The light is on is anybody at home, tech geeks need to experience the real world


Good stinking Monday morning and it sure is shaping up to be that way. Instead of doing Highway Hooker Maximum Overdrive Radio earning dollars I was up and not by choice, spending both money and time with just a few idiot geeks at WordPress trying to get the site here built on a budget. 

So I chatted with some Tech Geeks that truly need to get out from behind that key board and see the docks of Frisco, a bit more to see how the rest of America lives. Dang is it such a brain squeeze to get these people to just say I dunno and direct you to someone that does and not put you on the ignore que all night? Hello techies you need to breathe some air. So I upgraded my plan with WordPress and its still not the right one. No wonder site builders charge so much, getting through to the geek soldiers is like shearing sheep in the dark. Any mile got-er-done. 

I am convinced that women do have a point when it comes to urinating every hour or twice an hour. Think about it for 9 months there is a human that’s itty bitty that’s jumping on her bladder and punching her kidney’s since I started taking these new meds for my diabetes, I have to pee about as much as a woman, and do it pretty much like a woman to get complete drainage. If I stand up there’s a dribble left so I squat and squirt. So with that completed I decided to attempt scripture study, well forget that. Computer problems again, ever try to get overnight help from guru’s that have no clue? See I caught a glimpse once at one of these inbound help call desks working for World Performance(sounds like that ought to be a name for a foreign car service shop) any how saw how things worked. There is a script and a help check list these dorks go by. If what your trying to solve as far as a problem is concerned is not on that help check list these people have no idea. So they have to do a supervisor help guy mostly to jump in. If you hang up waiting for that next person to pick up the phone and get tired of that shitty music they always play, You have to start all over again. Why not hire someone that can think and act beyond that call list and get out of the box a bit. I screened a thing from YouTube/Google last night from NBC. It was like a fireside chat thing. First the CEO of Google is an Indian, no not native American , I mean turbin head Indian, no wonder Google is in need of a enema, then saw the head broad of YouTube, both were talking that there are more men in serious computer code writing and tech, than women. The complaint all over is women don’t make the same wages as men, Opra is barking this all over. My analasys of the whole thing is this; Men will take risks that women wont, Men will stretch a bit in the mental process’s that women wont. Now that said, I know of a younger Lamb of the 214, that trained with us. She is one of the best combat pilots I have ever seen, she makes that AV-8 do its stuff, and why? Because she learned to quit thinking of or about that thing between her legs and started using that stuff and that organ between her ears. If more women would do that, forget about snyde remarks or sexual gestures as a joke or humor and just do their jobs this equal pay for equal work would not be an issue. My opinion? Let’s quit worrying about what may or may not happen in bed and lets rebuild America. I know of a two ladies that work for a towing service in North Salt Lake Utah. Lynn can get in any darn tow truck in that fleet and pilot that rig into and out of just about everywhere. She’s not worrying about breaking a finger nail, or that tool calendar on the wall at the office, she can drag chains and cable as good as if not better than some guy tow jocks I know. Yet you will not hear complaint one from anybody in her fleet or her to anyone in her fleet about sexual teasing she just does her job, and she does it very well. Why can’t the rest of these mini skirted women who bitch about being patted on her behind do that? 

Any mile I’m near dead here seeing double. Have to be up in 4 hours to get shots in my hands from the hospital, so I’ll close. In doing so whether its WordPress, FaceFart, Google or any tech company, the light is on , but is anyone really home.

L8R Taters.

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Good Stinking Morning

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