Then of course there is Facebook and all its buddies.

ktow fm wyngz


Does it seem to you that all of those geeky, techy companies that inhabit the area of silicon valley California just can’t or wont get along with each other? Or that their products don’t well with others? Why can’t there be a writers interface that could be used or operated from your desktop or laptop, that could then be placed on all your newsletters, news announcements and so on? Oh wait we had one, it was called LiveWriter that came with Windows a few years ago. But Microcrap got into a pissing match with Google and a few others that made it to where you had to either use, blogger, or some other interface priopatory to that one platform such as WordPress or some other. No more playing well with others. Then came Mark Zuckerberg and everything went to the shits. 

 Then came and here we have Facebook. Who lords it over everyone. If one of their young hardly dry behind the ears guru’s does not like something in your content or becomes irritated about some pic you put up then you get put on suspension or as its said on fb(Facebook) in Facebook jail. And it don’t matter how much money you have spent on or with facebook on ads you still only see so very little of your former group postings you begin to scream. Of course I am thinking so few of those parusing facebook are either unemployed, under-employed or just barely hanging on, at least the majority of them, and even those are usually under the age of 40 if that old. So you get into squabbles with someone in a group, many who hide and never show their real picture. As for me I put my photo, phone number, even my address out there. If folks don’t like what or who they see they don’t need to look, or at least f-o. 

Last night got into a slight brawl or two on fb, to the point I went and left a half dozen groups. I stayed in the ones that have members who no longer need their diapers changed. American Hog & Indians, (wish they’d include Nortons,) where most are really cool and are entering the Geritol era of life, and are intelligent to chat with. Especially two from in there. One named Paulette and the other Debbie. One and you be the judge, but one who looks so sweet 21586216_10213616062177109_1721452447_n that most of the overnight hours all I could think of is what it’d be like to be parked in a campground, both bikes in the background by a good warm fire, with a bottle of brandy or red wine, on a blanket looking into the stars. Don’t get me wrong I’m loyal and all to my Shelly and all that, but visions of this magnitude of beauty come only once in life. The destination here is this; why is it that all my friends (so called) and conversations on fb be as sweet and kind? Why is it that a few of these fartknocker kids can’t get it in their heads that a few of us older folks might have a bit more brain fluid flowing? 

Wont be on the air this morning as I need to catch sleep until 11:30 hours(11:30 am ) but I’ll be inside your cyber radio at that time.

The reason I wont be on this morning is simply I’m bushed and need sleep, seems as though everytime I went to exit fb , some little twerp or someone nice like Paulette was on there and ensued a conversation. With that said Good night and good morning.


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