Ah the memories of tech of yesterday I want a free sound of a typerwriter as heard on ICQ

samcro radio plaque  book of knytewolf Ya can’t have it all any more free but I certainly try to dig up the bones of tech of yesterday.

In years gone by before Facebook and such there was a sort of social site called I-C-Q, which stood for I seek You. In the software that went with the interface of that computer program was a sound of a typewriter. I believe it was the sound of a Brothers Typewriter. At any mile post. This sound was kinda cool, since it wasn’t this soft tap, it was more like a louder TAP,TAP, TAP. You could hear what you were doing rather than just watching it. I think of all those old , still could be useful sounds of ancient technology. Even tech used in our trucking world. There is this anxiety about the electronic logging devices called ELD’s, but if you think about it this is nothing really new. Although outdated and there are a few still around and operational, we had a device called a TachOGraph. This gizmo, sat on the dash and was hooked by a mechanical cable to you speedometer and tach. Inside was a paper disc, with a needle that resembles a today’s computer hard drive disc. As you drove the truck the needle on that paper disc would record your millage and rpm’s this resulted in your boss and scale house inspectors to pull that disc and read it, and know how fast you were going, what gears you used, and where you had been and time of your haul. See we had a MLD or Mechanical Logging Device. The best GPS was a CB radio and more often than not and especially today a heap of a lot more accurate. When it comes to things like my cell phone. I have an old flip phone, it still texts, takes photos, and does an amazing thing, lets me get PHONE CALLS, I can really reach out and touch someone at least through a phone call. We have these electronic toys and some say they increase productivity, my thought no. I’d rather meet up with someone in person. Granted you can’t smell and kiss their toes in nylon hose, you can’t get that aroma of her underarms and such on a cell phone. In my thoughts, if I want to use a dang computer , I’ll use a computer, if I need to call someone, that’s what my phone in my hip pocket of my jeans is for. Not cruising the cyber highway. Plus how much crap are you goinG to see on FB, that’s real and what is phony? For that my computer gets it done.

I had a great show overnight once I got most things unfroze and in gear here. For my friends on the fb group American Hog and Indians(make of road motorcycle) I hope you liked the sample show I sent ya’ll. 

As for me now, my mind needs relief and sleep. See ya’ll around midnight MST on www,spreaker.com/ayrewolf , on the cyber radio.

knytewolf cyde

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