Let’s get down to the toe of tow and KTOW

tawk toew mini esdb

In 1976 when the idea of a radio station/network for truckers, and all was conceived it was a devotion of affection for all road warriors. Shortly after my Mom passed away in March of 1983, and because of the endowment she left for the station, KTOW or KAY TOW was created, not for all road warriors, but focused on those who tow. Problem was all too many that are short on brains and don’t read much kept mispronouncing the word tow like it should be, which sounds like the word toe, not cow. So, through some inspiration the toew smooch and all came into being. Over the years, KTOW has became the mothership, of everything from HazzardAyre to Maximum Overdrive to SAMCROMC radio and right into the stratosphere, AyreWolffm, still at the core the reason it is, is still to be the radio voice of the American towing professional. 

So Mandi never showed up, no surprise, ever since we quit fishing in the metro Utah pond, the catch has been a bit lean. One of the Knytes’s members said it best, you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make it drink, and if you hold its head in the water too long all it’ll do is drown . Same with the efforts we are pouring into western Idaho. We keep pouring mucho money into a place that is too arrogant , ignorant, or just plain stubborn. After awhile the smart solution is, shoot the frigging mule, and move on. The idea of me being here and pouring money into a dead end is ridiculous . So the search is on for new quarters and new horizons, but not before I finish what I started here. More on that on tonight’s show. 

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