We will be on air L8R this evening and, no matter the FB group, or life, there’s always an asshole in every bunch


Before I get into my normal flow of a rant here I want to say this. Is there a way, which I have not came across, to flat tell these Hindu Indian’s to quit calling us to have them do up the rest of this site on the v\cyber web? Is there a way to simply in a mass way, to just say; If your not a Confederate American, just go away? I get 10 calls minimum from these turbin heads that want to further build our site here. Yet I have a very strict policy, unless your a absolute American that respects, and honors our Confederate flag, just go away. I will not hire you. Then there is our younger millenials who have no clue, as to the true history of the Confederacy and that the attitudes from there in extend well above the Dixen line. Its not just southern folks, its nationwide. The lies that have been told, the only half truths that have been taught in our schools about the war of northern oppression and invasion, as well as the truth about our flag that seems to kick everyone in the groin. The truth of that flag is simply that first its the flag or cross of Saint Andrew the 1st Apostle of God, its a symbol of brotherly love and peace, its not one of racism, slavery or anything evil. It does represent those of us who are not satisfied with our so called leaders of this nation, and we are willing to fight for our freedom, liberty and faith. Not a symbol that invites hate, yet it does, from so many ill informed.

The next piece of my bit tonight is that there are companies that I love and ones I think need to have a full overhaul. Now granted when I lived in Evanston Wyoming I had scaps with our cable/internet service there, however the need to contact them was so few that I had no real need to. I had a great CSM, who if I had a problem be it billing, or tech, I’d make a call, to Mindy, she’d call back , fix the malady and I was good for quite some time. Here between both Cable-One and CenturyLink, seems I’m on the phone wading in to deep waters every other week. The real problem you never talk to, or work with the same person twice. The few customer service people I have gotten in touch with barely could speak English, the rest have no idea who I am, and third, have no clue as to what equipment I have installed or how to fix it. CenturyLink needs to localize its service and business people a bit more. I had when we started with them at the end of September one guy that I could rely on, he moved to the Orange state of palm trees and beaches. So now who do I call? Any mile, need to get everything cued up for tonights show.

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