Stuff that is on the market or has been canned off the market due to insufficient promotion, but should stll be avilable

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There are things like products that I think are groovy, but sadly just as I get hooked on em, or depend on em , some jackass at some major corporation pulls it off the shelves and it gets dis continued. Bullshit. Like three years ago, needing moisture picked up this stuff called DewShine kinda of a high octane MountainDew, in fact the stuff was made by MountainDew/Pepsi, once I tasted it, I was hooked would go out of my way just to buy it, constructed a DewShine Shrine in my house, yes it was that good. Know what? The idiots at Pepsi, decided it was not selling well, not enough interest, guess what ignorant people, Miss Agulara stood on stage two years ago at the SuperBowl, holding in one hand a glass bottle of what? Yep DEWSHINE, how could Pepsi’s idiot marketing crew miss that? Okay now, then grand CocaCola decides to release Sprite Tropical Mix, damn near DewShine, guess what, now Coke’s fart knockers are discontinuing it. For Kahless’s sake, quit taking the good stuff away. Sure it ain’t popular, but hecks sake, put some of that corporate green you spend on coke or pepsi on these special products. Damn they can’t become popular unless people know about them. As far as DewShine, do any of you realize that once I got behind that product 3 years ago, and put it online both on my TV and radio shows, DewShine gained a 28,million buying audience. Yes 28, million. Then there are the products that are hidden. Goody’s Headache Powders, mostly available at Walmart, Smiths Food And Drug, Walgreens, is the cure for many internal maladies. Consider when I had that massive blood clot of my right leg , the one the Doctors wanted to cut off. It was none other than Goody’s Headache powders taken 3 times a day for a week that saved my leg. It thinned my blood so the clot dissolved. Now I take 3, pouches, 3 times a day, no headaches, no blood clots and my blood preasure lowered. Thank God for Goody’s. Yet you never see a TV ad for the product, or see the retailers like Walmart bark about it, yet Goody’s out does every damn NSaid pain reliever and product on the shelf. As far as congestion and sinus problems. A overnight cure and a day time cure. Mentholatum, cover your chest at night breathe it in as you sleep, no congestion, during the day, spread some on your throat, wrap a scarf around your wind pipe, and you will not have sinus congestion all day. Again, You never hear about it or see an ad for it on TV or radio much although our group of stations do ads for it. Sing the song of the forgotten products, that big corporate greedy executives say ought to be discontinued. Some of what we talk about on Maximum Overdrive Radio. See ya’ll overnight on Maximum Overdrive Radio on and over the air, on great radio stations like KTOW FM 105.7 Hazzard/West-Point-Idaho, WRXB Tampa Florida, KPTO Power Take Off AM 1590 Pocatello Idaho KSOAFM/KEVA Evanston Wyoming, get hooked on Maximum Overdrive Radio cause we ain’t going away. 

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