Some things scare the crap out of me and the disaster from Florida and I , I think are through.

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There are certain things that scare the crap out of me. I faced one of those demons today. I went over to Uncle Charlie’s for our weekly meeting, so that done went to lunch. Ate great we all come back to the office, and find that all of everything was missing. Uncle Charlies old lady had abscounded with it all yep computers, files, and find that Charlie is running completely solo. Yep divorce. While this has happened several times before this time Jenn meant it. So while some of the crew comforted Uncle Charlie, the rest tried to reassemble things to stay operational. Which got me to thinking do I really want to step in that kind of bear trap? The answer? Yes and no. Yes with a filly I am courting in Phiily, and no to the disaster from Florida. Face it, and maybe I’m wrong and I’ll say so if I proven wrong, but Shelly shorted me $150 of the $650.00 she normally sends for her monthly dues for her involvement with the club, as well as me. So little to take care of expenses for the club with, which is included but not limited to, the rent on the Rode House here. Which by my loyalty I have to put out, from my wallet, which shortens me money to pay my car payment. Now dig this too, the car payment I am doing in part, because of Shelly. Had she been even a bit stable would not have pissd everybody off in Evanston Wyoming when she shacked up with me there, two because she shortened me twice while there which cost me my shop, put me behind in bills, so I had to do 5 short term payday loans, so I could stay at least afloat with KSOA AM(KEVA) there in Evanston. You seeing a pattern here. Even then the Knytes said get out of that deal with her. So eventually I did. Then last June I got the notice of a domicile here in Wendell, Idaho. And moved so I could please Shelly again. Yet its drag on, drag on. Shit it don’t take this much to get your ass in gear, go get an exam mental or physical, to tell  SSA that your stable enough to handle your own benefits without the need of a payee. Shit I did it, took maybe a week, in Utah and been doing okay on my own for well since 2013. Okay then to end that part, its the endof Shelly and I. With that said, am courting with very careful steps a filly from Philly, who I think in time and all can put some new lead in the pencil and action to my traction, but seeing how Jenn hit Uncle Charlie, the act of married anything or approaching that is going to have to be way down the lost dusty road. While the extra cash in the stash from Shelly was nice, I need a real companion, who isn’t afraid to climb on a Harley, isn’t afraid to fly, knows how to drive, cook, and all and has some measure of mental stability. I don’t just need a bed warmer, or cash in the stash, I need a companion for life. Something that Shelly isn’t. So I’m on my own again, time to move in another direction. In closing let me say this too, if Shelly wanted extra money for herself this month, why didn’t she just say so, let me make arrangements, to cover my butt? Above all in a relationship there is two things besides the love thing, honesty and trust. If I can’t believe you, or trust you its not a realationship(mis-spelled) on purpose.


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