Ah the smells of a bar a few hours or morning after.

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Ah the smells on your clothing from a bar a few hours or even the morning after. Looks like , and no promises yet, but looks like the next thread in the works of the Reaper Club is at the door. Outside of signing papers and exchanging of funds the old O&A in Bliss Idaho is just about to turn from what it is, to what it was meant to be a real true to honest riders and gearhead brew and grub hangout. But one needs to learn. So been hanging out a lot there watching how some things are done, assembling a operational team, and looking where to modifying things can take place. While the good old and I mean REAL OLD people is cool enough the running concept of what we have in mind is, if you don’t ride, if you don’t have racing fuel, or at least high octane in your veins, our place is most likely not for you. The bad thing however is not the atmosphere, its the ambient air. Too much cig smoke that peremeates into your clothes. If you don’t smoke, it makes you gag. The same junk that kills mice in Decon, is what makes up the paper of a cig. As such that stinks. A better air purification system is in the works for the Reaper, we’ll have more on that this afternoon on the air.

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So the other day caught another applicant, from the ad that just concluded on fb for a poster girl for the website(more on that in a bit) So the gal is Hispanic, recommended by Erin so I invite her over. To the gals credit, she did get out of her vehicle did make it to the studio, promised she was going to be there Friday Morning to go to the info meeting at KMVT who is the broker for a web build company who for a few thousand bucks can refine and build out our site on both WordPress here as well as get the radio stream rolling . So this Ms. Garcia, said oh I promise and the whole speal. Reality, had no real intention of really returning. Which connects both the radio gig, the Bar and the WolfPack. As I’ve put it before, We’re doing all the right things, for the right reasons, just may not be doing it in the wrong place. Where hit and miss there are people out there than can be on air jocks and all Most have have that rebel rat-i-cal spirit, that working at our radio and/or TV op requires. If the radio thing doesn’t come together the bar wont happen and come this winter, my tail pipes will be cooling off in Utah or western Wyoming not go in the reverse western Idaho. Which also goes here. Since the radio gig, will be streaming video of being in studio, having a HeeHaw Honey style hottie is a desired thing, however I met a sweetheart yesterday, up at the Reaper, that while no Miss America contestant still has the right attitude and a voice, And I have seen what happens when other femininazi’s see one that is getting the job done, so who knows after all it is radio. Also the fact is what you used to be able to do or get away with in studio , since the Harvey Weinstein’s shit, you can’t do now. The only three living rebel jocks that haven’t been called up on the carpet for anything over the top, are myself, Dr. Demento and Howard Stern. Seems the rest are being hauled in front of judges at a epidemic rate.Bottom line; who cares what they look like, just get em on the air. 

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