Who says a male Wolf my age cain’t get a image generated stiffy? And ever have those days?

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No matter how old a male corpuscles is, the ability to get an erection and that erection, can be generated by aroma or images , either a person or even inantimate , such as a classic truck, bike, or aircraft, can produce a stiffy, but my Alpha-SheWolf, says males my age shouldn’t get erections. Fact is unless the guy, is physically inept, with a medical condition such as coronary or circulatory he can get a stiffy. The condition is just being male.

Now unlike our 4 legged counterparts, our minds determine what to do with that stiffy. If we’re in a relationship we’re not out doinking everything with breasts, legs, and furry hineys. On the side of the 4 legged counterparts he is devoted to all the females in the pack. But seldom ventures outside of the pack. If its a Beta-Male, and get’s forceably removed from the pack then he will go seek females for breeding. Now this goes with the thing of immigration, sort of. In the canine kingdom a male say Wolf, will not attempt to breed a poodle, or another breed other than a wolf or a breed very close to a wolf, like a husky, shy of that they stick with their own kind. Where-as men and women of the human species, do breed other ethnical groups, such as Orientals, Africans, Hispanics etc. This is not right, whites should only cultivate relationships with whites, not be poking fun with other nationalities. It’s very difficult to mix breeds and cultures. Yes it can be done, yes we can be kind to all humans , but mixing in personal contact for procreation is not right. My opinion.

 So there I was snagging a can of Skoal for later on tonights overnight radio show, when in comes Verna Kay, who I haven’t seen since I was a Sophomore at Wendell High School. Even a few years older, she still commands attention, the few years has not harmed her figure either, she still sporting those 38 B’s as perky as ever and her legs would be welcome at my Thanksgiving. So there twuzz, Dawnetta behind the brew and Skoal counter noticed(its nice when someone does) that my bulge was showing. Verna still wears that musky purfume she always did, and like years ago, it did as it did years ago. I politely excused myself. And exited, didn’t want to consider stepping out on my PoohBear, but dang, proves even old, a old Wolf can get a stiffy.

More on the show.

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