Ah the age of fuzzy socks and women’s smelly feet


So I awoke this morning all geared to go to services at my LDS Ward, visit with Kathleen and family and renew my loyalties with Jesus and all so was partly awake at 07:00, when to my surprise Bro shows up. All the way up from Lost Wages Nevada. So instead of our LDS Ward I went to the River for services, and some serious one on one visit time. So Bro and I were reviewing life’s history as well as that of the Club, and he reminded me of two things amongst others. The first was the first time we experimented with the idea of doing the toew smooch. See at the time Bro was rolling as his main squeeze a gal named Calressa Allen, of Hazzard. Claressa wasn’t the hottest gal in Hazzard, but really close to it. So we featured her once in Popular Hot Rodding Magazine with OUR General Lee. While she did wear the prescribed nylons and all she also wore what I call fuzzy socks. Something of the early 80’s late 70’s kind of comfy foot covering that protected her peds from the hea of the General’s hood, hey it was that time of year. So if you look at the photo that was in that months edition of PHR you see that there is a pink fuzzy sock just under her arm. We had her in one sock on, and nyloned foot . The nyloned foot was from some photos we did earlier for a tow truckers trade publication. Yes I smooched both and the difference was the nyloned toes were much nicer. Fast forward to 1998, found a studio in Buhl Idaho in a rear un used office space of Clear Lake Insurance Company there. The agreement was sales during the day, airing overnight. Now then the Buhl Herald did a fast loose story on us, we got FCC approval for the station which is why its still licensed to the city of Buhl, and because we had just became the ONLY Idaho station as its airing syndicator Overdrive Top Ten Countdown, Overdrive Truckers News and such was aired on KTOW. So I sent down via very slow email a message to Mindy Baker the affiliate person for Overdrive Radio. The message was a request to have Bill Mack do a few intro, liners for us as the station carrying the shows of Overdrive radio. So one night myself and Terry Junkert of Jerome one of the second generation founders of the Knytes went over to a beer pub in Jerome, and he and I got to remembering the old days of Dixie-Diesel Radio. That’s when the idea came, Dixie-Diesel/Maximum Overdrive Radio. The name pegged exactly what it all was about. So after months in prep work, Janurary 29th 1999 we launched Dixie-Diesel /Maximum Overdrive Radio on KTOW.

Now then; Legendary Bill Mack who wrote the lyrics for Blue a hit song for LeAnn Rymes could not rap his tongue around saying the words KTOW as KAY-TOW , it might as well been pronounced KAY-Cow, so I had to rewrite the copy, and in paranthesis had to put it, KTOW(toe) .  After that he got the idea. However one of our creative team said lets capitalize on that. So we did this thing where I beside LexiBelle to show why, would kiss a gals toes in that we LUV Tow(e)s. Ever since then, the concept has became somewhat of a kinky trade mark for both the station as well as my own towing service Highway Hooker Toewing. Now in the subject, The idea of combining the two words tow and toe into toew. came from Emme Kaylor of Fairfield Idaho. Seems that she and I working together one eve at the studios in Gooding Idaho and I was making the usual typing mistakes and she said make it easy just scrunch the two words together, so she got out what women call a scrunchy, and put it on my finger to remind me. Trust me even today for lots of reasons the vision of a scrunchy has lots of memories. So then came Nurse GoodBody Erin, When asked about it, her only question was stockings or pantyhose. It wasn’t the 20 million question 3rd degree about the concept. I have only had in reality 5 women that I have worked with that didn’t have a problem with nylons and me kissing their toes in them. Cynthia Newell of Emmett Idaho who I met in 1986 in Nampa, Idaho, Robin Whittaker that auditioned from a ad in Farm Times of Rupert Idaho, of course Claressa who started the idea and of course Nurse GoodBody. Past that its always a real pain to get that image redone. 

erin n me speak nothing rockin toes Yes we LUV TOEWS and no they do not stink lvfart1n All from the only radio station in the nation dedicated to and created for us who toecall lettersw  0616071536 

L8R Taters

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