Want to see monkeys screw a football? Welcome to CenturyLink. Can one company be that messed up?

motr logorrj hedder

Ever see monkeys screw a football? If not then you have never been subject for the absurdly absolute confusion that is the telecom CenturyLink. It was hoped that when CenturyLink, following CenturyLinks bankruptcy in 20011 when LG1 bought the company that things would improve. quite the opposite . Nope what you get is a bunch of people transffering you to at minimum 12 different people that have no clue where your at, what the nature of the problem is or where to find answers. The worst of it is if one of their people stubs their toe on a deal, they will still fart around until, one of you gives up and relents and hangs up. So you burn through 4 hours on the cell phone, wasting your time, and if your lucky as I was this afternoon, once you finally find someone whose brain engages you get the tech problem repaired. Thus was why no show all today on our online offering and for the next 4 hours I’m taking a nap.¬†

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