So let’s converse about immigration and Confederate America,

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So let’s converse about immigration . I am not racist in the slightest bit, but I have my pulse buttons. Understand our world is made up of many cultures and ethnic groups, be it black, Hispanic, Oriental and more. If someone resides, does business and is resident of the United States, or its immediate territories, they ought to at least be able to speak fluid American English. Example, and  this is by no means to degrade, since they do as best as they can, although a communications company that can’t communicate is some what an oxy moron. That said; Called CenturyLink at 15:00 hours to figure out why my expensive router was having a canniption fit. Although online with backbone, seemed as one of the twisted pairs had a problem, so I call. I must have gotten routed to 15 different people. Which mostly could not speak fluid American English. They were so damn confused that you couldn’t understand much if anything they were saying nor my problem. One even asked if I was a CenturyLink customer, which to me should be self explanitory. Shit if your calling them with a problem obviously your a BUSINESS customer with a malfunction. So as it sits have no idea if its fixed or not, it does seem to be okay, so its okay for now. 

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The Hazzard Knytes met via Google conference call, earlier this evening. The results are, Jon Muir is now President of the Iron Knytes, I am now President of the Hazzard Knytes a subsidiary of the Iron Knytes Association. My V-P is Allen Culbertson Junior, of Las Vegas Nevada, Richard Rowley is now fully elected as Vice President of the Iron Knytes Association. Operations Director for both groups is Karl Kuhn, of Englishtown New Jersey. The decision on the bar purchase is yes, with stipulations of making said previously Outlaw’s and Angels, the Boars Nest West, and a private Club facility not open to, the public. Radio station funding is increased with stipulations that a new location in Idaho mainly the Magic Valley of Idaho, must be relocated in 8 months or less, to either Twin Falls, or Jerome Idaho, with option of Burley Idaho. High Council will meet March 17th in Salt Lake City Utah starting at 10:00 hours at Sills Cafe in Layton Utah, meeting room. Decision on hiring remains that 3 female assistants to on air operations will be hired,models will be hired from now on through Talent Management Group, and no further off the street talent unless, qualified with resume, portfolio and 3 years media experience .

I’ll be on the air at midnight. 

But could we as American’s especially business’s, demand that those we hire be required to at least speak fluid American English? 

TaTa For now see ya’ll later on the radio.



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