I say piss on FakeBook and their commie lovin dweebs

title 3Colonels Journal

It is for sure one of those entrenched mysteries of life. Your cruising down the cyber highway on FakeBook, post an item of interest to some of your supporters on your page, in your group, or a group that invited you and who you are in business with and slam, you hit a chuck hole. Your in restricted mode of FakeBook. Some boobie chick or some dork didn’t like it, or for that matter one of FakeBook’s monitoring dweebs says nope, now you can’t post in groups or anything even if your invited. My response? Piss On FakeBook

If all there was to it I wouldn’t give a rats arse, but I can’t even add friends. Remember this is supposed to be a social website, ain’t nothin social about it. Guess when Zukerberg got a verbal spanking by the U.S. Justice Department over that Ruskie medling in the last election by allowing those Ruskies to place phony ads on FakeBook, and with all the restrictions and all I again say; Piss On FakeBook We will be back on air tonight at midnight. As for now concerning FakeBook , I again say;Piss On FakeBook


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