But my you sure do learn, its best to battle with the person you know rather than the frienemy you don’t.

Cooters Corner

book of ayrewolf

There are the stings in life, that if you live through them you learn and if it don’t kill you, your made much more stronger and learn one helluva lesson.

Last night I came home here after being depressed over Uncle Charlie’s tragedy that I began to examine my own paths in life. Now over the last few days, hardly two weeks there was this filly from Philly who was whispering all kinds of sweet things in my ear and over my computer screen as to just how hot, how this, how that, and how much she was going to do to and for me. Sounded good, right? What I found was like another who resides in Philly or close by is I was being smoozed, or snookered. Remember Tracy just after Thanksgiving? Now the new filly from Philly had the audacity to say it was all about money. Really?…

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