Do we really need this hurddle?

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I have determined that in this era, besides us who bust our knuckles, or even do radio that its no longer a luxury but a need to have at least one Computer geek with some maturity and not some wiz kid on a power trip in Queer bay California trying to help you out. Thank God for Jared, he’s going to worth every penny of the $10k we are paying him and more, as well as being a site admin and webmaster. But here is the fart of the dung, my free site? Hell no problem, the one I pay $50.00 plus a year for? I was at a point a few ago of just jumping in the Lady, flying down to WP’s HQ and smacking some twerp in the head. And you thought your day was fun. 

Today just started off wrong, last night as well. One of our mixing consoles has a fit, of dimming, like an improper ground. Could be, but even so works, then got hacked overnight fixed that into 08:00 decided to hit the bunk at 10:00 only to be awakened by some dork from Wendell City’s public works department who proceeded right as I was unloading my bowels to turn off my water. To which hadn’t even went to cash my check, to pay the bastards. Really Wendell? Sheesh, if shit don’t smooth out soon, there’s going to be a relocation project, coupled to one helluva law suit against all so many dorks, from Cable-One all the way to WP, some people are going to pay for the loss of my and the Knytes’s revenue. Stay Tuned.

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