Ever get the feeling that all this artificial Intelligence isn’t so intelligent?

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Do you ever get the idea, that some if not the majority of all this artificial intelligence, is not really all that intelligent? Example, Iot is not that far advanced from the days of a punch card on units that looked the size of refrigerators. My Mom who worked in Government IT such as it was in the mid 1960’s said a computer is only as intelligent as that which programs it. In all cases it takes still a human being with emotions , and intellect to discern the input of information. Sure there is automated everything today, but what happens when the automation screws the pooch? The idea of self driving trucks being paraded around as the next big thing is a stupid example. What happens at 2:30 AM on a downgrade say just outside of Evanston Wyoming in the middle of a snow storm through Echo Canyon, that hits a deer, and over brakes and causes a major wreck? Who do you blame? Some idiot in some control center piloting that truck? The GPS system, who? Would there be a blame, or blameless system? There was a article on LinkedIn about how some employers are shunning stay at home moms. Here’s an idea, first proposed by President Clinton in the mid 1990’s telecommute or work from home. How about allowing women with new child, to stay at home, take care of the rugrat, and yet work from home via computer? The Internet was designed with that concept, so why not employ that kind of artificial intelliegence ? Sure the hours would have to be documented via another computer and the honesty thing enters in, but why not use the idea of artificial attendance or being there through the Internet rather than at the office? Sure some tasks can’t be done that way such as housekeeping etc, but for 70% of the jobs out there it could work. KnyteWolf Media is already doing that. But then we are more advanced than most companies. 

Sure we all look forward to the days of artificial intelligence like that of Commander Data of Star Trek fame or even that of the Enterprise itself, for that we will need to wait another 300 years. Last want to discover how stupid artificial intelligence is? On the first of the month after your monthly pension check goes into your bank, and you’ve spent 3/4’s of it, and its still says at midnight to 03:00 AM that you have more in there than you know you have, go snag it. The dang computer is too stupid to figure out that you don’t have it in there and will gladly dispense the amount you want. Sure you might have to pay back a amount of a overdraft charge, but for awhile, shute, have a party on artificial intelligence, that’s not so intelligent.

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