Towing with direa and why can’t folks just get along?

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So had the Hershey squirts most of the day. While I did shut down most of the day to reconfigure my brain, get some rest and all, still the responsibilty of running a tow service never ends. That’s why I rarely dress up for church or much of anything, my phone, pants, socks and boots are right by my bed, waiting for that overnight tow call. Except today it wasn’t overnight. Nope Honker’s Truck Stop. Over with the service truck. Got the guy’s truck running so no need to call for Big Yellow, so all of a sudden the insides of my innerds were rumbling. I must have unloaded both breakfast and lunch. So needing to pick up some things and Walmart being just across the street rolled over there. Going over no problem, but then had to unload again, now I must’ve forgotten that my zipper wasn’t raised and of course I had a stiffy, except when I went up to the cashiers line, nobody noticed. Reason for stiffy? Plenty of Taco mama’s with very tight yoga pants on, yet there Herman was out smiling and no partakers. Now Then:

Why is it that folks on and in Facebook can’t get along? Is such things as a degraded economy, and hardly any jobs which that one I don;t believe since both my tow service and 5 others around here are begging for drivers, so what it don’t pay a $1000.00 an hour at least your making a living. I mean shute $20.00 an hour plus 10% commission on every tow that equates to $60.00 an hour yet no takers. Is it that folks on Facebook except for rarities are so jealous and envious of someone that does or can do something they can’t creates contentions? 

So in closing here as got to get ready for tonight’s show, if your on a tow call, no place like a rest room close by where do you unload your bowels? 


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