Sometimes you just have to ask did this really happen?

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 There are times you just have to ask yourself, did this really happen? This can be a situation of meeting a gal at a MC bar and getting frisky only to wake up and find the same gal in bed with you, or it could be that a shop you’ve been needing for a very long time, just fell in your lap. Then it could be that you find that the junk that has been plaguing you or an attitude you assumed was there was just in your mind and limited to just two families, and yet the rest of where your at is a purtty nice place to be. The simple point is, sometimes things we perceive are just in our own tunnel vision and have no center of or even reality. Like when my lady Shelly thought everyone in Evanston was against her, hated her and so on. In reality they were starting to get used to her and kinda liked her. Then there was and still is, her perception, that all the single and even some not so single that just because they are or were kind to me, were sleeping with me. Fact is wait persons of female gender flirt, its how they get tips. Tips to a waitress or cocktail waitress is how they make their money the nicer they are to you, the more you pay them , its that simple. It has nothing to do with sneaking off to the Wolf’s Lair to have hog sex with you, or me. Yet Shelly thought so. Which is 70% of the reason I relocated my operation from Wyoming here to western Idaho. Indeed albeit slower than Wyoming and much slower than metro Utah, Hazzard County Choppers, Cooter’s Toewing is advancing in the right direction. Highway Hooker Toewing BTW still remains running in western Wyoming and is our subsidiary there.

It’ like the new shop. I could have been in that months ago, making bank, but I perceived that it was going to be much bigger in rent than I got coming in. Found out its more than reasonable. But I just assumed and the only one I was hurting was myself. Plus the family renting it to me is of a music family so, this too could be a union of mutual benefit. HazzardAyre/Maximum-Overdrive is advancing as well, while there still are some tweaks that need to be done to this here website, like installing a gadget to direct stream our radio show over this site, still we are getting there. We now just await the FCC green light for renewal of our over the air license. In the meantime we keep building on the foundation and run as an online station that is also a over the air station.

Not to get mushy or anything and not to be taken out of context. But I just love, Mrs. Smith. I can talk to her for hours about things of a life and church nature. She is one that truly walks in God’s footsteps and shadow. This is a lady and angel of Heavenly Father that truly cares about people. Not only from mending my britches  and with the shop, but mending minds. And healing hearts. I have a new quote from her that must be said, ” If you go with fear you will loose, if you go with Faith, you go with the blessing of God.” To me that’s powerful. I also have that quote from a Testimony meeting several months ago, that she said. Don’t always wait for Heavenly Father to reach down, sometimes we have to reach up.” Even though there are challenges in our lives, and Heavenly Father can read our thoughts, most times when our butts are on the fire and back against the wall, we need to humble ourselves and admit to Heavenly Father that we are powerless and truly need his help, before he will intercede. More often than not too many of us and I at times do it to, walk in paths that are not holy, full of pride and thinking there is no great creator. I always know my Heavenly Father is there , I have faith that my needs will be met by him, if I just do one simple thing, kneel down and pray. My lady Shelly hasn’t got that yet. She in many cases ignores Heavenly Father, and that is why she has so many crisis’s. With LDS Membership as big as it is, I have always said and told her, find the missionaries and Ward near her there in Florida. There are Church resources there that could help her. Yet because of her pride or mule headed nature she ignores my counseling.

The other day, after much arm twisting, I got the chance to just sit on the porch of our old homestead there just outside of Hazzard Idaho. Watching the wild critters, and marveling at the Eagles and all overhead, I looked back as I have done many times, at months prior and thought, Did that really Happen?

See ya’ll on the radio, this afternoon, after church.

knytewolf cyde

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