Lets get to know each other better first

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So our friend Jared sends me a PM early today, says he wants me to send him my info on how to sign into our site so that he can work on it. Normally I would have no problems, but there are those in power over me that would not really want to share such information, nor share my sentiments. Let’s face it, Knyte’s biz is parellell to that of club 81, and neither wants to give out or uncover such info, especially someone not within arms reach. Most of the Knytes including myself would rather be trailer trucking and riding, rather than sleeping somewhere with Bubba with our butts against the wall. I experienced that once, not in no big rush to doing that again.

So got a new friendship request again from bad ass’d Becky, on FB (No not the one from YouTube), don’t know why, I pretty…

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