Vagina funchicide some women need to take a serious bath, but us guys love the scent anyway

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Okay let me set the scene for you, PoohBear sends money to WalMart, not the usual $600.00 but says she’ll try to come up with the rest. Right, have heard that in the past, but no big deal. So Go to the Jerome Walmart snag the cash and decided that I’d grab a bite to eat, there at Oasis Wendy’s. So go in get a Famous Dave’s and sit down, here came in this gal of Hispanic enthnicity, with something between yoga pants and shorts, don’t know what one calls those. Any mile she had a growth of pubic hair so thick, that I swear a D9 Cat tractor and double sided mower could not get through. There are just some women that should not wear shorts, Tatts just above the pant line, and try to be sexy that just plain aren’t. Okay then, my food comes, and this slightly big pounded gal in those shorts gets up to fetch her’s, Mine got delivered. Call it Knyte’s honor. Okay then this Hispanic gal had vagina odor so bad, my friend Terry Junkert one of the founder of the Knytes, looked at me , I looked at him, and just held our noses, This lady stunk, lvfart1nwith some reluctance Terry and I went ahead and ate. Terry suggested that the lady ought to at least go to D&B Supply , get some fungicide and dowse her crotch, yes it really was that bad. Now since we’re discussing this here and more so on tonights show, on, on Maximum Overdrive Rode Gang Radio, I’m not a big muff diver snorkler, nope, its okay, many guys love to sink down in a crotch , on most women expecting this kind of activity, serious washing is required. Nothing removes the mood than finding critters marching all over crotch hairs. Sorry I like em slightly shaved with just a short landing strip. But that’s not my fancy, however you get a woman in a silky set of nylons and the right scent, and you have my complete attention, Nothing like tickling toes in nylon hose with my tongue , butterfly kisses behind the knees, and whispers just inside the thigh. I’m a lower limb master, big jugs, messing with nipples, or forbid anything anal, no thank you. Considering that too, for the muff divers out there, do you realize that that desired appendage called the vulva is just milimeters from her anus, Guys she poops out that chute. I’d rather take my chances with feet, legs and toes in silky nylons any day. See ya’ll on air in a few, just got a bit more to do here then its hammer down.

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