TGIF and I ate way too much Shrimp

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dawning I ate way too much Cococunut Shrimp at our monthly High Council meeting over at Anchors. Seems the excersize I did with the handball game plus the smelly arm pits of some gal that worked at our meeting place combined to give me a pukey morning which is why I’m still awake and not surffing the universe in a starship in my dreams. 

I was reminded several times last night that my due dilligence of reporting news of the station and the Club even thought I now have the title of President of the Hazzard Knytes and all was not as regular as it once was or even for what I usually am . Call it being organizational and duty constipated. For what now 25 plus years , my every waking moment and breath has been for the good of the Knytes and all, while my own enterprise has started to be hampered and income not as incoming as it once was. The wake up call came this month, in that I had to humble myself , and step on my pride to go ask the Bishop here for aid for my rent, and water bill. That was bad enough. While that is okay in a grave emergency contributed by such things as bodily injury or such, as the Bishop said, I have a healthy body I should be making my own bank. Between the ad’s on Facebook for on air and photo talent, combined with the crap regarding that bar thing in Bliss, and all stuff just hit the fan. If we need to put out something for radio talent, it goes in some local newspaper, if its hot bodies for photos for a truck, bike or aircraft feature fine, but it goes through Talent Management Group, if nothing there then and only then do we place ads for such. I can’t count how many times I let other things get put on ignore, waiting for scanky women who think their tush’s don’t smell, and feel like their what’s it, is going to be invaded. Then don’t show. The last two though did at least call, and/or text saying the thing was not for them. With a looming $5,000.00 on the distant horizon to finally build or exclusive organization owned and operated Website, there had better be some eye candy to not only attract that male gearhead’s attention but retain it. That said; the talent scouting and all needs to be conducted by a woman, not one of us burly types. Maybe I can get that guy at KMVT we are dealing with to help. 

As I close this morning, I am just about of Skoal, and was rapidly reminded last night that the local Maverick is a convenience store not a regular store, Skoal is $2.00 higher at Maverick, and not as fresh. I’m going to try and catch some sleep, so I can venture over to the Agri-Action Show in Twin Falls, later today, and be on the air tonight at 18:00.

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