From the table to the crapper,

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This morning’s edition of Maximum Overdrive/Samcro Radio is brought to you by PooPourri the toilet deorderant, it works. Which is good. By this afternoon after dealing with all the arrangements of the funeral, for our 3rd VP Kieth and all I hit the rack, upon awakening knew I needed food, brew and Chew. So in the pouring rain ventured over to the Walmart in Jerome, Idaho. Now understand this is not to bash the people who work there, rather the dorks that monitor such things as quality control especially food. I got milk, donuts , and some tater salad. And some no longer deli style chicken that was near frozen. Now the chicken is what did it. After consumtion, I have had the shyts like never in my life before. Usually if I miss a mess of meals I’ll get the trotts but this time it was the really smelly shyts.  So between doing art for tonight’s show banner, and recording music plus dowloading news my butt really has been on the white throne. Reading old women’s magazines, since the Post Office here and the one in Evanston Wyoming can’t seem to hold hands so I can get the business mail I used to there, here.

Alrighty then; About Kieth. I am beginning on thinking that being a Union American is worse every day. Let me explain. A boy along with 3 of his friends goes into a recruiting office in Twin falls Idaho. One looking for a hot blonde who was driving a even hotter Mustang ragtop. We all go in, get the mumbo jumbo speech, sign on the dotted line. 11 months later we get the phone call after the delayed entry program, that we needed to have all our things together because Monday was the day to report to go to Boise and later to Paris Island. All of us were as tight as 4 guys could be, we got to be in the same barracks we got to train together and for the most part served together. We all trained in Florida at Pennsacola to fly, and served except one in the same squadron, the other at the same base just different specialty. The man did 3 tours of duty, was scheduled to be discharged in one year, all of us Knytes and all of us AyreWolvez. I got out in 2005 Ray got out in 2013 Randy got out in 2016 and a serious part reunion was planned this weekend. Nope, didn’t Happen. Kieth, was on his way home batteling cold to ride his Harley home to Idaho. Decided to stop, warm up, and fuel, and snag a soda. Two tacos stopped, opened fire and lying there in a pool of blood was Kieth, or so the lady there said. That was last Friday, for the last 3 days he’s been in the hospital, fighting for his life, with Becky his wife, mother of a new born, and three other little ones. Monday afternoon I got the word from Randy, Kieth’s fight was lost, Kieth was dead, and now as senior VP I have to put things in order to get the funeral arranged and all, when I should be booking strippers and getting booze for the party. Here was a man a real Marine from the old Corps, Expert gunny, sharp shooter, language translator, and a pilot, yes like me and the others a BlackSheep, serves his country, goes through multiple battles, and yet comes home to be gunned down for a few hundred dollars, at a stinking gas station. I’m not a big Trump supporter, and hell I hate Republican’s, but; if there ever was a case for shipping every damn bean eating beaner out of this nation, this is it. I asked our friends on that fb group American Hog’s and Indian’s to say prayers, which they did but the news has faded, at least for them. For me I have a hole in my heart and a gap in my soul that will never be healed. Funeral arrangements are still being made, in leu of anything financial to the family Kieth would want any money to go to the Shriners Hospital in Utah, as that is our beloved charity. If there ever was a reason, that our battle flag should fly its this time, and in my opinion, the news outlets here are disgusting. Not even one was interested in the story, however if this had been the reverse, and two of us on bikes, in cuts had shot one of those tacos, I am sure you’d have seen it on all news channels, all nationwide news channels, as it is , it was a white guy getting whacked by two Hispanics and as such the cameras are darkened and the story not told. To those who did this, you better hope and pray that the authorities put you somewhere very well out of the way and long ways from here. If they don’t or if you skirt around the charges, I for sire am I am a Confederate, you’ll never see Easter,.


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