Oh my what a tail the divas have.

they’re playing with you

Heavy Rescue Journal

cropped-wolf-head-1book of knytewolf phootenotes

I must have the brightest or most desirable silver tip in the Tragic Valley, since even the ones that give me the brush off keep coming back. Example, the diva Bad ass Betty, the one who works at the bar in Twin? Well Wednesday night she must have had a fuss with her drunk , double talking drugged out male corpuscle and some how gravitated towards me. So I’d pretty much dropped this Betty from consideration, so she surfaces up on that infamous FakeBook, friends request. Okay, says she wants to be one of our talents, but was that it? Question becomes sorta, since she told me that she couldn’t surface Friday for a meet and Greet, and all since she didn’t get into drama, yadda tadda. So unfriended, and moving ahead. So then having that done, planning on doing studying later for my CDL exam, next week, then moving…

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