The sounds of spring and summer have started

samcro radio plaque book of knytewolf

 The sounds of a Canadian goose or a gaggle as its called flying overhead squaking, the morning doves returning, and even the sight of a magpie says spring and summer is on its way. With the bitter cold and near record breaking weather the sounds of these indicators are welcome.

To city folks and such the indicator is that con founded rodent groundhog thing. The reality is, us country folks can smell and hear spring and summer aproaching just by wild game birds starting to show themselves. For a biker and a pilot these sounds are welcome since it mean I can soon ride and especially me so I can fly. I have been having what is termed cabin fever something really fierce here this year. Even without so much snow, too little to count in the tow trucks cash stash, and me on air which I was able to resume on the middle of December just before Christmas due to scheduling and technical delays by CenturyLink, but at least we are there. The big trouble all too few of those that like what we do, are aware where we are online to get em to tune in. This is why for the last 6 months in and on just about every conceivable outlet from LinkedIn to Facebook, and at last count, spending a minimum of $8k($8,000.00) on the recruiting of female flesh to go on billboards and covers of both the website and in ads in such publications as EasyRider seems to go un noticed. The few mid 20’s somethings although I’d prefer a mid 40’s to early 60’s somebody, fears the 1%er life and thus once they discover that its an MC, they never return. Forget the thing with the toew smooch for Cooter’s A1 Toewing, forget the hot leather for Hazzard County Choppers, this is for KTOW and Maximum-Overdrive/SamcroMC Radio. Nope can’t find a single one that will stick around long enough to book a serioes photo shoot. Had two TV networks one from Nashville, one from Texas to help get our new TV show on BizTV/Youtoo , about bikers and our lifestyle, in exchange they were going to go and give us a few comp, ads. Again a talent search , no takers. Yet I see hundreds if not thousands of hopefuls on biker groups straddling bikes in rather skimpy outfits even bikini’s for free , yet we can’t even find one that’ll work for $250.00 an hour to do a photo session. Look I don’t want to date one, don’t want one in my bed, my Shelly handles that duty. Nope just need hot bods for our bikes and rods, yet can’t find a single one. Most would rather work in fast food or waiting tables. Sure they get what minum wage plus a few tips, but where can one legally, without being an esxort, make $2,000.00 for one days work? Yet we offer that and no takers.

Yet the need to entertain and inform our fellow riders, truckers and Confederates along with military pilots, is as important as it ever was, but many don’t know we are here. Only the few freight haulers that stumble upon or low signal at night over the air and the few that find us online, yet the rest don’t know. Do I get frustraited and angry? Bet your fanny. I bumped into two ladies here in small Wendell, one at Simerly’s here and a gal that works overnight at the Maverick, both had no idea that we are here. Despite the fact that I have howled at both TV stations and the newspapers here to at least do a small news piece on our station the howl goes unheard. By the same token there are the few ladies we have chatted with on Facebook, about being on air here. Granted occupying a 10X10 studio for 5 hours may not be the grandest job, but with us paying $20.00 an hour, you’d think one meth headed single mother that looks okay would grab such a job. But nope. Just like Chandra, in jail needing a way out, yet even after I offered both a job and a place to nest , no response. In short I have about came to the end of the road here and am looking at metro Utah again. Simply because more people and 5 Universities filled with gals needing to make extra income to afford to stay in school are nearly endless. Sorry didn’t mean to rant since this started out peaceful. The one thing I can say is after my radio shows, at just the crack of dawn and before the busy day starts here, I relish those Kountry scenes and sounds, of which I feel and hear that spring and summer is coming. 

See ya’ll on the cyber radio at midnight.

knytewolf cyde

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