The new name of Mark Zuckerberg’s company? FakeBook, because there’s nothing true or real on it.

Its getting that way FakeBook the New CraigsList

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Welcome to FakeBook, No matter the who what where or could be very little that is posted on what used to be Facebook, is flat phony. President Trump even called out Zuckerberg for the bullshit that is constantly being posted and the involvment of FB in the ads that were paid for by them Ruskies during the 2016 elections. 

It don’t matter if its national or local, 90% of everything posted and responses given on FakeBook are just that Fake, untrue not to be depended on. Whether its the answer to an ad or a product to sell 80% or better of what you see and or read on FakeBook is real. The answer ? That comes next week, I’m getting ready to flat quit FB all together. Be on air in the later AM, before and after Church.

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