Making Strides but still hitting the wall

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It’s been nearly 7 years since the first broadcast of HazzardAyre Radio sounded thunder over the airwaves. In 2011 in the small town of Heyburn Idaho, 5 of us sat down in a shanty little house and constructed a theory of taking a simple newsletter for Hazzard Knytes members only to the public. We banked on the idea of taking on the issue of southern heritage and history, along with mixing in some rather fight the system attitude that was typical of our namesake the Dukes of Hazzard. Mix in the worlds of overall greasy rural gearheads, bikers, truckers, even military aviators, and March 2011 HazzardAyre Radio sounded. We’ve had monumental failures, subsequent disappointments , but the need to relate our missions over the air was a driving passion. HazzardAyre Radio has been pretty much self funded with only a very few people and only two major corporations willing to jump in. But we have made it but only to a point. I would still love to see the time, before I die, HazzardAyre as well as KTOW FM, in its own facility not my home, staffed by a dedicated team, both male Knytes members as well as both female Ladies-of-The Knytes Members as well as outside women. I want to hear again the music and quality programming that in our early days of attaining 3 Grammy awards, 2 CMA awards and one Oscar. Yet as perceptions and time marches on the attaining that goal is becoming farther and farther away. Today, because of the #metoo, thing, abuse by employers, even though some not all but some of the harassment is self caused not always on purpose but still self caused. The ability to create and explore new concepts or just be comedic has also become some of a challenge. While Maximum Overdrive Trucker Radio, KnyteWolf Radio, as well as Highway Hooker Radio and Toew Talk Radio grows, at the heart and core of it all is HazzardAyre Radio. Over the next year I’m in the thought and plan to bring HazzardAyre to what it was and even building on that platform an even larger operation. Sadly I’m beginning to think that what we as a company can’t be done in rural Idaho. The gig has to be where, rural exists but where more liberal, and open minded minds live and exist. 

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