The Monday after

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There are some things you don’t see clearly, until you stand back and look as objectively rather than with emotion. The dive in Bliss we were looking at? Nope, not enough of the magic to make it worth our while. That gal from Carolina? Nope, decides to call only a half hour before air time, thing is she really wasn’t what we had in mind for someone in studio. With all of this, might it be time to consider other pastures? Or at least hunting grounds? I’m beginning to think so. As someone with a farm background you learn how to read land to determine if it could sustain a crop, long before you plant a seed. Or you just might end up planting a seed and cultivating it, only to find that the seed dies. Same thing with western Idaho, there is this feeling that no matter what we do, its going to go sour. So two options, one stay and keep bashing my head against the wall, or run the station by remote control, but in reality plant the studio, and all in Utah, me go back into Wyoming or south-eastern Idaho, and forget this area even exists. It might have once been Hazzard, but the Hazzard magic no longer exists here, so why do I need to be here. 

Treenya said last night , I have three things I need to focus on, Towing, MC shop, Flying, followed by the radio gig and duty to the Knytes/WolfPack. Beyond that everything else is an option and not worth the effort.

See ya’ll on air tonight. Taking my day off to prep for the new Officers inauguration .

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