Damn I should have stuck her in the puss when she was in school with me.

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So after church , got home and began to decompress. Not over church, but the idiots on the highway coming home from Twin Falls and church. So turned on YouToo TV and saw this infomercial from Marie Osmond. Really? She’s got this new excersize thing, she’s pitching. Don’t know if its her product or if she’s just being the pitch woman, dang I thought, should have nailed her in that field behind the Cornaby’s in Layton when I had the chance, when I considered the repercussions of such a deed, I relented, but I should have. Next summer for a job, spent a month picking apples and peaches in their orchard next to where Osmond studios is at now in Orem Utah, back then it was just an orchard field. Been thinking of getting in touch with her to pitch Maximum Overdrive, but I don’t think what we do would fit in with her churchy restricted lifestyle. Plus the last time I looked and this was during her baby producing era, her feet and toes looked like ham hocks so no big toew smooch gig there. So you get the idea , I get no super big thrill over putting my lips and nose next to a smelly set of toes in nylon hose , but the view gets the message to you, that we who brave the weather and cold to come fetch ya’ll off the road in the sun and yes snow, love what we do and are dedicated to that task, and if me spending some time smooching toes to get the Idea of we luv toews then so be it. alasweet toews that’s the idea, but while this would seem easy, it ain’t. Just like those apples and peaches I picked out of the Osmond orchard, you have to pick the right set of toes in the right season. During the gestation period women’s feet are huge, and toes look like hot dogs, not good on video. Same condition exists during the time of mother natures revenge each month. Look Eve bit the fig, in that garden God, not Adam so why do you make us men suffer? And on that week, God proclaimed , for a mans peace of mind for two weeks, I will appoint, two engineers and they will invent the Motorcycle, I will call this machine a Harley, Man’s relief from PMS and that grumpy old lady each month. Ever see a Harley at a mental hospital? Getting back on track. I’m sure that Jared and many others are stressing over the money to build the super gearheads website. Thing is whether we spend $1.00 or $10,000.00 until there is a covey of lambs for the WolfPack to pick from for iclusion to that site, it doesn’t make any sense and a complete waste of dollars, for us to drop money on something that like those apples and peaches, that just aren’t or isn’t ready to harvest. And here lately working those orchards for potential model talent as well as getting any for on air, no matter the location, has not churned up a yield. So with that said that has to be point number one. Why is it that there isn’t a complete creation company that can build the website, with in house female (or male) visual talent, that can pitch that site to people that will buy the product? In today’s ecommerce era, there is not one web firm that can do it all, its only one piece or another but never one complete firm, but wait, there is one being built, and where? Burbank California at Digiland Studios, that firm will be called: Well once its built and trademarked I will tell you, just to say it, its being built by the WolfPack. With that all said, I went to bed cold, hungry and barely dry, after fetching rigs off the road, going toewing. I woke up and went to church with Doug, and now after I eat taking a nap, so HazzardAyre Radio LIVE will be on air at midnight. Stay tuned.

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