I’m needing feeding and yet no eating place is open , at least in Wendell Idaho

motr logorrj hedder

Here it is the start of another day, and normally I’m prepping to be in your ears over KTOW. Problem is my belly is empty and except for one stop and overcharge store no place is open to eat. 

Normally this too many and it is , a pain and yet I see a financial gain. There is two structures just on the outside of town, that would make great quick food stops. One used to be a Mexican/American cusiune style place the other was a way over priced and poor quality eating place, but at least one COULD get breakfast. None of each is open around the clock. Which considering the town is right on a major interstate, my brain drains when I think, there ought to be. Now there’s a gal who works down here at Simerly’s that was chatting the subject up a few days ago. This all goes back to a day, remembering our pal and brother Apache Rick. See we were all sitting around the old pot bellied stove drinking coffee, talking about how to expand our shop. Our major thoughts at the time was go into tires. Bro, brought up the thought of in business there are desires and needs. If you invest in the needs you’ll succeed. So let’s look at that. People desire a 23 T roadster, People desire a tricked out Harley, but if they get in an accident or their ride breaks down, they need a tow truck, thus SAMCRO TOW. If a tire blows they need a tire shop, and in the start of this, if they’re hungry they NEED a cafe or such. If there isn’t one that means if you build it, they will feed when they have that need. 

Today most of us in the MC will be at Apache Ricks funeral, many will mourn, I myself while feeling the loss, am not that sad either. Rick and I were not all that close. At the end Rick and I were on the outs, mostly over an old Lincoln Town Car his Dad wanted a grand for. But would have needed nearly that to be brought into a road worthy status. So I opted for the Stallion. Oh Apache Rick and I were close enough, I supported him as President of The Knytes and all, but the club suffered because of Rick as well, most generally due to a loose penus. I remember there were two bars in Twin Falls, that the Club could have picked up for a song. One is where Don Juan’s is at now and there was the old Hot Rox in Twin Falls. Don Juan’s could have been plucked for $30k, rebuilt to Knytes standards and my what a bikers Paradise it would have been, likewise there is Hot Rox, that could have truly been the Reaper. But Rick had a hard on, for the gal who was also looking at Don Juan’s so that got scrubbed, about the same case for the Reaper. So, I left in 2013 for Utah. There was no love lost for either. Rick ran the Club hap hazzardly but thing is he had no business acumen. When all things went nipples up in 2015 it was good that Jonny stepped in and took over and ultimately became Executive President of the Knytes this year. I’m going to the funeral, and respecting the day of silence on the radio, not for the man, but in honor of the patch. More on the Cafe idea on the radio starting tonight at midnight. 

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