I was but then thought no, its the day of rest.


Isn’t it strange that the same smells that we think are really raunchy of the same gender are rather attracting if they emminate from a opposite gender. No I’m not talking of perfume or cologne no I’m taking body smells, be it crotch feet, arm pits and oh yes butt. The latter to me any way still smells like poop. Sorry it does. I have never understood the attraction of some male corpuscles that adore the posterior yet ignore some very fine examples of God and natures adornments. Of all and yes it is very stimulating in my opinion is the feet and toes. Especially covered in nylon hose. There’s just something about the reveal, the tease, such a thin cover between you and her skin, can I be lucky to get in? Some of my male counterparts straddle up to the plate of breasts, which has no interest at least by me. What the heck ? Its a nipple covered by fat. Some not so much , but still fat. I will never choose big boobs. Of course there is that sweet spot between her legs that just begs to be appreciated. The best path? Love her feet and toes . That kind of foreplay will get you everywhere. 

Okay then was going to cue up the band earlier in the evening and go on air, but My lady Shelly got all flustered over some old near flame that PoohBear thinks is a threat. Which the only way I drift away from my PoohBear is if some gal came over with a box of cash at over $20k, I might consider. Past that not interested in anybody else. I’m right now in self survival mode to protect my company, the Club, and my domicile. Past that I don’t really care. Which elludes to the next item here.

Like i said was all physciked up to do my overnight haul on air on radio, but all today I’ve had the attitude of why should I care? It’s the Sabbath Day(Saturday), its the day of rest and that’s just what I did, rest. I tucked my body under the sheets and proceeded to dream. 80% of streaking across the universe in a starship, the rest revolved around the gal in the purple socks at Simerly’s night before last, I’m going to do some digging got to be a way to talk her into doing a photo cover. So in closing; just because you think these rockin toes  arelvfart1n don’t mean I do ; after all those who drive these0616071536 Just LUV speak nothing erin n me 


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