, every major and even a few minor publications have barked about no touchy for female employees from male supervisors. I can see that in say a professional office company like say insurance or real estate, but if its in the area of say, acting or the performing arts from radio to television, to major films, and the office staff or actress’s are fodder for casting. Thus there might be a time for assessing whether someone is right for a part. Yet if you do an impromptu audition, you as the employer are ripe for a law suit. Even if you contract out the office staff, can you instruct the temp agency, only send me people of 25 years old or older, no buttuglies and only married well adjusted women? The obvious answer is no.

Now I remember in 2013 when I got first hired on at A1, out of Twin Falls. There was this fine gal that had just signed on as a newbee driver. Not only did she have a brain, but had looks that matched. Of course big C, hired her for her looks, could that gal today even though still working there, sue Big C for assumed touchy feely, and own A1 today? In today’s environment even though I see and hear all the time from Business Rockstars and other such shows to assemble a good team, are you better off just running your company yourself? Forget delegating authority and all, since you might get sued?

Makes ya’ll wonder don’t it?

On the air at noon today, see ya’ll then.

knytewolf cyde

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