Then of course there IS : Hazzard County


Then of course there is Hazzard County. Now you knew that eventually this would enter in here. Since 1979 when I first took a look at all things hazzard County from watching the Dukes, on TV, to the point that I had my ass planted in the seat behind a steering wheel of OUR General Lee, that gave way to the Hazzard County Garage(The original, off TV real world, real life version) To the establishment of the Hazzard County Knytes in 82 and state chartered in October of 1982, Things Hazzard County has always been the guiding hand upon my shoulder of all I and the 300,000 members of the Knytes. Yes sure SOA and all the MC stuff is mixed in, yes military aviation restoration and all is in the mix, and certainly the heavy haul big truck stuff has always been there , but in our part of the world, its been OUR Hazzard County and our vision and view of what not only the Dukes, but Hazzard County should be not just what was done on TV. So with that said and with that in mind and several mini phone conferences since the reignition of buying a bar in Bliss Idaho and all, Jonny thought that maybe setting up the sub charter for and of the Iron Knytes Association, might be cool to refire The Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association, or as its evolved just as the Hazzard County Knytes. Of course ya’ll know the next bit here, has to be, instead of doing the Reaper and all, and while not yet confirmed yet lacking a Mayhem vote, still thoughts are hovering on a western states version of, yep you got it, the Boars Nest. A hazzard County muzeum.

   Now with all that said, and this is my fault since I allowed my ass override my brain, but I have been lax in things Hazzard County and of course HazzardAyre. As such come the middle part of February, both the Maximum Overdrive and KTOW will remain a cyber highway landmark, but too will be Hazzard County in the form of HazzardAyre.

See ya’ll on Maximum Overdrive/HazzardAyre Radio in 30 minutes. On;

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