I hate it when something say’s it ain’t and yet I damn well know it is.

HazzardAyre Dust Cover gm

So I go to log into my website here, and the blooming thing wont load. Do that twice same thing, about to have a baby bull calf and go into old Bessie, guess what perfect load up. Then while wrapping my show this morning, saw a few folks commenting on a few topics, and at 10:00 hours I too was back on FB able to carry on conversations. Have an idea who pulled my plug there, so put that American Hog’s and Indian’s on a 30 day snooze and I do think one of the Miss Fluffbuckets on there weren’t none too happy about it. The bad problem with getting unplugged from FB is all the other programs that you have that are linked to it also get unplugged or restricted. So once you are let out of the FB klink, you have to go back and reconnect to all of em again.

PoohBear came up with something however that has my mind twitterpaited. She said isn’t it a shame that there isn’t another social site where folks could just get together and chew the fat for awhile, and so I thought this might be an opening. Consider that with Zuckerberg’s bomb on publishers mainly mainstream press, that soon FB will have more on the line of telling stories to our friends and such and less on news and such from TV, or newspaper. That could open a big hole for someone with a brain. Think open up a social site with as much testestorne as FB without all the censorship. Limit the porn to soft porn if needed, post anything, talk anything and see everything. Let people really socialize and yet know that their content wont be under a microscope like it is on FB. They say out of the mouths of babes good ideas flow, and this one caught my ear. 

Now before I depart to go to the funeral of our 3rd VP Kieth which is going to be held at Knytes Hall just outside of Jerome Idaho, at 14:00 remember Kieth and the Knytes/WolfPack our tradition holds that we not be sad for Kieth leaving us, rather we should celebrate his honor and contributions to the Club, the USMC , the 214 

Not boo-hoo, about it. Be back on air at 16:00 with Eagle-Star Radio. 

knytewolf cyde

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