If you want something or someone you find a way or live with circumstances

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I got this voice mail from my lady Shelly, saying that her Uncle or Aunt or something had tried to burn down their tent, and punched her in the gut. All that is a tragedy, and certainly something to summon authorities to and about there in St. Petersburg Florida. The authorities, cops , fire department all of that are just as aggressive at enforcing the law in such things as any other community. Sure sometimes you have to push their buttons, but they do get there. However if its a condition or situation your not happy with and you want to change it badly enough , you take the steps to fix it.

Let me give you an example. When the local Ward, of the LDS Church due to their snobbish attitude, I began going over to the River Fellowship in Twin Falls, just before Thanksgiving. Not only is the River a church but also both a TV and radio station. Just before services there’s coffee and donut at least and a time to fellowship. Through that fellowship networking found that the radio station side needed a fill in console board tender. I had a door opened. I wanted in. So I scratched together as much spare change as I had that coming Monday, drove over got my application, and went over a few days later and turned it in. A few days later they called me for a interview. Again scratched together money, made the 60 mile round trip, and eventually got the job. It’s something I wanted and needed and went for it. Now because the job, is a conflict of interest between our media company and their’s I gave it up, plus I love going towing when its snowing, but I wanted it, I went for it, and I got it. How does this pertain to my Shelly? She desires to be out here with me, so we can build a life here in the mountain west. We have tried it several times in Wyoming, both times, her mother who controls her SSI being a Payee of Shelly’s has gummed up the works, and for me to have Shelly living with me means having both incomes. As such I have told Shelly countless times, if you really want to be here with me, get out there, go to SSI or call them, get the paper work in and done, make an appointment get the money in your own name and into a bank that also operates out west here like Wells Fargo. Then bust a move and get out here. 

Now granted not everyone knows how to work the system like I do, but I work it well. Because my cousin Bud was before he got mentally unable to was the Trustee of the Montgomery Foundation, while we have been in litigation recovering the money from that from some annuity that went belly up I got on SSI myself. So Bud became my payee. He was more than liberal with it, with me, but there were delays at times and is why even today I struggle with a 517 credit score. Upon Bud’s death I had to turn it over to some shyster in Blackfoot Idaho, who really screwed the pooch. Could get a shrink or med doctor to sign off on me being my own payee and minding my own affairs. So in 2013, I pulled up stakes, moved to Ogden, Utah. Met with this sweetheart at Weber County Mental Health, she signed the paperwork, I walked over to SSI, met with people and in about a month, and since, been my own custodian of my own money. As such I wanted it, I got it. Now granted I have made many mistakes since the biggest two was moving from Bountiful Utah to Evanston Wyoming, then from Evanston here to Wendell Idaho. But in between I have made many contacts and connections, that I’m benefiting from. While there are people that would love to love to kill me in places, still there are people especially the Knytes and of course the WolfPack that love me. I have learned you can’t just curl up in a tent like a turtle in a shell. If you want to make strides in a career and make advances in your life, you need to reach out and open arm with people. Some will slap you in the face, but then too some will kiss you on the lips as well. 

Decided to take the night off of the radio show, and curl up, stay warm, and watch albeit one channel, but watch TV and read scripture. After all it is Sunday. However will be on air at 10:00 hours ( 10:00 AM) Monday morning. 

In closing; no matter what it is, no matter your goals don’t let fear of the unknown or fear of getting out of you comfort zone hold you back. If it’s something you want bad enough find a way, pray to Heavenly Father he’ll direct you. You CAN DO IT !! Just have to have faith in God and as well as faith in yourself.

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