Can’t people just send me a snail-mail bill? Civilian Paypal, and military Paypal is two different critters!!


25446280_163091344303108_5197169145625317739_n Good menyanna or as we say good morning . Two things , first my phone is 50 miles away from me right now, seems as though after doing a recovery job yesterday, left my trusty cell phone in one of our roll backs that went to Utah and is now all but 50 miles away, meaning only phone is landline and it don’t text. It’s a bummer. Then fell on my butt hard late afternoon so my keister is a bit sore meaning one big pillow and having to stand between sessions with pain meds. Oh fun fun fun, but I shall endure.

So yesterday gave my final approval for our Florida rider pal to do web site duties, forwarded it to John but what folks don’t understand , John is in a part of the World that likes to cause rumbles with our globe and anchor members as such getting anything into and out of there is a task, only restricted access and Paypal? That requires being on a base, not where our Knytes folks are right now, so it takes a lot just to make even a phone call. Let alone get 8k processed and delivered. It gets done , but there’s a bunch of diplomatic manure that needs to take place first. But even saying that; Can’t anyone just drop in a snail-mail invoice on a piece of paper and give it to the postal service? That I can get processed faster. Sorry, but Knytes and I like simplicity. Although sometimes it takes old fashioned intelligence to put a invoice in an envelope put on .75 postage and drop it in the big blue box. 

Okay most of my mid morning after I got off the air I went looking for the landline number of Business Rockstars, the TV show for several reasons. One they produce one helluva show on small business, that many of ya’ll can use, two I think HazzardAyre Radio’s story needs to be told there , which would give HazzardAyre Radio, our station website here and those creating it a helluva boost , might even find some venture cap money, and three KTOW want that show as part of our program line. But do you think I could find a number that really connected to anyone ? Nope. I did find where the show is created in Burbank, CA, at a place called Digiland Campus but that’s as far as I got. Might require me doing a quick trip prior to NAB in late March. What it does though is make me curious. If your going to be in business especially a legal, honest to goodness business, why not list where the heck your at? A real phone number or two, and let people get in touch? Certainly if your airing on a dinky platform like BizTV having a media giant like HazzardAyre looking at bringing you aboard as a program, would do more than flatter you What you would want to do is say, ” Yes Masser how can I please you?” 

Any mile , okay let me define that for you. When I say at any mile, I mean it with the same tongue in cheek humor as what used to be said , ” At any rate” Which begged the question, What rate? How about 4-1/2% ? So I say at any mile.

Tune in at: Starting at 08:00 Hours

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