Looks Like We’re not the only ones having fits over Facebook.


Over the last several days  got a not so subtle reminder that if it ain’t yours , you don’t dictate the terms.

Now I can’t say for sure since two people got booted or put in the infamous FB jail at the same time, but I’m not the only media person that this has been hitting. Many other media brands and firms are feeling the not on our site Facebook blues. Remember all those pictures and all that information on FB that YOU THINK is yours? It ain’t. Once you place it on FB that is FB’s property now, just like renting a house or such. Once you affix a lamp or something it belongs to the property of who owns the house, call it a attached fixture.  It’s time to start looking for other property. if none exist, perhaps we then need to build our own. PoohBear is my life’s mate. She will be my wife, but more than that my life partner. That said she said something that has the gears in my mind running. If there is no mass structure for social interaction, besides Facebook, maybe it’s time someone builds that structure. Maybe to the degree of being a bit more say open minded. Not so conservative and maybe a bit more out there. Allow a bit of room for expression of thoughts and ideas, and have a real person watching over content and posts, to minimize fallout from explosive material. The showing of a bare butt , is no big deal, considering I have seen many posts of older guys giving the pork sausage to young if not Asian girls on FB yet I get booted for a day. Now being without FB wasn’t all that bad except that so many of our apps are tied to or sign in with FB. From our Spreaker platform, to our Slacker platform, all of it interacts with the embeded software from FB. The other morning I was at the look down straight at just deactivating my FB account that I had my finger on the clicker. The only few reasons I didn’t was Poohbear, the Club, and a few and damn few, friends from Rick to Chandra that prevented me from just saying piss on this mess. 

But many people, even those I do not know are reading our blog’s news. People that I most likely will never meet on the street, and I’m seeing what I write , rewritten on so many other platforms and on other newsletters. Trust me, if I could prove it and our legal team not already so busy, with law suits on Cable-One, the 4 of our members being held in Waco Texas and such I’d sue the shyt out of most of theses folks who love to copy me. I don’t think they realize, my content is copywritten. That’s right Copyrighted. That means unless you pay me, or its a Knyte or AyreWolvez member its called you CAN’T USE it or my words without just payment. But they do anyhow.

Yesterday, while at the funeral of our 3rd VP, Kieth, Jonny gets sworn in as Executive President of the Knytes in Utah. That said, I was in talks through out much of the services with Jonny. He suggested a slight return to the building blocks we did between myself and Star West Oil Company(formerly Husky//Flying J) and us at the original Iron Eagle XPress. Hence Eagle Star.  While not giving up things Wolf, still the thought of hooking back up with Eagle Star has some romance to it. 

I would tell you about our new Social site here or at least the name of it, but that’s being held under a need to know lock and key for now. But its coming. Zuckerburg has a competitor and its us. 

Be on the air at noon.

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