And here we have HazzardAyre Maximum Overdrive Radio

maxo radio logo mini HazzardAyre Dust Cover

Has it really been that long? Seems as only yesterday or so that the Iron Knytes and the WolfPack were giving birth to HazzardAyre Radio. Unlike Maximum Overdrive , HazzardAyre was conceived through I truly believe through divine inspiration. See I had just lost through greed from a crooked real estate agent some $10,000.00 worth of radio gear and all because said real estate broker in Gooding Idaho,(yes the same one that shafted us two months ago) just couldn’t wait two days to get paid his blooming rent. In any case.

There I was no radio gear fixin to just retire and enjoy life, ride my Harley , build a few and go tow. So being a wing nut and all had been listening to a thing out of Virginia online called warbird Radio. So I called the guy running it and through many conversations found the bastard had pinched his network from ours. So I had been having a bad day and had just bathed and was hitting sleep when through just plain thinking of how to reignite the fire of both things southern culture and aviation. Tossed a few names around in my crainium when all of a sudden there was a smack down at me like a bolt of lightning. There it was; HazzardAyre. Combining all things southern culture and of course our vision of Hazzard County, and military aviation from our vision called AyreWolfFM. Boom here was HazzardAyre . At first I fired it up as a simple text based newspaper that I distributed all over our area under the banner of the Hazzard County Gazzette. With a section devoted to HazzardAyre. When I moved to Rupert then to Heyburn with a whole house, and equipment albeit primitive from a good sweet manager at the Radio Shack store in Twin Falls, On went HazzardAyre Radio. 100 watts lpfm style. Shortly there after a syndication deal came and I jumped on it. Now there was a feller named Kim Lee who owner and managed a thing called KBAR AM out of Rupert. Who wanted to sell said KBAR. The Knytes assembled the mere few hundred thousands of dollars. But at the last minute the deal fell through, Kim backed out and ker plunk. But we didn’t give up. By this time HazzardAyre was becoming its own entity. Building audience numbers faster than Boss Hogg eating sweet rolls. This was becoming bigger than anything ever imagined. But once again darkness fell, I needed to get out of where I was living, and as such, moved into a place owned by the owner of A1 Towing and Heavy Haul . So I moved to Twin Falls. Unable to find affordable studio office space, ran HazzardAyre from my house. It was 2013 a guy who rode and all from Reno Nevada, said here’s a free scalable platform to go web style radio. So on went HazzardAyre Radio on with now 20 channels on . But I am drifting away here. Then came the battle between big C’s wife and I and so I relocated to Utah. More human and techy resources, and in 3 months had quarters in Woods Cross Utah, with near light speed internet, and being as the office was where I4 Solutions is there, lots of computer geeks to colaboraye with on computer issues. We had as now audience, and even in studio female co anchors, but no ad sales, money got tight and I was living in my office. Zoning such as it was said he can’t live there, so in search of living space had two options, Tooele Utah and Evanston Wyoming. The Evanston Wyoming location was selected out of pure me being stupid. The description of the place was no where near what really was. A delapidated trailer house truly out in the middle of no where. While all the equipment was in suspension still in Woods Cross Utah. 3 months in bitter freezing cold in that trailer, LiL Wolf my S-dime mini service truck, engine frozen that , thank God our member in Etown unfroze it, and I retrieved my Subaru. With that found a decent apartment that only through God’s blessing I qualified for, and moved in. Now I’m the kind of person that God doesn’t do things on a whim, nor does he grant miracles through seeers and revelators. This time he did. My LDS Bishop there in Evanston, got funds together along with a helper and we retrieved the radio gear. AllWest Communications installed a huge set of internet stuff, and in April 2014 HazzardAyre and all its parts were back on the cyber radio air. Now it just so happened a few months later snagging our connection to ABC news. I saw an ad on there for this outfit called So I immediately signed up and in September of 2014 HazzardAyre Radio was on and I haven’t looked back since. 

Darkness once again fell on us. Now having housing assistance I could have stayed put, but through a mis mash with Shelly and I , I had lost my bike and tow shop there just south of Evanston. The club was pissed , rent was going up on my apartment couldn’t afford both a shop and apartment. I was deeply sad and worried, and so I prayed. God stepped in. He directed me to a set of want ads in the Times News here. I discovered two places one a bar/cafe/service station in Richfield Idaho, and a 3 bedroom house in Wendell. The first place got swept up pretty quick, but the house in Wendell was still there. A deal was struck and now here I am. HazzardAyre is back on the air. Thing was we needed to get back to some of our over the road trucker roots on the station, so we refired Maximum Overdrive Radio. And that is us today. 

I took the day off yesterday and most likely will today with working on the funeral arrangements for our fallen warrior. However I do plan on being on air at noon today. We’d be on air more if we could just get a full on air and tech crew brought together here at KnyteWolf Media and all, but few are qualified and the few ladies and such that wanted to be part of us abandoned us. Seems none of them want to work for a MotorCycle(MC) Club. Add to that a tiny house/studio, so we keep looking for a bigger but low cost place to house it. For some odd reason, maybe due to supply and demand, but rental property in this area of Idaho has went into the stratosphere. Especially commercial property. This would go much faster if we could just find 3 people preferably women who would just shed their shoes at the door as shed their fear and step in to the studio, as well as a few to do sales of advertising. With a base wage of $20.00 an hour and a commission, of 20% of all sales, means they make good money and so does the station/network.

At that friends this really old wolf needs to get to bed, but as said will be on air at noon Hazzard Standard Time.


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