Some things are so close that if it was a critter it’d bite you. And the only difference between WinME and WIN10 is the name, and era, lets get it back to the days of WIN7.

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So I got up this mid afternoon, went out on tow call, twisted ankle and now sit with ankle swollen and attempting to stay warm. Seems in my house you eith crank up the heat to near 90 of all the base board heaters, or freeze your tush off. There is no middle of the road here. Need to look at installing a real furnace in this little house. It had one once what idiot decided to remove it I have no idea, after all there is pipes from what was a natural gas system and a thermometer on the wall. Come later in the month taking a portable light and all under the house in the basement to see what’s all down there. Might even find a bigger water heater down there, 

So then with ankle propped on a stool and pain meds was looking over FakeBook. Saw this thing from the Dixie Law Center barking about the fact they needed a nation media person. Hmmm? I thought they have had one for what now 35 years now and yet the SOCV and others seem no ignore what’s right under their pointed noses. In fact shy of Bedford Forest and maybe Ben Jones the SOCV and such has had but one organization barking, howling about the Confederate cause, yet have they been so completely ignorant or is it completely on purpose arrogant? Every morning I wake up sing the Dixie National Anthem, say the Confederate Pledge have a flag of Dixie on just about everything I own, and yet seems as some stuck up few have shielded they eyes from something that isn’t popular, to the rest of em and even some southern folks get blinded to the truth, even if it is a ball bat hitting em up the side of the head. The Hazzard County Knytes and brother organizations Iron Knytes and Knytes of Dixie have been fighting for the Confederate Cause with all of our might for 40 some odd years, at the grand total of just over $1,million bucks, and I see that those that this directly involves don’t see what’s right in front of themselves. 

Okay then, weather prevented station operation all day, but looks like we’ll be back up come near midnight, but here’s another dingy. I compare Windows ME and Windows 10 from Microsoft. The two are nearly alike with as many maladies and all too many idiot bred malfunctions. Thing is , no body seems to know how to provide answers. Here’s my main problem, I can’t play a single online video from any source except YouTube. Every other whether its a clip, on FakeBook, or Hulu don’t matter can’t see anything. I get the audio, but no visual. No remedies, and nobody at Micro-Screw has any idea what the problem is. Yet good ole Bessie with an aging OS, seems to see, hear, and run every damn thing I throw at it. Windows 10 was modified Vista that should have taken longer to get the bugs out before release. Question ? Is there a WIN 11 out there that will bring back the good stuff of 7? Maybe that of Office 2003 like say ClippyClippy-letter clippy2 One can only hope right? But this is why the Knytes have been so carefull and precision driven in the construction of our website. We don’t want one to just go up for the sake of being there, we demand it be ready, tested and as near foolproof as possible. Some days I get to thinking the best person to have elected to President, and or to pioneer modern technology would have been or should be Cletus Hogg. 

See ya’ll at midnight , going in taking a long snooze.

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