The Last Two Soldiers

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Yesterday eve after I finally relaxed enough to breathe and not return and enhance the ascension of an idiot at the River Fellowship to meeting God a bit sooner than he planned , I began to think, do you realize that with Apache Rick, gone and with Ron deceased last May, that myself and Videll in Blackfoot Idaho are the two last founding members of the original charter of the Hazzard Knytes that begat the Iron Knytes and the Knytes of Dixie MC? The last two in Idaho , while all but two of the High Council as well as officers of the Club, is in Utah. Even if you consider the WolfPack, was founded in Utah. Brings up the inquiry are we planting the new seeds in the most fertile soil here in Idaho? Or might it be better to consider once the conclusion of my retraining in Lewiston Idaho to go trailer trucking with SWIFT, that since SWIFT has a home plate in Utah that it might be best to look into basing operations in both Utah and my own back in Wyoming? Then dividing the Idaho Charter in half, and re-establishing the Idaho Charter in eastern or southeastern parts of Idaho, as well as perhaps Boise. And let our Indian Springs, Nevada and Utah Charter absorb what few newly minted memberships in Western Idaho. Why not establish the HQ of the radio gig in Burley or thereabouts rather than dead end Wendell. That smack in my jaw yesterday was if nothing else was an eye opener. Now on the point of protocol, and it will be brought up at Church after hours this coming Sunday for any one no matter who to disrespect a senior Knytes officer more over senior VP nationally and Charter President (me) in public like that , had there been any of the rest of the Club there at the time, I may have turned my back, but those other members would have not, and Mr. Asshole would have been greeting God much sooner, and his kin planning a funeral. And to further this; the loaf of bread ain’t quite baked. Just some of what we will be chatting about this morning on SAMCRO MC RADIO starting at noon here on KTOW FM? Maximum Overdrive Radio, heard online at 

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