Reaper Crew Chronicles


While some things may feel familiar here things are changing. Before I go into the changes , we must look back on our histories. As a company, founded in 1978 on a medium sized ranch yard near West-Point Idaho as Highway Hooker Towing we have spawned at least 8 different vehicle recovery companies From SpeedWrench Towing to Dixie Towing, to RodeWolf Toewing we have evolved into a fleet of 45 trucks of 5 tow trucks in 9 locations from Idaho to Utah to Wyoming and we continue to grow. With that said, in 2003 after rediscovering my love of flying and restoring military aircraft from Navy and Marine decendants it was while dropping off a ride there next to the flight line at what is now the WoodsCross SkyPark, just outside of Bountiful Utah. As I sat on that flight line fishing for a smoke, and admiring the helicopters taking on and off along with medium sized jets and small aircraft, I thought back on that day only two years prior at Airpower Unlimited in Jerome Idaho, I thought can’t we do what they do there here in Utah? So two months later with a mere start up cash from the Montgomery foundation, what is now AyreWolf Aviation, now located in Alaska, was founded. A year later over some greatly needed barley pops and I forgot what else we consumed, the MC side of the Hazzard County Knytes was renamed the Knytes-of-Dixie in Morgan Utah. We didn’t want to loose the Hazzard County confederate branding, so the shop was named Hazzard County Choppers. Now Hazzard County Choppers LLC . Advance to now. While Highway Hooker Toewing thrives in western Wyoming, the name ain’t to keen on these ultra reserved Idaho types. Over the last several months we as a company have been looking at what names could be a good alli to Hazzard County Choppers here. The name has been staring me right in the face, SAMCRO TOEW/ Idaho. And why not, let the MC be the head of SAMCRO Toew/Idaho, along with on paper anyway, Hazzard County Choppers LLC. In months to come be watching for this as we roll out the 10th subsidiary of Hazzard County Choppers/Highway Hooker Toewing of Wyoming to SAMCRO Toew/Idaho here in western Idaho. 

You just needed to know. As I get to this point, I’m thankful to God above tonight for preventing me from making a serious tragic mistake. Last night at about this time I was ready to toss my PoohBear away for some heavy breathing scamming filly from Philly PA. If I had done that, gone would be that extra $600.00 a month that I depend on, and two; the real love and loyalty of PoohBear. Now I ain’t saying that my Shelly doesn’t have some mental issues but hell so do I, but that said, we have built a relationship that is now going on just over 3 years. Sure her shorting me that $600.00 and fibbing about it. If she had told me the truth ahead of time I could have adjusted my budget. As it is I’m short $250.00 that I dearly need to keep the Rode House over my head. And me on wheels. Plus the shortage killed my going to the NAB or National Association of Broadcasters Convention in Vegas, plus put off me entering retraining for going tractor trailer trucking, until the first week in April. Which is to enable me to dig out of this money pit quick sand I’m in. I have promised myself that I’m not going trucking for more than 3 years hopefully less, the idea is to use as much of my earnings to build SAMCRO Toew/Idaho as well as increase earnings into the Knytes/SAMCRO MC. The financial loss of all the lawyers doing their gig to get our guys out of prison and jails all over Texas and immediate are after that rumbling in WACO Texas two years ago, at the rate of $2k an hour is just about over. But it leaves a big cash stash cavity in the treasury of the Knytes. Its going to take every member of our 300,000 members, families and associates to replenish our stash. With the cut back of Harley Davidson on support monies and some dealers there of there’s not a bunch of bread to spread. While having Jared build the big wampum website for the Knytes and all, still there needs to bleed here more dedication as far as the radio station albeit right now on streaming over the web, and waiting for our over the air license to be renewed , why can’t we build a op, like has done? Only better and for lack of a word Cooterize or Hazzardize the dang thing. Any way I have the Jack Daniels sweats, I drank a whole 5th straight overnight. So I’ll close. Join me tonight on 


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