The battle between The Knytes and Facebook continues banned for 24 hours

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Can you run a company without getting in bed with facebook? That question plagues the small business community to no end. 

I have discovered decency and community standards in much of the main stream media is by way of greasing palms with portraits of dead Presidents, (aka-money). I saw it a few years ago with Cable-One Advertising and I saw it this morning with grand old Facebook. See even with me in trouble already with fb on a few other issues, mostly advertising money that is doing nothing for us, hell we rather I spend nothing on both Yelp, and Google business, and get toew calls. On or from FB I get hardly anything that puts green in my jeans. Had one ad approved this morning  , and then put this one up, 24910099_379139102500062_2124842974129621735_n this was just too much for fb, so I got banned from posting anything on fb. Which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Since much of fb has became fodder for comedians and folks that abandoned Zuckerberg’s platform a few years ago. The big question is can a smb still do business if your not kissing fb’s butt? So I’m not allowed there, well then fine, then neither is the Knytes, the WolfPack, KnyteWolf Media and the rest of us and our ad money not welcome at fb. Considering that his move to get rid of posting news anymore is going to cost FB about $24, billion and bite into young Mark’s $3.3, billion dollar personal funds, young Mark may be looking at serious financial loss. 

I can remember back in 2011 or so, when our Harley shop was set up. We went to Cable-One Advertising in Twin Falls Idaho to place two ads once a week on SOA. With everything set, went in to pay the bill, except they said with the hot girl in skin tight leather on a bike, and our rebel flag was a two fer KO. But hey Karnation Intimate Clothiers of Twin Falls could put their cover girls up, that was okay. In essence, this would not be allowed on either Cable-One Ad or Facebook , 24910099_379139102500062_2124842974129621735_n

But this one is;26113864_1896205683752428_9000268934544714291_n really? Now judge this one for yourself, I caught this one on fb 26231594_1396141920514047_6954697684753992787_n reported it and was told that it didn’t violate TOS standards, yet this one of ours 24910099_379139102500062_2124842974129621735_n guess it depends on how much your greasing the palm of Facebook or a Cable systems hands huh?

In Bufford T Justice’s words, What the hell is the world coming to? Of course I shouldn’t be suprised, hell, everyone got out of joint when President Trump called a few povershed nations Shitholes. 

See you in a few on the radio.


knytewolf cyde

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