Setting aside the fact that I’m canine tired my body is expired, no early morning show, but will be on at 15:00


Usually I’m all squirel tailed this time of the morning ready to give ya’ll a shove out the door, and headed to your work 20, my body is expired and canine tired. That said also have the supposedly interview with a new talent for the website. Now understand, while my artistic abilities, are old skool, but according to some experts it needs a redoux. I agree, that said, I want an image the not only grabs your attention but retains it. The fact that the Hazzard Knytes are about ready to rake out $5k or better to build the site, is also a factor. Now added to that intergrating or embedding the audio stream from the radio show is impossible for use here on WordPress, so a new platform, needs to be found that will accept, java from . So with that said much work needs to be done. Also with that said; you can read the news of the Hazzard Syndicate, which includes the Hazzard Knytes, the WolfPack, and the Iron Knytes here. While you can go to to hear the broadcast. I know its a pain, but if all goes well, we’ll be up to full rotor speed by June or July. The big hold out besides a web developer has been the visual talent. While the concept has been virtually abandoned for nearly 20 years by the new Overdrive Magazine, Truckin magazine, etc even SnapOn Tools got rid of their racy calendars from protests from a bunch of women’s libbers that found them slightly offensive, still there are those of us who like many of you , knows that a fine ride, aircraft, bike or a truck of all types and styles looks even better with a sensuious and rebel looking lady adorning that truck, bike, aircraft or street machine. Thus putting same on the only full time online radio network for gearheads, seems right, even if it does include me smooching a toe or as we say it Toew,

I LUV TOEWZ To illustrate the fact we love Toews or do the job of towing, aka Toewing I just love toews And that’s what we are all about, since KTOW FM is the only station in the nation on radio that serves us who toew. Hence the name of the station is ktow1 Or

CALL LETTERS SIMPLE So we feature lot’s of things involving feet and well Toes, or again how we say it TOEWS. 

With that said, I’m off to bed. See ya’ll at 15:00 hours or for you not into military time #3:00PM .

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