Going in the right direction graced by the hand of God


Greetings all you freight haulers, toewheads and bikers, today is a great day. The weather here is absolutely b-e-a-U-tee Ful, couldn’t ask for a better day. The sun is out and while a bit chill, not bad for a day in Jaunary. Last year I was near freezing under terrible snow piles, and getting stuck just trying to get to the shop.

I made my mind up a few days ago, that even with the restrictions of living in a small rural town that not only the radio station, but HCC, and Cooter’s Toewing can be a success as well. I am dropping anchor right here. Talked to our lady friend outside of town today, deal was struck for the shop, and it is done there. So things are going in the right direction, assited by the hand of God. Remember we do nothing without him.

Okay, if you go on Facebook, and look around you’ll find both our page and our group for Maximum Overdrive. With that said, and this comes from something our two wheeled friend on American Hogs on Facebook got hit with today. His group has hit the 20k mark hope ours can do the same. With that said; I’ll be Barney Rubble or Fife, here and say, while I love to devour female flesh with trucks, bikes, and aircraft, the first gal that hits there with selfies that is not them, gets booted out of our groups. Only great looking gals with trucks and or truckers are allowed, except that bikers and real bikes, Harley’s as well as all others including Norton’s are welcome. But no porn or near porn allowed. 

I’ll be on air here in a few once the computers are doing their weekly diagnostics , and I have a great show planned.

See ya on the bounce around.

knytewolf cyde

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